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IT'S Thursday**** LETS DO IT HOUR BY HOUR****


has started again!!
Good morning!! Had a coffee and half a litre so far! Bad day for me yesterday as let those carb demons in again . :( Hope today will be better & I regain the big K quickly!

Cant log in again till tea time, as in the classroom all day & the kids might not quite understand!!! LOL!!

Have a great, glugging day everyone!!


MUST get a grip
Morning Gang and to those who follow....
Well I am still struggling with the whole 810 things BUT not stressing, I cant its just not in me anymore!
I am only managing 2 packs plus my milk and meal - well so far this week, so today I am trying to start eating earlier as I am doing a BodyPump class at 9:30hrs...
I am in a catch 22 at the mo, if I eat all my packs I cant eat my food and vice versa - this is physically as there is no room in my tum - am I really saying this???????
So today I must have my 3 packs, water & my meal... Its my mini goal of the day!
Well done on day 5 Mags - wooooooooohooooooo!
Good luck with all the WI's well done all the losers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa Marie

Silver Member

I'm off swimming in a while, gonna go twice a week that's my mini may challenge. Had a sneaky step on the scales this morning and I'm in the 11's Woo Hoo, that means I'm no longewr obese YAY.

Well better go and get dressed.

Catch ya all later.


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Morning peeps

Had a stay the same week this week, not surprising considering I was eating small meals while I was taking painkillers. So although I'm not exactly thrilled about it, I'm not upset either.

Had my hair done yesterday, just a trim and the layers re done, cos it was frankly a bit of a mess and my curls were back with a vengeance. Hairdresser said 'oh, perms are back in', with a smirk soon wiped it off when I told her they were all natural curls LOL

Had a 100% SS day yesterday, but have decided to move up to SS+ and add in the milk. I've been having milk on a Thursday, and I've noticed the difference that I'm less hungry, cos I've got a whole pack I can use as a meal instead of in drinks. Might help me feel like I've actually got something inside me.

Hope everyone has a good day and that you're all big losers


Proper Little Madam
Morning all you lovely folks x x
I am on day 5 too Mags...yoohoo...crappy headache, feeling a touch lethargic and I have an 11 hour shift at work to look forward to..urghhhh!

On the plus side...I'M ON DAY 5 yeha!!!! Can't believe I have managed 5 days without bingeing...am well chuffed.

As it's the start of the May challenge I am planning to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday, that will including walking, swimming,dancing, exercise DVD, step and if I am feeling up to it...I may join a yoga class...thats my May pledge.
I am well into my first litre of water as I am having my psyllium mixed in with it...hoping to see movement of some sort today lol.

Keep up the good work everybody...we will be skinny mins before we know it :D

Gaynor x


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good morning goodmooorrning la la la (sung "singing in the rain" stylee)
Just got weighed and lost 2lb again :sigh: but on the good side i'm nearly on track for 1 stone so in theory on target.
Just got in from work so off to bed. Have a good one ya'll :D
Morning everyone. Im feeling a bit better 2day, my stomach is making weird noises though so we will see. I got weighed last night and even although I have been messing around for 2 weeks i lost 6 pounds.
Hope you all have a good day xx
Morning all!
Well its day 24 for me now, i cant believe!!! its just like a way of life now!! im dreading coming off for my hols :S
I'm 1lb away from my first goal and I've to reach it by 11th of May so not too worried about it!
Clothes have started feeling loose on me past few days--especially trousers around my bum/thighs---kylie watch out lol!
hope u all have a good day, good luck with weigh ins and stuff. i'l be around most of day if imnot cleaning or attending to ds!
Mwah x
Good afternoon All, well done for losses and the sticking to it!! Having another fretful day where I just want to eat! Can't get that at all!! It's the first time in all of this I feel like I'm missing out!! Which is bonkers!!! Snivelling in my roomy size 14 jeans (from size 20's) wanting spam!! What??? anyway whinge over! big hugs to all bb x


Needs a flattering photo
hello everyone! not been around for a while as been so busy with work and so pooped at night I haven't had chance to pop on here. Not had a great week this week, on 810 but have had a few bad days. Think I am getting to the point where I am fed up of my life being on hold because of CD and just want to get to the end! I've been off work for a few days, and I think a lot of the problem has been out of my routine, and boredom. It has helped getting back to work, back into the routine.WI tonight so we shall see...

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