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It's time to say ... BYE BYE BELLY!!!

That's it!! NO more!! I've had enough!!

This time I have the motivation, I have the support and I will make myself have the will-power instead of using the usual excuse "I ate my will-power" followed by a cheesy laugh!

Week 1 - Day 3

I signed up for SW on Wednesday but couldn't really start properly until today (Saturday) so was just watching what I was eating (no rubbish) and cut my cans of coke to diet instead. The diet looks really easy to follow and I can't believe you can have all that food, especially on EE, and still lose weight!!

I went shopping today and instead of just buying what I need for a couple of days I've planned and bought the whole shop (!!). I've bought fruit to make a large fruit salad to keep in the fridge for picking at, I've done the same with salad stuff and I've bought lots of lean mince, chicken and pork to make my own "ready meals" to put in the freezer for the whole week.

The plan is there, so is the motivation and eagerness ... let's see what happens on Wednesday!
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Just wanted to wish you lots of luck.

I started a few weeks back and still am trying to get my head round it. May have to start my own diary to help out.

Lula x
good luck im on my 1st week 2 and im so amazed at how much food i have eaten this week i have my 1st weigh in after week on diet on mon so lil nervous keep us up 2 date on how things r goin x x x
thank you all - wishing you all good luck in your own journeys! xxx

I can't believe the weekend I've had, I spent most of the day in the kitchen yesterday after my marathon shop making huge tubs of fruit salad and fresh salad. Had the chicken and pasta salad that's in the 7 Days to Success book that came in pack... DELISH!! so glad I've got lots of chicken left over. I took a load to work today along with a small tub of fruit salad, two bananas and two fat free yoghurts. I work in a pub part time and the crisps and peanuts are always calling my name but today couldn't even hear them even if they were shouting!! LOL

Tonight was home-made chilli con carne as per SW recipe with fat free yoghurt and using my healthy option with Low Low cheddar. Didn't use all the cheese as I grated it and there was LOADS left, so that's been put in an airtight tub ready for snacking later! ;)

I've eaten so much this weekend and not once felt hungry and not once had the urge to have something I'm not allowed. I know there'll be times when I need something sweet, I've a very sweet tooth, and not quite sure what to do when that happens but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.



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good luck with your planning - sounds like you are very organised (like me.....well sometimes!!!)

look forward to reading about your losses in this diary! xxx
thank you! I've never been this organised before on a diet and maybe that's where I fell down before, time will tell!

Fortunately being at work makes it easier to stick to the diet. I have to walk up FIVE flights of stairs to my office and there's no lift so I'll be using this to my advantage for the extra Body Magic exercising that I need to do :) Also those stairs make me less inclined to "pop to the shop" to buy anything that I shouldn't be eating so all I've eaten today is what I bought from home which is all SW diet stuff...so all is good! :D

Tomorrow is gonna be hard! The whole office are going to Chinatown in London for a meal with a Chinese supplier who apparently doesn't like western food. I'm gonna try to memorise the whole of the Chinese section in the Syn counter so I can be as good as possible!

I love reading everyone else's own diaries...they are so supportive and I wish you all well!

Well I've decided NOT to go to Chinatown with everyone else!! :cry: Fortunately my boss is very understanding and she knows how determined I am to stay on this diet. If it had been a few weeks down the line it might have been different but to self-sabotage in the first week is not good!

Last night working at the pub was hard :( I didn't have time to eat inbetween the two jobs and the huge salad and fruit salad I'd made on saturday had gone off :mad: so had nothing to take with me. Half way through the night with people getting chips and kebabs from the kebab shop across the road (our pub don't do food *thank GOD!!!* it's a proper spit and sawdust type of boozer!) the crisps and peanuts started shouting my name louder BUT I did not give in...I went and raided the landlord's fridge and found some ham and tomatoes so I ate those! :D:D

So overall during this first week, Day 5 (night) has been the hardest so far and I'm sure there'll be tougher days ahead but I'm just one day away from my first mini-goal and I'm just looking forward to that!

Be safe, be well!
Well done for not giving in to temptation you sound like your doing really well x
Week 1 - Day 7

Well I made it!!! First week on Slimming World! YAY!!! Weigh in tonight to see what's happened :eek: Even though I know I've been good it's scary not knowing the overall result until you step on those scales. I don't have any scales at home so not been tempted to weigh mid-week etc.

We had no milk at home this morning so had to have FF natural yoghurt on my cereal...wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :8855: Ham and cheese (HEXA) salad and no dinner until after weigh in, but yesterday was different. I really fancied something sweet yesterday while at work so studied the syns in the book and decided to go to the local shop on the corner with just 50p in my pocket and buy a finger of Fudge. I have never eaten a finger of Fudge SOOOO slowly before in my life, usually it's wolfed down in two mouthfuls but this time I nibbled half of it and then put the rest in the fridge to have with my mid-afternoon cuppa! This is SOOOO not me! I think aliens have swooped down and taken the old ByeByeBelly and replaced me with an android! :8855:

Well back to work :( but I'll update you all with my weight loss later.

Be safe, be well!


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you are doing amazingly well! good luck for tonights WI.. Im sure your hard work will be reflected on the scales :D xx
just finished my first week and have done EE all week. I couldn't believe how much food i ate but lost 5lb. Good luck later. A tip for a sweet treat (and saves you using your milk as hea) is magic porridge tried it last night in work (i work nights) and is now on my fav list of food.
just finished my first week and have done EE all week. I couldn't believe how much food i ate but lost 5lb. Good luck later. A tip for a sweet treat (and saves you using your milk as hea) is magic porridge tried it last night in work (i work nights) and is now on my fav list of food i counted my porridge as syns making it only 5 syns for a sweet treat.
Good luck tonight.

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