IT'S TIME......


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Hi everyone,

The following poem/prayer is something I wrote back in April this year. A lot of you will know it from the DH site and recall my situation.

After several comments, kind words and requests from members,(they know who they are) I am in a place now where I can type this out again without so much pain.

I decided to post "It's Time" on Minimins because sometimes we all need to know that we are not the only person going through a life changing time, regardless of what that is.
Because this amazing site has a holistic approach to a person's well being and happiness, I feel comfortable in sharing this time in my life with all of you in the following post, despite not following any diet at the moment. That is total credit to the Minimins community that we have here and the atmosphere we value and encourage.

Mini called it a "prayer for reclaiming life"....I would agree.

This is what I posted on DH in April this year...

"It's Time"

Time to let go of the pain.

Time to value ME.

Time to know I deserve loyalty and trust.

Time to put myself first.

Time not to compromise anymore.

Time to believe I have a future without you.

Time to trust my own inner strength again.

Time to love myself and rise again.

Time to focus on MY happinness.

Time to believe I will survive you.

Time to believe I was not to blame.

Time to trust my heartbreak will ease.

Time to know I was ALWAYS good enough.

Time to take joy in my children again.

Time to believe you are the loser here.


(Post from April 2006 below)

"These were the spontaneous thoughts and feelings that I typed out one night two weeks ago in a few short minutes whilst sat at my PC. I then printed it off, took it out into my garden and placed it on top of my wedding dress, wedding cards and every decoration from my wedding cake, set fire to it all and watched it all burn. Tears streamed down my face but I looked up at the stars in the sky, breathed deeply and just let it all go from within me.

I decided to share this on my thread so that not only can my good friends see how I am moving towards a brighter future, but also so that anyone else who may read this can see that it is possible to dig deep into yourself, even when you don't believe it's possible and start the climb back up to happiness and fulfilment......."

Much Love to you all.......Lacey...x
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Aww Lacey. That's brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it.
Hey Sweetie

Thank you soooo much for re-posting your beautiful poem...I mislaid my copy when I recently moved house so now I can print it again....

It is just a phenomenally moving verse and will take pride of place alongside other favourites by Marianne Williamson and Maya Angelou....:) xxx
Lacey (((((((:)D :D :D ))))))))
Thank you all,

for your touching replies, the support that is ALWAYS there, and for being the BEST bunch of people I ever had the fortune to cross paths with:D :D :D are a true Queen, its time for you to step up and reclaim your crown, hunny!

Looking forward to meeting you properly at the weekend! :)
D_Q, Diva....awwwww're gonna set me off here.

Thank you for saying the things you do to me. I know I still struggle with accepting any compliment that is given as until recently, I valued myself based on the opinion of one man!!!! I see that now, as my perception has changed this last 10 months.

I am just starting to acknowledge that my work colleagues actually DO value me professionally and value and respect my education and experience. I guess I am moving forward on this...AT LAST.:rolleyes: Confidence is growing again.

I don't think most of us realise the different paths our journey can take until we set out, do we? It's a constant learning curve and NEVER BORING!!!!!;)

Love ya
Hi Guys,

I'm digging up my poem tonight and reading it with an agenda.

I feel I am on the "cusp" of something so to speak, have realised that it is nearly a year since I first tried a VLCD and I am still here at almost the same weight.:mad:

I'm having such a sad time here tonight guys. I can't stop the tears, everything feels so raw again about my husband. He was mine, my husband and I feel such a fool for not seeing the type of man he was about women.

I'm sorry to dump it on here. I just think I need to let myself and cry and then hopefully tommorow will feel better. I feel cheated of my future and my son's future. He will shortly be successful in his profession and I will not have the future we planned together or the second child we said we would have. It's just **** and I seem to be the only one who is still devastated. Why is it not easing?

It will ease babe, that's why you're going through the angry crying stage - it's all part of mourning. And here is where you CAN let it all out cos we're here for you xxx