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It's true, what my LLC once told us...

That we will forever be having to cope with thing. Everytime we deal with one pile of sh*t, just around the corner will be another. THis is so true.

I can see so clearly now how easy it was to get fatter and fatter, just be eating anytime there was any turbulence in my life, at all!! BUt now, by not dealing with these things by food - it's a real eye opener.

Just a few days ago, I was so happy about my new job, and finally moving forward. Everything was GREAT.

And then, just around the corner.....

Our granny is in hospital, and not doing well at all. She has had a heart attack, and she collapsed unattended and hit her head either on the way down or on the ground. One half of her face is black from the bruising.

She has not been responsive at all, and she is bleeding in her head. It is not likely that she will get any better and they said if she does, she's more then likely to have another heart attack, etc.

It's sad to see my hubbys family - its my father in laws mum. ANd I think he knows she's not likely to come out of it, but I think he just wants her to open here eyes one more time, to see him there with her. :(

As hard as it is to say, we are all gently hoping that she does just slip away - it seems it would be the kindest thing for her, but its very sad. :(

Ugh. I just hate the end of life. We all just feel so helpless. Its as if she is in a coma. At least she appears to be comfortable.

I am doing OK, but oddly enough I feel the calling of carbs. They do know when they have half a chance, *******. Tis about the strongest its been the entire diet.

Anyway, just thought I would share. Not sure why, just feels good to get it out.....OH is not wanting to talk about it really. :(
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Hi BL.. your post just really touched me so I just wanted to send hugs to you and your family at this time.

Gen xxx


I Can Do This!
Oh BL - that's terrible news. I'm really sorry to hear about your OHs granny. I hope she has the best outcome, whatever that might be.

This is truly a test of your coping strategy for resisting emotional eating.

We're here for you hon. We'll listen and provide the strokes you need to work your way through this. :hug99:


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Oh BL I am so sorry to hear that. I am thinking of you. I know only too well those feelings. Hugs to you.

Let the carbs call all they like you don't have to answer.


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm really sorry to hear about what you're going through... I am going through something similar with my grandparents at the moment...
However you did do the right thing, you shared, you talked about it instead of shutting yourself away. It's all positive steps. Be proud of yourself because these are the first steps towards breaking your emotional addiction to food. If you can get through this, you are already stronger in dealing with the next hurdle.

You are an inspiration to me. *hugs you*


Is back in the saddle!
Sorry for your news BL.

Very proud that you can see the lurking demons for what they are though and you're ignoring them. Huge hugs.
BL so sorry to hear about your granny. Mine is 95 and just before xmas had a similar nasty fall - she lives alone. Thankfully she seems ok, but every day i'm waiting to hear if something else has happened as she is so frail.
well done for not turning to food - your LLC was right, life is never smooth for long.
i hope your granny is not in pain for long
daiys x
I'm so sorry to hear your news. Exactly the same happened to my Granny 20 years ago. She had a heart attack and hit her head on the way to the floor. Thankfully she passed away peacefully a few hours later.
It is odd that now you've solved the biggest issue in your life, food, horrible things are still happen. You think everything should be great but it's just not. The key to coping and getting through long term is not turning to food as it'll make you feel worse.
Stay strong hun and you'll get through this just as you have so many other hurdles in your life.
Thinking of you xxx
So sorry to hear your news. Well done for recognising that the carbs are calling and that you don't have to answer them. They won't make you feel better for more than about 10 minutes. I hope she recovers or passes peacefully. x :hug99:


Making it all add up
So, so sad to hear your news.
Oh BL that's awful. Sending hugs, and thoughts are with you, what an awful thing to go through.


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So sorry to hear your news BL:hug99:

Well done on resisting the call of the carbs not easy at times like this.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks so much everyone. Mum and dad saw granny last night. Her eyes were open, and she could vaguley smile, which is a very warming thing for my inlaws to have seen - makes me feel better. She will not or cannot speak. We don;t know. But she at least appeared to be aware they were there. So that is good. It doesn;t change her prognosis, but gives some heart to my inlaws.

THank you again. I will keep you posted.

I'm afraid that SOME carbs won. lol Ooops!!! Oh well - today is another day, ay? :D


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