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It's Tuesday**** Lets Do It Hour By Hour****


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Morning all

Well I am in Ketosis :D first time for ages :D

I cant beleive how good I am being this time after all the faffing about.:confused:

I have my GT and water on the go.....here's to another good day.

On a down note................I have lost my voice :( Laryingitis (sp)* All I can do is squeak. hehe.

Have a good one
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Hiya Mags and morning to all who follow!
Have been up some time this morning cos DD is back to school after Half Term!
A bit fed up cos I have had cystitis and had this medication that has put me out of ketosis and when I weighed this morning am back up to 12s10lbs (last Friday I was 12st 8lbs). Then again - it is TOTM due this week so could be water retention - who knows.
Am also really hungry again. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Anyway - nice lazy day for me today and I'm looking forward to pottering about doing nothing in particular!
Hope you all have a great day
Take care
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Hi Ya
I hope you fill better,well done sticking to the program,1st day bk on ss after weeks holiday and gain!! but i am back focused and can do it!!
Have a good day x


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Morning all, just pooping in to say a quick hello!

Maggie - yeah, back in ketosis. Well done!! Keep up the good work.

Tansy - enjoy the lazy day, get drinking and beat those hunger pangs.

Gemma - glad to see you are back and focused. Good on you!!

Have a good day everyone! And I hope everyone with a WI today has a big one!!!

Might pop in at lunch if I get time :D


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morning all of you - heres to a good one - dont know about where you are but its a really beautiful morning here and that always seems to make a difference.

hve to admit i really struggled in teh second half of yesterday - had my first shakle at noon instead of one like i usually do and that made me ravenous all afternoon - anyway i got through it

dont know if i am in ketosis yet ( usually am by day 3 ) as i never check first thing in the morning as my sticks are always pink then - i dehydrate easily - so will check later in day

bedroom tidy, dog walking, trip to tescos and some online shopping ( or at least searching for cut price decleor - thanks BIGBIRDY) is in store for me today

hope youi all have alovely day - and hedgemags - i hope youre not suffereing too much! get well soon

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morning, wet and dark here but ready for another day of ss, day 9. should be a good morning my 2 year olds of to play group so should be able to get things done. x
Morning campers! oooh, busy daily already - love it.

I'm freezing cold but feeling positive! It's my isters birthday today so i'm off to swansea for some major shopping and will be taking my choccy tetras with me!

Love Leah xxx
Morning everyone,

Maggie, hope you feel better soon hun xx

Tansy, have a good day enjoy your relaxing day xx

Gem, glad to see you back,have a good 1st day back on the wagon xx

Slushy have a good shopping day xx

Bobbin,have a good day hun xx

Morning quizzicalgrrl & emm xx

scorpio dawnie, its nice and sunny here,have a good day and hope you get done all that you want to while your 2 yrold is a playgroup xx

Gee i have woken up soooo tierd this morning could happily go back to bed and sleep the day away!!, i had a good diet day yesterday yippppeeeee and i managed to drink 3 ltrs water which for me of late is ruddy good, sunday i didnt even have 1/2 a ltr !!, so today is gonna be another good one !!

have a great day everyone

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Good Morning everyone xxxx I've had a peppermint tea so far today lol

Hope everyones having a nice day so far :D
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Hi everyone

Lovely bright day here but bloody windy. I have a hospital appt this morning, probably be there for hours, gonna take a mag with me to kill some time. It's my AAMW this week wasn't sure to do it or not but thought I will need to introduce food at some point so gonna try it.

Lost 4lbs last night at my weigh in, thought it might have been a little more but never mind it's going in the right direction I should be in the 13's next week wooo hoo!

Have a great day everyone and be good.
Morning gang..omg getting really worried about my ketosis still no size and its over a week ago since i went back to ssing 100%?????

Maggie, well done on been in ketosis keep going you know you can do this now :) I hope you feel better soon :)
Tansy, hope you have a nice lazy day. You deserve it :)
Gemma, well done for getting back on the wagon you know you can and will do this. :)
Bobbin, hope your keeping well ;)
sluchy, sounds like you have a busy day planned :)
quizicalgrrl best of luck with your weigh in :)
Hey emm and scorpio glad to see you's are doing good.
Leah, love your new pic you look lovely, and im soooo jealous your of for a day's shopping :(
Safforn, naughty naughty only half a litre sunday. What have we told you about water!!!??? :)
Hi jenn,glad your having a good day :)
well done on your weight loss last night lisa marie :)

Hope I havent forgotton anyone if i have im sorry. so heres to another day ss'ing.Of to kill my dd now has taken all my makeup out of my handbag and plastered it on her face. thats my punishment for ignoring her and coming on mini's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning everyone, I'm squeaking lol...Why is it when you can't speak everyone phones you up. I must sound like a pervert on the end of the phone :eek:.

On my 4th GT and 2nd litre of water:tear_drop:, Hey I'm on a roll (can you tell I'm happy ;)) Wheres my halo? :party0048:

The sun is shining but windy here too.

Well done LisaMarie on the 4lbs thats brilliant.

EVery one sounds good and positive ......:D

Will check back later guys
Have a good one!

Tara get that water down your neck Mrs!!!

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