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It's TUESDAY lets do it HOUR x HOUR


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning HM and everyone!
Seriously back to it today after a gain this week, no more messing about!!
Freezing here too!! Got 3 jumpers and scarf sitting at my pc!
Kids back to school today...peace will reign once more for a few hours anyway!
1 coffee and water ready to drink.

Have a great day all

Morning all!
Sent my daughter off to school on two slices of hot, buttery toast and i swear, i could have licked her greasy little fingers!!
I didnt tho but definately something about cold weather and wanting comfort food.
My porridge hit the spot tho......sort of!
Day 6 for me and getting some soups from my CDC later as too cold for just shakes :giveup:
Day 3 for me, feeling good today! Just had an apple and cinnamon porridge, sooo yummy! Have had half a litre of water and am now sipping a coffee. Kids are back at school and nursery today, so it's lovely and quiet. I could get used to it :D
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day 4 for me, and im freezing stuck here at work.... had 2 mugs of black coffee and 3 pints of water so far..... yep and broke the seal already........ :)
hello its my first day back on the wagon after xmas ive just went up town bought a big diary so i can write down inspirations and quotes etc and how im feeling, im hoping this keeps me on track :D
just had some chicken and mushroom soup YUM


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
still cold but I have just had my Apple and cinnamon porridge, it's yummy and has warmed the cockles :)
A bit slack on the water but on my 2nd cup of tea..will drink more !
what is the porridge like? - have only had the soups and shakes so far
If the 2.25 lts had to be made entirely of cups of tea(made with skimmed milk natch) then i would definately p*ss it!!! :p
the porridge is lovely the apple and Cinnamon is nice for a change i like the original with some vanilla shake either made up with a little hot water or just sprinkled on top nice!! x
onto day 8 now! Started last Tues, gone fast! Kids back at school, me back at work, but working spilt day today, phew!! To much for me to handle, have a moutain of jobs to do but do you know what..................... I am off for a lie down if I sleep great if not just going to relax and enjoy the sound of .......nothing xx

Be good and remember water, water ,water x
i really didnt know that you can mix some of these shakes etc.... what a fab idea


Trying to stay healthy!
How's it going everyone?

Had my T&W shake, spicy tom soup and a gazillion cups of coffee !! still freezing and fo some reason reeeeallly tired, can hardy type!!

Im on day two and flagging for the first time.........hungry!!!
Quite annoyed cos I wrote a post a few hours ago bragging about how easy im finding this.....mighty and fallen come to mind!!!


always lurkin around!
hi all its day 2 here had just the porridge up 2 now gonna have a soup 4 tea then split a tetra pack later on so i can have 2 hot drinks ... im really rubbish with the water so goin 2 have another glass now ....... its freezing here brrrrr xx


always lurkin around!
piella ekkkk :eek: dont break now im on day 2 like u go get another drink ...have a bath do something... take ya mind off it 1st few days are always the worst it will get better!!! xx
Piella, dont worry, i think we all have moments when the thoughts, "this is too hard/can't be arsed with it/want to pick/im fed up" circulate, no matter how long you've been on the diet. I certainly do. Its just sticking with it and reading about how successful other people have been and sticking with it x
Thanks girls!! Sue 112-is this your first time? Are you struggling too?
In a way I'm glad Im finding it abit hard now,because yesterday was such a breeze,flew through it no problemo!! Was starting to think I was doing something wrong because I wasnt hungry at all.....

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