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**** Its TUESDAY O'CLOCK - Hour by hour ***


Welcome to Tuesday people.

Off to placement in just a moment, but though I'd get this started. Scales showing a 1lb gain. Granted its prob water retention so not bothered, it will come off eventually, :copon:

Weigh in on Saturday.

Tired today ladies, looking forward to Thursday which is my day off - unfortunately its a busy one, full of driving lessons, meeting friends for coffee and pole dancing.

Ah well, try and get an early night tonight when I'm home.

Ladies - have a good one, and whatever your plan stick to it.
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Morning Lexie - enjoy placement chick and only 2 days till day off! It feels like Monday though - always does after a bank hol - not long till the next one!

Will stay 100% today. Everyone be strong and will be back later xxxx


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Lexie & Jess. Had a weird start to morning. Got on scales & they had moved... at last!!! And said I was finally at goal. Was dancing around the kitchen in delight until OH appeared & admitted he had 'adjusted' them last night as the 'starting' weight had crept up above 0. Almost strangled him. So... will have to wait till thurs to see whether I have lost or not, & I bet I won't have. Mood has gone from ecstatic to devastated in seconds!!! OH doesn't get it, he was saying 'but they will be RIGHT now' but they are not great scales anyway & I was watching the downward trend. And now it looks like there wasn't one. Grrr.

Oh Katy. I dont know what to say never mind almost strangling him I probably would have done!!!!!

Oh I really feel for you but Im sure by Thurs it will come off. sending you big hugs!!!! be good today and it will pay off Im sure xxxxxxx


Stubborn tortoise
You too Jess, & thanks for the hugs... I will be good, promise!



Loving losing
Good morning Jess,Lexie and Katy and others later..

Feel good today...just got on scales and my scales show i have reached my first target for my sponsord slim...losing 10% of my body weight....yee ha. Looks like the blip on Sat has now been eradicated, but proper weigh in which, will be different I know, is not until tomorrow.
It's so b. annoying that scales weigh differently - it should be made illegal!!
Katy, I so feel for you...you will get there..with or without an OH!!!! I would be fuming too!!!
Lexie, so good to hear you are OK today
Jess, have a good day

Laters all - time to wake the dead!!



Full Member
Morning all!! I'd have divorced him on the spot, Katycakes!!! Bless you x

Well, I am definately in Ketosis and feeling good although today I am really hungry - hmmm strange.

All the best to you all for today xx


Silver Member
Morning all,

No plans for me today, day at home and out for walk later but that's about it.
Feel like I've such a long way ahead of me on this diet to get to goal and still unsure of my target weight, maybe I should go for more, suppose I'll know when i get there!

Here's for a good day! x


Stubborn tortoise
Ibiza, Penny, OH was trying to help - so he said - didn't get why I was so gutted!!! What are they like?!!!

Saw Abz posted on a thread last night... can't recall which one... I had been worried about her too... should we PM her?



Cambridge Consultant
Morning all.
Hope everyone is ok........
I am a happier bunny today totm arrived exactly on 28 days I have been so moody its been awful.. hate feeling like that.. Im happy again.

Lexie hope your feeling better now hon and just think only a few days til your day off!!

Jess loving your diary by the way hon . its great.

Katy hon ...... OMG Im so sorry but you will so be there very soon .. what was he thinking...... MEN huh!!!!

Ibiza - well done in reaching your first target thats fab

Pennyjane glad your in ketosis and feeling good that good stuff. hope you have a good day x

Angela take each day as it comes hon...... its a better way otherwise it does seem like a long time..

Have a great day everyone and Im going to be happy happy happy. not moody anymore.
Even though last night I had to throw my mix a mousse in the bin as I was on the phone whilst making it and forgot to add the mix a mousse powder in Disaster................ so no mix a mousse for me.. I nearly cried. x
Morning everyone,
Glad your feeling better Curly. These things happen LOL. .... Well guys, I was naughty... I ate some really bad food (only one meal, rice!). I was out with friends, felt really pressured and gave in... DA*N it!! Well the scales went scrazy. Gained 4 lbs after that one meal. Been walking like crazy and drinking loads H2o. SO, today im back down to normal Thank G!!! NEVER AGAIN. NEVER. My friends can all just p*ss OFF. Sorry about language but I was really upset with myself and my mates (and my hubby too). "AAWW just one time wont hurt come on we went to so much trouble preparing it" they made me feel so anti social....GET LOST, I say.... like I said, back on track, will probably only lose a pound this week but only myself to blame... wont dwell on it now. just needed to rant a bit.... See u all later, off to work... Have a great 100% for me it will be 200%!!!


Cambridge Consultant
Hey wellandgood.......
Glad your back on track now your naughty friends doing that to you and hubby too.. dont listen to them next time.. Your stronger than that...... Your doing fab anyway..... drink loads of water today hon . and I am sure you will flush it all through.....
Have a good day xx


Silver Member
Morning ladies.

Katy- I'd be filing for divorce before lunch if that was my hubby!! How very rude of him!

Lexie- hope you get through the next few days as quickly as possible and enjoy your day off. Pole dancing sounds great.

Jess- I'm also loving the diary. Does it help you to keep motivated?

Angela- keep at it chick, you are doing great. It'll fly by before you know it, and will be more than worth it in the end :)

Ibiza- CONGRATS on reaching your first mini goal. You've had an amazing loss, it must be so motivating!

Penny- Glad you've reached ketosis

Curly- Damn it about the mix-a-mousse! Glad you're feeling happier hun, moody doesn't suit you ;)

Just got back from my WI. I am so so so so so over the moon. 6 1/2lbs off!!!! Finally getting somewhere! Not a bad loss for a month considering I had a weekend off, 3 TOTMs and major water retention. Talk about feeling inspired and motivated!! It also means my BMI has gone from morbidly obese to just obese. That is such a buzz! Slim Lisa here I come.......


Cambridge Consultant

LISA!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you hon ..
Well done you........ what a great loss go girl......... yipppppppppeeeeeee. your well on your way..
Keep smiling sweetie...... xxxxxx


Stubborn tortoise
Lisa, that's FABBBBBB!!!!! Yay!!! So happy for you. You are doing so well!

Wellandgood, try not to be too upset. Over and done with, lesson learned, and I think the gain will just be glycogen stores re-filling briefly, that will disappear before you know it. Sometimes we fall because we need to learn a lesson, so see it as part of the learning curve and don't be too hard on yourself... just make a different choice next time.

Curly, great to see you all happy & sparky again. Go you!!!!



Gold Member
hey guys. just thought i'd drop in to let you know i'm ok :)

am still on cd ss. am just very grumpy, rather hormonal and keeping my head down. i've been ranting quite a bit in my diary still, but didn't really want to inflict it on everyone else, ha.

i have my third weigh in tonight but i'm really not holding my breath... hoping for 2lbs.

abz xx

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