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It's Wednesday - Let's Do It Hour By Hour!

S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all

Didn't get on yesterday's daily at all - had a very busy day away at a meeting in Crewe. Subsequently lack of water, lack of packs and tiredness lead to eating chicken and cheese (not so bad - 790ish) but my Mum's home made apple crumble was the downfall.

Back on it again today. Getting glugging, no probs! Also spent some time weighing out my chicken this morning. Have been going a bit OTT on the portion sizes. Weight has stuck at the moment so I need to get back on the straight and narrow.

Hope everyone is fine and dandy today and good luck to those with weigh ins xxx
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Sarah M

Getting the hang of this

Its freezing here this morning, I dont think CD helps though, im always cold at the moment. Raring to go this morning after yesterdays WI, hoping for a better loss next WI but 2lb is 2lb after all so i cant moan. Hopefully there will be less temptation in the office today, yesterday there was cakes and choc galore as it was a couple of peoples birthdays, but i didnt even want any, just gazed at them as i walked past!

Anyway hope everyone has great days x
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
morning. hoping for another good day today. My dd is having her second day at nursery today and I really have got to tidy my house while she is out. I also need to think about starting to pack the useless stuff ready for when we move house.
Morning All

Sarah - def cant moan about the 2lb - look at the loss over the 2 weeks - phenomenal! well done xx

Sam - sounds like a sorting out day for you! Moving is a nightmare isnt it? How long till you actually move? I actually went into labour the last time I was in the middle of a move! It was a nitemare coming back from the hospital with a new baby - no bed up, couldn't find the kettle etc etc! I remember it well.

Coming to the end of my totm thank goodness. Popped on the scales this morning as I was actually going up but knew it was due to totm. Its finally shifted a pound so i'm off in the right direction again, albeit, VERY slowly!

Nice day for me today - Mum and I are off to London to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - looking forward to seeing Lee Mead. Going to take some shakes with me so that i dont get tempted or caught short on the way home.

Hope everyone has a good day xxx
Morning all

Sounds like you'll be having a great day Jodie, I'd love to see Joseph! I hope you enjoy it.

Well done resisting the goodies at work Sarah. It's a great feeling when you manage to resist something like that isn't it!

I hope everyone has a great day and manages to glug lots :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
Good morning all,
Jodie have a fab time today my sister has been to see it and said its great said lee was good.

Good luck with any weigh-ins today.

I had a good day yesterday and for the 5th day running i managed to have 4ltrs:tear_drop: :D:D, i'd finished it all b4 id even realised woohoo seems like my :tear_drop: intake has taken a turn for the better again at long last, am going to go swimming now.
Have a good morning everyone.
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
ooh Jodie, soooooo jealous about Joseph, would absolutely love to go and see that. Glad the scales are moving downwards for you.

Havent got a moving date yet, still early stages and waiting for survey to come back, but we are lucky and dont need a mortgage so should all go through pretty quickly. I do like to be prepared though (typical virgo) hence the packing already. We are in rented accom at the mo and the landlord has given us notice to be out by 7th November so he can sell the property.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good mornng folks...lovely and bright here again today although a little chilly.

Good luck with your packing Sam, if you're anything like me you will be amazed at the stuff we collect. I find it a good way of sorting out the wants from the want nots or maybe's.

Hope you enjoy the show Jodiejojo..it IS AMAZING...brilliant!

Well done SarahM...2lbs is great..keep glugging:tear_drop::tear_drop:

Off to town in a mo...then to Tesco's for hubby's food shopping..and buy some winter pansies for our garden.

Then off to Southampton this afternoon for the footie...will take shake, bar and water with me so should be able to stay SS.

Have a great day all and good luck any one else with a weigh in today.

Take care
I have day off today, no clients atall but have governors meeting tonight instead. Have got to do housework at some point today just have to syc myself up lol

Have lost 3 lbs this week but feel terrible today, all i seem to do is have totm or spot all the way through and i feel bloated and groggy (only downside of diet) hopefully will go aaaway very soon.

At school yesterday a mum come up to me to talk about my daughters birthday party as lucy had given her an invitation that she had written out herself. I was quite embarrassed as I knew nothing about it lol Have told lucy i will take her and 4 friends to the cinema and then out to eat but can she not do it again, waiting for 3 other mums to talk to me as lucy has sent out 4 in total .

I am also in a major cooking mood, have already made, flapjacks, lemon drizzle cake, sponge cupcakes, jam tarts, 2 huge lasagne from scratch and a dish similar to cottage pie but that has brisket bits on the bottom instead of mince. I think im turning into a feeder to my family lol They are not moaning though and they keep making suggestions for me to cook.

Right i have to go and hoover and clean (sigh) Hope everyone has a good day and if you are tempted to eat drink another pint of water instead and think of your end goal. Have a good dayyy

cdc norwich
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
wow. its very quiet on the daily thread today. Hope everyone is OK.

Im feeling a bit under the weather today. Needless to say I didnt get very far with the housework lol. I'll have a mad 30 minute rush around before hubby gets home and tell him I havent stopped all day hahaha

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Hope you feel much better soon Sam x

Well im off to my nan and grandads tonight, its his birthday all the family are going (only my mum, hubby and one brother know im doing this) i know im going to be faced with lots of cake and lovely food but im feeling strong enough to get through the food aspect, its just all the questions im not looking forward to when everyone wants to know why im not eating :sigh:
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
It is quiet on here today!

Hope you feel better soon Sam.

Have a nice time Sarah, and you sound so positive so I'm sure you can do it. Is it buffet style? Can you put some stuff on a plate and pretend to move it around a bit?

Haven't been able to get on today because I've been so busy in work.

I'm feeling quite hungry today. It's TOTM for me and I feel quite tired too, after a busy day yesterday. So far I have had a cappuccino pack, a bar and a few slices of plain chicken. Glugged about 2 1/2 litres water so I need to get some more down.

Gonna have a chilled evening and an early night, reading my new book I received as a birthday pressie - Why Men Love Bitches. It's sooooooo funny!
Sarah i am in the same boat as you so we can suffer totm together, mine started today but has been brewing since monday!!!!

It is very quiet on here today, hope thats a good thing and everyone is too busy to think about cheating!!

Have had a good day am on 4thltr water and have a choc tetra to go will have it later, but didnt get to have a swim today like i was planning to!!

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