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***It's WEDNESDAY!!! Let's take it hour by hour***


Don't know why i'm up so early but i thought that over my lovely hot cuppa i'd start the daily!

Hope everyone is good, and has slept well. I'm all happy cos although i've been off CD this week i weighed this morning and i'm 3lb down! Gotta thank a LOT of you for helping me keep sane the last few days, you're all fab!

Right, well, have a fab day, get that water down you! xxxxxxx
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Yeah, well done on the 3lbs hun. Is your skin ok now or you still in pain??
well, it sounds manky as **** but it isnt weeping anymore :)
It never ever gets that bad, hence i knew that something definately wasnt right!
Its great in a way, i get smothered in moisturiser 4 times a day by my OH so i'm not suffering that much :D
Bore da Sarah, and thanks both for the concern xxx
Morning all

Lovely to see you back Lea and glad you are feeling better hun.

Work for me today but only a half day as i've got to go in tomorrow as well. No clients today just catching up so shouldn't be too bad.

Sunny morning here - it makes such a difference to your mood doesnt it? when we had a few of those rainy dull days last week i was so depressed and lethargic.

My bum and thighs are aching this morning from my hill walk yesterday so thats nice because i really feel as though i worked those muscles:D

Decided i am going to join the gym up the road but i'm going to "pay as i go" rather than a monthly fee then it wont matter if i cant get there as much as i would like. It doesnt work out that much different to the monthly fee so i'm going to take my form in tomorrow and perhaps go for my first session on Friday.

Well, time to do my hair, brush my teeth etc and get ready for work - take care everyone and have a good day xxx


I will get to goal .....
Morning girlies!

Leah glad to hear you are feeling better chick!
Mocha J hope you are still on the straight & narrow ;)
JJJJ your gym sounds cool - wish mine had a pay as you go option!! Have a great 1/2 day at work hun!
Westiegirl hope all is well in the land of weight matters

Just got to work and STILL no email ... oh well, guess I'll be keeping myself occupied on here again today!! LOL!!

Let's have a good day guys .... it's hump day afterall!! (As in weds is at the top of the week hump and it's all down hill from here .... anyone who thought differently has a gutter mind!!) pmsl


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Good morning folks
Dull grey day here today....send some sunshine down JJJ
Well done Leah on your 3lbs..that's great hun.
Hi Sarah glad you are still pos with WM, interested to hear how that works...

Busyish day for me, I have to take a neighbour out this morning as he wants to visit his wife's grave at Wrabness, so it will be a sad time...It would have been her 80th b'day today.....so sad...

Then 2 clients this afternoon, and should go shopping as I didn't go yesterday, couldn't be bothered :0(.

Just on my 1st litre and 1 hot summer berry down.....fingers crossed for this week.

Have a good day at work Dobbie

Good luck if anyone has a weighin today..
Catch you all later xx
:sign0144:Good morning! Just wanted to send send some positive vibes:) Today is day 13 for me...I have my bottle of water right by my side...hopefully that will shift some of the weight:vibes:


I will get to goal .....
Hey Leva ... welcome to Mims!!! The daily thread is a great way to keep you motivated and away from temptation! Congrats on making it to day 13 x

Mrs V

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Morning all!!!

Welcome on board Leva!!!

Dobbie I'm at work with not much to do either, hence the reason I can come on here and look busy!! Lol.

Leah well done on this week's loss. I weighed in last night and lost another 6lbs this week, so that's 24lbs in a month for me - must change my ticker and enter onto October challenge!!

I'm feeling better than I did yesterday, but was shivering last night and kept complaining to Hubby that it was cold, but the heating was on and the fire lit!
Anyway, this morning, felt better, just runny nose and still a little chilly!!! But, onwards and downwards with the weight loss!

Keep drinking that water!!!



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Morning everyone - I havent done this hour by hour slot before!!!

I did my first week on 790 last week (my week is from Wed to Tue Wi on the Tues)...and I was thrilled that I lost 4.5 lbs on 790 and am still in mild ketosis....feel so much better knowing Ive got something to eat....

BTW your taste palett changes having been on SS so dont think that you will miss what you use to have....you may actually say YUK to it...

They say every diet leaves you with a 'different habit' my first change when I did WW back in the 70's was changing from full fat milk to skimmed since then always has skimmed.....etc etc...now Im finding I dont really miss carbs!!! hoorah...

Ive still got shed loads to go so see you all again..

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Morning all

At work, water on desk, cold and headachey today but I am sure it will pass. Not much to report other than that.

Well done Leah on your 3lbs and sorry I missed you this morning!

Georgie - your hubby is sweet!!! Well done on losses! Kerry-Ann, holy mother of pearl thats fab:D

Everyone ok? xxx


I will get to goal .....
Mrs V .... check you out .... a big fat juicy 6 off!!! It's all that dancing shaking it off!!! Well done chick xx
I took a sneak peak at the scales today...haven't lost much. But keeping positive. My first WI I lost 13 pound...so may or may not have a big loss. Keeping my hopes up any way! :scale:

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