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**It's wednesday! Let's take it hour by hour**

Mmmmmmm crumpets. I toasted some for my kids last night. That took a bit of strength not to accidentally on purpose eat one! I loooove crumpets.

Morning all! :D Good luck for today.
Oh god i hate it when i accidentaly on purpose eat something that JUMPS into my mouth.

A thought - we allowed trident chewing gum in week 1/2?
Oooh, mocha - look at my ticker :D:D:D


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morning all

feeling really fed up today - have a ton of stuff to do in the two days i have at home before i am back to work but all i feel like doing is sitting here online drinking tea and avoiding the grey and dismal weather

after my week long mega blip the scales have stayed still for almost a week - but i THINK after the amount of time i spent on the loo yesterday ( sorry TMI) they should have moved in the right direction at least a little bit
hope so cause its weigh in day with Jane tomorrow

dont really have much news and today looks prety boring - tescos, laundry, dog walking and perhaps if i can get motivated - christmas card writing on behalf of my dad - i know it sounds early but i now have just 12 days in the uk before christmas day itself so i need to get my slowly shrinking butt into gear

i hope youre all well



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Leah - i have used chewing gum on and off when i feel my mouth needs freshening up or i am craving something sweet ( the vanilla mint is yummy) but i have fouind it makes my tummy rumble badky with hunger pangs - some people say they dont experience this though


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Bore Da Leah, mornign Mochaj!

I'm up too early and contemplating wether to go to uni or not. We have a very boring libary induction that I really cannot be bothered with. It doesn't make sense as we are now well into our second year, shouldn't they have introduced us to the libary in our first year? Lol

On a more positive note, I've just been diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia. i really did think I was loosing it a bit so its good to be able to put a name to the problem. I'm glad i'm not just "thick" after all!

Today is my 100thmillion restart. I had a major wobble last night and almost acked it in but minimins saved me and all is well again!

Hope everyone has a great day
Aw chika! Good that things are now sorted :) A diagnosis is always a start - maybe now you can get the help you deserve ;)
Get back on track you - If i can do it, you sure as hell can, just look at your losses to date! You've lost 42lbs in 7 weeks of (not strictly SS ;)) CD, you can get to goal soooooooooo quickly!

Morning Slushy and saffron - have a good one!! you in those 8's yet Tara?? hehehe, i hope so!

Morning Ladies and gents, the sun is shining in Norfolk and its gonna be a great day !!!!

Definately found the plot again on Saturday after my bad wobbly week, not official wi till fri but seem to be down about 7lbs :eek:

Hope my scales aren`t playing mind games with me lol
Wont do ticker til official wi.

Have a fabaroony day everyone xx
you can do it! have a massive wee before you go xxx


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Hi All

Thank You Saffron For Putting Peanut Butter On Them Crumpets Really Put Me Of Having Any Hate Peanut Butter Lol

Chik You Not Thick For Having Dyslexia Have A Mild Form Myself And My Son Is Quite Bad With It But With A Few Special Lessons Some Patience And A Coloured Sheet Of Plastic Things Got Alot Better .in Fact He Got Top Mark In A Exam Not Long After Been Helped So Stick With It Hun Xx

Well Still On A High After Passing 1 Of My Mini Goals Yeaterday Started On The Water And Had A 1/3 Of A Bar For Breakfast (have Rest Later Before Work) .not Sure About Mini Goals As All Day I Kept Thinking I Could Reward Myself With The Very Nice Fish And Chips I Was Cooking Never Really Understood The Food Talkingto You Thing Till Yesterday Lol
Anyway Didnt Have Any So Please With Myself Never Thought I Would Do A Diet Never Mind Turn Down Food .any Way Its Week 7 And Determind To Get Through It

Well Think I Waffled Enough For A Hello And Good Morning .keep At The Water Have A Good Day Got To Go Back To Those Talking Fish Lol Xxx


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Good morning everyone......................No more talk of Crumpets...DO YOU HERE!!!!

Trident chewy...I chew all the time, Think I'm addicted to Trident Splash.

Stay strong Chika you can do it hunx......Vibes coming your way.

Leah, so glad your hanging in there hun x you can do it too....I know how difficult it can be but NOTHING feels as good as being SLIM FEELS........

Morning Tara....less of the crumpet talk.....get glugging that water:tear_drop:

Morning Slushy, busy day for you....don't over do it lol

For me today it's 1 client......loads of water and green tea.....then I'm going out with family and FIL this evening for a meal It's the olé boys 90th...bless....so have got to be strong and maybe just stick to the salmon and salad...and loads of water...

Have a great day each, I will be popping in and out to make sure you are all behaving ;)

Good luck for today chika:)

I'm going to buy some green tea today Maggie & Chika, got to try it now after what you both said about it. I didn't know it helped metabolism!

Slushy you sound very organised, writing Christmas cards when you only have 12 days back in the UK! I only write them when I have 12 minutes left before the last Christmas collection ;)

Sassy, well done with the loss so far! You definitely sound back on track :)

Tara, good luck for Fri! I'm with Mandy, peanut butter, ICK! That's put me off crumpets too, so thank you :p


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Mochaj morning hun x......Green tea, try and get the twinnings or clipper make. Tesco's sell them.
Be prepared that you may need a couple before getting used to it....I don't make it too stong.

If you don't like drinking the tea you can buy Green tea tablets from the health food shop.

Have a good day..

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