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Itsworthit diary!

Hi All,

I done LL a few yrs ago. Now doing slimandsave.

Day one, 3 packs a day.

Want to loose between 5-6 stone.

Will keep this updated and hope all the others starting out are doing well today!

I'm determined this is the last time I will have to do a vlcd. Once I've lost 4-5 I'm going to join sw and start healthy eating sensibly!!
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Thank you!

Day 2 and my head feels awful. Done this once before and now I remember how bad the first few days are!!

I'm not really hungry. The packs aren't v nice, banana was ok, vanilla n choc not so good. Thinking of them as 'medicine' rather than food!

Kids r at school and I'm not doing anything energetic today!

I haven't got a set of scales and wonder whether I buy any or just do it via measurements?? And how I feel in my clothes??

Hope your all doing well.

persevere with it if you know it gets better after the first few days. its good that you are not really hungry.

i dont know about getting scales or not.i have scales but i stupidly weigh in every day.i say stupidly cause weight can fluctuate day to day so if it goes up one day by a little bit i get quite disheartened.so i suppose in some ways it would be better not to have them.
i think measurements and how clothes feel sometimes show you are still loosing even if the scales are not.

im doing well. i am just waiting for my new cross trainer to be delivered.i am quite excited.

i am finding it quite easy to stick to eating less and exercising more.

hope you have a good day.
Thanks willsucceed.

I'm not buying scales, will use ones at the gym to keep temptation away!

Had a sleep and head feels much better. Have a ton of work to do but laptop being fixed, so nice to have a chilled day!

Had a strawberry shake and that was ok. Done 2l or water and 2 shakes so far today.

I think it's mentally getting me down, the thought of doing it for the next few months is worse than actually doing it, but I know I want to, so will persevere!

I hope your having a good day, roll on day 3 for me!

Have just found a pic of me in NYC from 2001, am keeping it as motivation. Was about a size 12/14 and looked great, so pleased I found it, great to keep on track. Just about to have my 3rd pack of the day.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

This is def my year to succeed.

thats good that you have the motivation of the old photo.it will help.
hope you are not feeling too hungry and had a nice chilled day.
im still sticking to less eating.
my new cross trainer was delivered today. my partner put it together which took a while. i did 10 mins but i felt i worked harder than when i do my usual 1hr walk.
im feeling pretty good.
you are right this is your year to succeed.
Great news re the cross trainer! Bet that felt good!

I walked dogs and kids for a mile, felt like my muscles were in bits! Mad as I'm usual at the gym for an hour, but guessing these first few days really take it out of you!

Hope u have a good day tomorrow. I'm so pleased I done day 2!!

Today is day 3.

Feeling more energised, cleaned both cars, walked dog, hoovered n tidied, much more accomplished than yesterday where I done the bare minimum to get through the day!!

Would love to know what the loss is so far, but resisting buying any scales!!

Hope everyone is doing well xx
good luck and keep going. I will be joining you sunday when i start LL so we can push each other on. I wanna loose about 5-6 stone as well.

We will do this x x
Good luck size16! I hope you join us on Sunday!

I may go for a little nap then I'm taking boys swimming when I get them from school. Hoping I can see a difference in swimsuit!! Lol

Well it's 2 packs a day and a dinner for me. Spoke to my consultants secretary and she was near cancelling the op, so ss+ type of thing for me until at least august.

Still hoping to loose and do well! The journey continues it may just be a bit slower!


How are you getting on.

I failed miserably at LL so am gonna be following weight watchers.

Let me know how you are x x
Hi! I'm finally back after my hysterectomy and a bit heavier than before, but I'm not doing scales - I'm doing inches for now! Start slim and save shakes tomorrow and looking forward to next 3mths ss 100% and then add a meal for next 3 months x
Thank you. Day 1 was easy compared to what I remember. Did have a bit of a mood on but this takes a few weeks to get into properly. I'm really looking forward to seeing a difference over the next few weeks. As I'm not weighing yet and doing clothes sizes I'm hoping by 1/10 I'll have dropped a size! Xx

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