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Iv Gotten to Day 3!!!!! When does Ketosis kick in??


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Hi All!! :) Delighted to say Iv made it to Day 3 with no major problems...ok so Im freeezen cold:eek:... and had a horrible headache yesterday morning:sigh: BUT nothing I couldnt cope with!
Feeling good today, drinking plenty of water!!!:) When exactly does Ketosis kick in??!!! Out of all the 3 days, Im feeling the best today so far.... I really think now that I can do this!!! Hope every1 else is doing well xx :) :) :)

Starting Weight - 12stone 12pound :(
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Sounds like it could just be settling in for ya. If not more than likely tomorrow methinks. Your lucky, it usually takes me 6 days to get fully into ketosis!


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awwhhh hopefully so!! Im feelen good today so hoping i have the worst over with... :)
How u getting on? I find the shakes are really nice wen blended & ice put in with them!! :)


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Im getting on ok i think. Really not liking the s'berry shake this time though. Vanilla warm with coffee and choc warm with coffee does me fine. Hopefully it'll be easier for you now then.


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they will be kicking in shortly!!!
well done and good luck xxx
On day 3!!

Hi, Im also on day 3!! starting weight 12st 8lb. hoping to get to 10st 7lb. feeling ok today...starving yesterday though and a bit of a headache. just had hot chocolate for my lunch. im in work and trying not to draw attention to myself but all staff eat together. hoping nobody will ask why im not eating solid food anymore!! had soup yesterday and thought it was so disgusting i was still thinking about it last night!! would love to hear from anyone whos further along than this to see if its getting easier!! good luck!!


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Hope u continue the good work Miaanna!! If u add a sweetner to the shakes i find them nicer... and mix in a blender with ice!! :) :) We are both in and around the same weight so heres hoping we lose it in no time!! :)

how do you know when ketosis kicks in?? do you stop feeling hungry then?? i did this diet a few years ago but i cant really remember it!!!


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Hey i'm on day 16 and it does get easier!! first week is a killer but providing you can get throught that you'll be fine. When I was going into ketosis I had headaches, shakes the lot! But now I feel great, I wake up in the morning with a spring in my step and sometimes even forget that I haven't had my shake until like 10pm aha....there are days where the belly still rumbles a bit to remind me I'm not eating...my only advice would be keep drinking water, this usually helps with the hunger pangs. And I know there are people on here who cheat with protein foods like chicken etc but I wouldn't advise it. It certainly wouldn't work for me anyway, I had such a rough time with ketosis I don't fancy having to go through all that again! Also one of the main reasons I chose to do a TFR diet was so that I didn't have to think about food at all, I think it's a slippery slope, at least in my case and once I start eating I won't stop....
Good luck with it anyway and let us all know how your first weigh in goes, it definitely should give you the incentive to continue on for another week :) x


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hi cics have you had the flapjacks yet. if you have not just buy one and try it befor getting loads. i had one today and iv have no problem with the shakes but i have got to say it was the worst thing i have ever eat lol ....
thanks cico and myckala.
im doing ok at the moment. was lucky this week as my boyfriend was away working for the week. i know that sounds bad but when he is here i eat more!! such a habit to eat goodies in the evening when my daughter is gone to bed. he said he will support all the way and will not eat in front of me or have me making his dinners!! but with him gone the last few days i feel stronger. he is back sat morning and i know the weekend is gonna be tough anyway.dreading it already. im even saving my ironing for the weekend so ill have something to do!! wondering is it ok to exercise in the first week?? dont feel like i have much energy to!!
just one more thing....i have been reading about diff recipies on here to make something diff out of your sachets. just wondering has anyone had any success with these?? dont want to waste a pack although dont thiink i can stomach my chicken soup anyway so dont mind wasting that!!


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My chemist told me not to do much the 1st week cos ul be feeling tired... plus I know a lady that was on it a while ago n she pushed herself too hard and fainted :(
Im wondering if I hav already hit ketosis because yesterday (day 2) I had a headache for a while & also felt slightly light headed??? Hmmm... I suppose time will tell! :)
I havent tried the flapjacks yet, I was told they were yuck!! :D Im happy enough to stick to the shakes!!! I really enjoy the strawberry & chocolate!! :)
Cant wait for my 1st weigh in on Tuesday!! Bring it on!!!!
Miaanna, would u believe I made my boyfriend a big fry this evening wen he got home & I didnt mind at all, I knew I had my choc shake to look forward to at 7pm so I was fine!!!
We can do this!!! :)
wow cics fair play to you!! a fry!! couldnt have handled that. i made my daughter a banana sandwhich earlier and i swear to god it smelled like the most amazing thing!!my weigh in tuesday too.cant wait.when i did it a few years ago i lost 8lbs on my first weigh in.it was such an incentive to keep going.i was heavier then though so prob wont be as lucky on tues but hoping for 5 or 6 anyway!!
Flapjacks are foul! Soup is foul! Chocolate shake with peppermint tea is foul! Haven't tried hot chocolate though quite a few people have said its nice but like you don't want to waste another dagger finding out, i will eventually though aha x


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Ye Im the same, afraid to try them out in case there yuck!!! Im happy enough to drink the choc & strawberry for the time being!!! Day 4 today, Im so proud of myself for getting this far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take each day as it comes! That's all I can do, need to stay on LT till September if I'm to get anywhere near my goal weight but all I've done today is crave (not that I've given in!) for the past week all I've wanted is tomatoes with salt of all things aha x


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I really like the soup, it saved me last week when I nearly gave up, nice and warming. I can't stand the chocolate hot, it has a kinda gloopy consistency yuk. The peanut flapjacks i can eat, mostly for work as I can break a bit off and spread it through the morning, its also nice to chew something. I once went out for the day, no facilities for shakes, ate one for brekky, one for dinner but if hell fetched me I couldn't have eaten another one for tea lol

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