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I've been and gone and done it!! :o))


maintaining since June'09
Yes I've taken the plunge!! :D

I called one of the local pharmacies that does it, didn't need an appointment so went along this morning. Filled in the forms etc. Got my supplies, came back and had a chocolate shake which was okay, at about 11am. It's now 4.30pm and I'm only just beginning to feel a bit hungry.

That could be to do with the water I've been sipping all day, OR the last supper and bottle of wine I had last night :eek: ;)

I weighed more than I expected to
:argh:(also to do with the last supper probably! OR their scales) but it will be the last time I will weigh that much.

I REALLY feel as though this is the first day of the rest of my life ....... Having struggled to make the decision I'm surprised to find myself so positive and happy to have done it.

I'm sure there will be difficult times and I'm hoping you guys will be there when they happen. Even group support from slimming clubs isn't as good as this because there's nearly always someone here - slimming clubs are once a week.

So I've made a start, now I'm going to set some goals and make myself some visual aids.

Thanks for your advice and encouragement, please keep it up ;)


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I will be skinny again!!!
Hey glad to here you've joined the cult Jan :D!!

Welcome aboard!!

What shake are you going to have for dinner then?? :D
May the force be with you - I found the first few days quite tough - but the wise owls on here gave 2 great bits of advice:

1. Take it one day at a time - thinking about how many days or weeks ahead of you does you no good at all - all you have to think about is today and you can get through anything.
2. Whilst I may dream of burgers and steaks and chocolate - someone on here quite rightly posted that its not like we're giving up food forever - unlike alcoholics etc we will be able to eat again - just in moderation - but that doesnt mean you cant have a little of what you fancy! That really does help me get through - especially the weekends!
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maintaining since June'09
Thanks for the welcome!!

CWP ..... I may try the dreaded chicken soup!!! I can't take any notice of being warned off I have to see for myself ;) - the chap at the pharmacy said I can take anything back I don't like ... I only got 3.

Rachel - Great tips, thanks very much!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I really like the chicken soup to be honest Jan :)

Its nice to have something hot... Add pepper at first though (I normally hate pepper but a tiny sprinkle makes it that little bit easier)
hi jan, you sound very positive which is a good attitude, i quite like the soup, its not got loads of flavour but its hot and savoury a bit like a cheap cup o soup. s
stick with it. it does get easier the first 3 or 4 days are the hardest. good luck

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Goodluck. I can only stomach vanilla with cold coffee. XX


Stubborn and doing it
Go you Jan :D

I liked the chicken soup when on Lipotrim - added a bit of pepper to it and voila, quite nice.

Didn't realise you were actually starting today. Best way to go - dive in and reap the rewards.

Really excited to see how you get on :D


I love my purdy shoes
Good luck with your Lt journey hun xxx
Hi Jan and welcome to the LT plan. You know where I am if you need any help and I am looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed your chicken soup - thats the only one I cant stand. My favourite is hot chocolate mixed with peppermint tea, or half and half vanilla and chocolate.
Most importantly, good luck with lipotrim Jan and you do indeed sound very positive which will help you massively.


maintaining since June'09
You're all so kind - thank you soooooo much! xxx
Hi Jan, I started today too and can echo all of your sentiments!!! I had a choc shake at lunchtime and chicken soup just now, wasn't too bad too be honest, can I just ask can anyone reccommend the best way to get a non lumpy chicken soup as it doesn't dissolve very well. Do you whizz it with an electric hand blender?
:) Congrats on starting Lipotrim Jan, you are going to love it on here. Good luck with your first few days - before you know it it will be your WI.


Here we go again!
Hi again Jan and well done on starting today. You sounded so positive yesterday about finding out all about LT. You will love the results and the first week's weigh in will really inspire you. Good luck and log on anytime for advice or just a kick up the bum (if needed). Good luck and I look forward to reading about your journey.


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck Rachie!!

Can't help with mixing the soup - I haven't had mine yet but will probably use my stick blender.

It'll be interesting to compare notes, we have a similar amount to lose too!

BTW - I think you need to change your start date to '09 !! ;):)




maintaining since June'09
Thanks Pearly! I'm relying on the fact that time flies!! xx
hi Jan and welcome to the start of a new life this diet is brill but be warned its very hard although you sound very positive and completely focused, thats (in my opinion) 90% of the battle.
There's some fantatasic support on here log on read about peoples success and ocassionally struggles but most of all drink the lovely water and stay focused in no time you'll be at your goal

all the best
Well done you for going for it. I admire that you didnt even wait till the next day to have your shake. You just went straight in. Then you are well and truly ready. We are all here to support you. I will be waiting for your 1st WI results next week. :)

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