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I've been skiving!

I haven't been logging in my diary for so long it's fallen off the page!

I haven't been doing WW, I admit it, for about 2 weeks. BUT, I haven't gained, and I am still in my size 10 jeans, yippee!

I have been working hard at the gym and eating in moderation, still having the odd muffin/ice cream/choc bar etc!

However, I like my weight, but it's not spot on. There is still a spare tyre when I sit down and the whole point is this being the first year I can sit down in a bikini and not feel self conscious! So..I really ought to go back on WW, hadn't I? I'll keep going to the gym to firm up but I think I need to lose the flabby bits before anything will be really toned up...i'm 9 stone 10lbs, so maybe aim for 9 stone.

Why have I lost my motivation? Deep down I know I need to get stuck in again and reach my target, i'm just being lazy I think.

I am house hunting (first house to rent with OH and 2 friends) and job seeking (for a TA job) at the moment, as well as working all the shifts at the pub I can get!
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finding my way again !
if you're still in your jeans then you can't have done too much damage.
if you feel you still need to get a bit more off then go for it & good luck


Well done for not gaining and staying in your size 10's :jelous:!!!
Sometimes when you're so close to goal it's very easy to lose motiviation.
Do what ever you feel you need to, sounds like you're doing fine to me!
Thank you, I just weighed myself and i'm 136lbs...I must be doing something right to keep maintaining! I think i'm just worried i'll put it back on but if I keep an eye on the scales, at least I can nip it in the bud..

Still don't feel like starting WW again today, but i'll see how I go as I am...
Hi Sapphire,

No wonder you have had a loss of motivation recently - look at everything you have on your plate!!! It's hardly surprising food/ww hasn't been top of your priorities lately!!

If you feel you want to drop another few lbs then get back to it - but remember not to be too hard on yourself for the odd naughty. Size 10 is a great achievement and maintaining at 136lbs without too much effort is fabulous!!!

We're all behind you
A size 10...I am SO jealous! I would love to be 136lb - you've done so well to get there!! Well done you! x


Serial Foodie!
they still do size 10s?? its been sooooo long since i needed to know that lol. well done on not gaining and for working out. fitness is so important no matter what ur size and i bet its giving u a nice shape :D xxx
Thanks everyone, still the same weight, didn't get to the gym today but will try tomorrow, i'm trying to eat in moderation and see what I feel like doing but today I was tempted by a french stick and had a bit with cheese! :eek: My mum came in and said "do you know how many points that is??" Er no, I don't!

I feel a lot more confident with my body I have noticed, just popping to the shop in trousers and a tee and not checking out the side profile like I normally do!


Sounds like you're doing really well and the odd treat doesn't hurt. It must be lovely to shoot out in a teeshirt and jeans and not worry. Good for you!
Thank you, i'm not sure what i'm doing eating wise but I had a bag of doritos last night and woke up looking skinnier! Maybe i've got worms :p :D I'm not complaining though, just gotta keep up the exercise, does it raise your metabolism or something so you can burn calories more easily I wonder?

Going to go and ride my horse now as I haven't done any exercise since monday except rushing around at work..
Laura - Maintaining is just is hard as loosing and you are doing great, well done. Keep bobbing on and let us know how you are doing.
Good thanks :D Now I am more relaxed with food I am finding I don't want the chocolate and crisps I craved before, but had a pizza last night, and have lost another pound! :eek:

We are in the process of having our credit/refs checked and then we will have a new house to move in to, hurray! Lots of home cooking to be done for me and my OH :D

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