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I've come on here


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You did it on TFR right?

It is harder when back onto food but whilst on refeed i really would stick to everything to the letter!

If its something sweet you are craving how about a can of diet/zero fizzy? or a nice cup of sweet tea with a dash of skimmed milk?


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Yep TFR is soooo easy compared to eating again isnt it!


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yes I agree, its so hard when its totm for some of us. I went awol last week, cos of it and ate and ate. Just try to do your best taylor, if you want to nibble try and do it the low calorie way, dont go for all the takeaways like I did aaargh.
Totm is a nightmare. It's the only time I've ever felt hungry while being on LT. I lie, I also felt hungry when I was doing too much cardio.

Keep reminding yourself that it's not hunger, it's your mind playing tricks. Drink good ole water and stick to the refeed sheet and you can't fail. Go onto the refeed/maintenance forums for help and advice.

Oh and listen to everything Tanya Jane says as that girl speaks the truth!


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Yeah atleast it isnt choccy biccies but be wary as fruit does contain alot of carbs in the form of natural sugars (i do believe) :)
stick with it hun your doing great , you can do it xx

xx Cathy xx

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Are you using any of the maintenance products? The chocolate whip is really nice and is a great sweet fix without the calories and carbs!

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