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Just wanted to share my success story with you all - in the hope it will motivate someone. I will attach some pics as well.

Some of you may have read my diary - most of you won't have : )

On May 21st 2011 I weighed 15 stone 3 lbs. I am 5 foot 4 and this was obviously far too heavy for my frame. I wore a lot of leggings and tunic tops < which I would never personally choose to wear > and always felt uncomfortable because I love make up and doing my hair etc and it all felt so pointless when I looked in the mirror and was never happy.

I joined a gym and got a Personal Trainer and by November I was 13 stone. I then ate like a mad thing over christmas and weighed in at 13 stone 12lbs on January 21st 2012. I then faffed about a bit calorie counting and on June 30th I was 12 stone 4 and a chubby size 14.

I then decided to get rid of the weight once and for all. I had been overweight for over 6 years < since the birth of my second child > and I needed to be slim once more for ME. I found a Cambridge Diet Counsellor and I did 'Sole Source' for almost 8 weeks. I won't pretend that this was easy or that I enjoyed every moment but it worked. I am now 9 stone 13 and for me , that is TARGET!!! I am size 10 now and intend to stay this way. I'd like to chip away at another couple of pounds and I am now back in the gym every day and eating carefully.

I am proof that you CAN lose weight - I have lost over 5 stone in a variety of ways over the past 15 months. I read a lot of people's diaries and found them either motivating or I identified with them. Here are my top tips for weight loss and motivation - well, they worked for me so maybe someone can take something from them too...

1 . Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. Choose your hard.

2. Write down what you will do once you are slimmer. For me, it was wearing belts with tops tucked in, feeling comfortable in a vest top, buying size 10 clothes and buying what I wanted to wear - not what would fit or cover me up. I love mini skirt with opaques, vests and 'trendy' clothes. I can now wear them.

3. Read all the diaries on here. Log on here often and have a read through. Join a couple of diaries or start your own. Chat with folk who understand what you're battling.

4. Think of the health benefits. At 15 stone I started to get heartburn and my knees hurt slightly. This all stopped as soon as I dropped under 14 stone.

5. Do not fool yourself. Make the commitment. And making that commitment means making sacrifices. No, you can't have 'days off' every week or exceed your points every other day or eat a load of chocolate and expect to lose weight. it won't happen. Be tough with yourself and remind yourself why you're doing this. Why ARE you doing it?

6. Regardless of the plan you are following, ALWAYS keep a small eye on your calorie intake. Now, this, I know, is controversial. ' Oh but I am on Slimming World and we never count calories! '.... you should. I have done SW myself and like the principles but the fact remains - if you eat a load of rice and pasta as 'free' foods your weight loss will stall. Same for carbs, white ones especially. Don't eat carbs every meal.

7. Reward yourself for every week's weight loss. And no, not with a bag of Minstrels. A nail polish, a new top, a manicure, a book, some earrings, a lip gloss.

So, that's how I did it and what motivated me. I hope it inspires someone.
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Oh my goodness GretaGrip, you look fantastic! Congratulations. I am on day 5 of Lipotrim and flicking through the pictures and stories here to encourage myself. I love your honesty too! You would make a great weight loss counsellor (although I drooled a little when you mentioned Minstrels!) I am 5ft5in and it's so encouraging to see pics o somebody with a similar frame to me. I have 26lbs to lose to make it to healthy BMI, then hope to finish Lipotrim and lose some more through low GL (which I followed before with success but not fast enough results for my liking!) Anyway, I am rambling but again, huge congratulations! Happy Shopping!
Oh you're like me squish! Lipo trim is similar to what I did as well. Stuck with it and you'll be 10 stone within the next 7 weeks.

I would give myself pep talks every day. Cheating is pointless - what a waste of time and effort . Gather yourself together every morning and get the job done. The sooner you're there, the sooner you can have a few MInstrels ( god I love them )

Thank you!


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Aw, thanks Greta! Wish there was a fast forward button for this but at least I am losing the weight a lot faster than I put it all on! Sitting here watching Man vs Food pretending it's my lunch!
Well - 7 or 8 weeks isn't too long in the grand scheme of things ... It flew by for me although admittedly I had days where I'd post in here that I couldn't take one more minute of this torturous hell : )

Man vs food? Enough to put you off tacos forever going on the one I watched once


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No, you're right. I'm lucky that I haven't too long to go before I can eat something again. I'm already fantasising about my chicken breast and salad! Actually Man vs Food helped to kill my appetite, yippee!
Well done xxxxx
Wow Greta, truly inspirational... The pics look great and obviously the CD diet suited you... I started it nearly two weeks ago and finding it hard but your story helps me want to stick to it... Btw, love your point about being large is hard and losing weight is hard, choose your hard... Never thought of it like that, but so true, thank you :)
Hello ! Glad it motivated you a little

Do stick to the plan ! It absolutely works and even though sometimes you seem to just go from hour to hour - at the end it will have flown by!

I'm calorie counting now and have dropped to 9 st 10- so just a few more lbs to go .

I'm not a big one for motivational quotes but the odd one or two I find really helpful and inspiring. I quite like ' fall down seven times. Get up eight ' -- it sums up the journey of weight loss doesn't t it ?
You absolutely can Amy

I've struggled with this weight for over 6 years. I always knew that one day is finally crack it - it's just waiting for that mental 'click' and when your desire to succeed is stronger than your fear of failure then you'll get there.
Hey Greta, Thanks need to try and remember your words when i'm struggling... It's a long journey but will be worth it! Just gotta keep going, as you say, one hour at a time if need be! Thanks x

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