I've given up before so how can i stick to it this time?

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by NewYearxNewMe, 30 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    I've tried losing weight before but after about 2 weeks i just gave up and started eating badly again,i'd like to start again in January 2010 but i'm worried that i won't stick to it and that i'll end up giving up again i could really do with motivation i'm fourteen and weigh 13 stone (182 in pounds i think) any help :confused:?

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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Hiya and welcome!

    Please don't worry about previous tries. You've only failed when you've stopped trying. Besides, if you can learn from what went 'wrong' last time, then you can get something positive out of it.

    I love your plan of Exercising and Eating Healthy. Do you have support at home? What sort of foods are you planning on having? And exercise. Can you think of something you love doing so that you'll really want to do it rather than it being a chore?
  4. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Thanks KD!
    I did use to like swimming but then my confidence that i had went and i stopped going! and i do have a trampoline in my back garden! which hasn't been used in a while,and i'm thinking about using the wii fit for some exercises?...i'm not really good with healthy eating..(Quite fussy lol) do you have any ideas on some good healthy food? :) xx
  5. sugar_lipswales

    sugar_lipswales Silver Member

    At your age you're really making a positive step to lose weight and get healthy! Because you haven't finished growing yet make sure you eat a diet rich in vitamins and make sure you're getting your recommended intake of things like iron and calcium and you can't go far wrong. I wish I'd started when I was your age, you can do it!
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  6. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Haha,thanks! you can do it too!!! :)
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Tampolining is fab! WII is fun and great to get ya moving!

    Protein is really important if you are reducing calories, which you will do if you plan to lose weight, so make sure you get enough stuff like chicken, yoghurts, eggs, etc. Nuts make great snacks. Eat them slowly. Do you like any of those things?

    Lots of fruit and veg. Even people who say they don't like fruit and veg often can find something they like in that group. Make it easy for yourself. Keep a fruit bowl close whilst you're watching the TV :D

    How much control do you have over meal times. Who cooks in your house?
  8. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    I usually don't eat enough veg but i do like quite a few fruits (strawberrys are my favourite) its usually my dad that does the cooking i sometimes help!

    is pasta healthy?
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yes, pasta is fab. Go for tomato based sauces though rather than the creamy stuff.

    It's great you help your dad (sometimes:D) gives you a bit more control over what you get to eat. Is he supportive.

    BTW, try not to think of this as a diet. It's just 'proper' eating. Doesn't mean you can't have less healthy foods, just moderate them as much as possible :)
  10. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Thank you for the help :)
    i wasn't sure about pasta so thanks for helping me!,
    i do like it so thats good..i also like lasagna and i wasn't sure about it:confused:
  11. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Lasagne is fine too. Try to use lean mince and fry in a bit of olive oil is possible. More of the tomato sauce layer and less of the cheese sauce layer. Cathedral do a lighter cheese that's really good (available in most supermarkets), if you like cheese on top. Oh and chop some veg into the mince to bulk it out (chopped carrots, onions, sweetcorn, broccoli etc). Chop it up small and you'll not notice it there at all if you don't like veg too much.

    But, more importantly, loads of salad or other veg with it. Fills you up on fewer calories and if you eat the two together (bit of salad with a bit of lasagne), it doesn't feel so 'rabbity foody' when you eat it :D
  12. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

  13. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    No probs. Just take it steady to start with. Small changes. Trampolining, changing snacks to healthier stuff. Make it easy on yourself and never think of it as a diet. Just doing the right thing for yourself to get the results you want and avoid problems later on :)
  14. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    I'm gonna do this! :)
    thanks againfor all of the help :D!!!
  15. Charlll

    Charlll Member

    Hey hun:) Well done for making this bold decision. As it's been said above, your plan of eating healthily and exercising is great. It's best to make changes that you can keep up in the long term. This said, fun exercise like trampolining (I miss the one at my parents house sooo much) and swimming are great. Maybe consider using a skipping rope or hula hoop?? Taking up a sport is also really great - I normally hate exercise but I just took up ju jitsu and I LOVE it. I feel like I'm working hard but having a great time too.

    With food now is a great time to start cooking. There are loads of healthy recipes and healthier versions of classic dishes on the internet ('Cook yourself thin' on 4od is also fab). It's probably better in the long term to still indulge a little on occassion. Food is to be enjoyed, but so is your figure. It's just about getting that balance right - God knows I haven't worked it out yet!!

    Good luck hun, I'm sure with time you're going to do great:)
  16. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Thank you!
    this site is really helpful haha..good luck on your lifestyle change x we can all do this... :rolleyes:
  17. SandraEly

    SandraEly Full Member

    Well done on identifing the changes you need to make, is anyone else in your family needing to/wanting to loose weight? you could try to influence what is being made for meals, there are lots of ideas here to make regular meals 'healthy' try and encourage who does the cooking to experiment and reduce added fats ect when they are cooking. good luck for 2010 with your challenge,
  18. NewYearxNewMe

    NewYearxNewMe Full Member

    Thanks :] x
  19. Charlll

    Charlll Member

    Just get to that first week. Don't weigh yourself daily, tempting as it is - results don't really show. But your first weigh in after a week feels great. I know with me it's always a matter of just getting through that first week and setting a healthy routine. It's why I find christmas so hard!

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