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I've gone and done it again... HELP Please...

OK... Right... I'm so annoyed with myself...

I ate all over xmas and although on my home scales I didn't seem to put anything on, I was assuming I had done about 1-2lbs gain over that time... Anyway, I said that from the 28th I was going to kick my arse into gear and get straight back on it... All went well for the 28th/29th but today was hard and I ended up eating sum scampi... and chips... (I didn't have any shakes... so although the intake for the whole day wasn't particularly alot (i didnt even enjoy it so left half of it), its unhealthy and I shouldn't be eating at all)

Why is it so hard... I have got by Thursday at the latest to get back into Ketosis...because that will be my first pop-in since december 28th can someone help me kick my arse into shape... :wave_cry:please :cry:

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without sounding harsh Claire, I think you should contact your LLC asap before Thursday WI. You said you didnt enjoy and left half of it.

Paying £66 per week is a lot of money which should be one of the reasons for being able to abstain, your health and your wish to be slim, you joined LL to lose weight.

Once you start eating, it does make it harder each time to stop the nibbling.

Contact your LLC, try and get focused and aim for your valentine goal.

Good Luck, YOU can do it

Oh Claire, bless you. I know what you are going through - once you start nibbling it can be so hard to get back on track. Just focus on the reasons you want to lose weight, and the success you have had so far, which has been fantastic.....keep your eye on the prize....and reach down deep inside and pump up that will power. You know you can do it as you have proved already. Just wipe the XMAS nibbling memories away and start fresh.

I agree, might be a good idea to call you LLC. Don't be embrarssed. They are there to help.

You CAN do it......if outside influences are the problem - friends with holiday nibbles out on the table, or family meals, etc., make a polite excuse and stay away form them until the holiday is completely over? I know how evil temptation can be.

But don't give in to those little voices in your head....you control THEM, not the other way around.

Next time you are tempted, just ask yourself what will feel/taste better.....the naughty food.....or slim success.

All the best hon.....you can do it. Just be stronger then that little voice on your shoulder.
I agree with the idea of calling your LLC. And, since you asked, here's my sixpenn'orth.

Just be an unsociable recluse for the next few days until you get that ketosis going - even say you're not feeling too well and lie around a bit (you probably won't feel too well for the first couple of days anyway; you know that).

This is a very difficult time of the year to be abstinent, so don't beat yourself up about it too much. But keep thinking of why you are choosing to do this diet. It's for you, and you alone, and you need stronger strategies in your (adult) head. You aren't pleasing people by eating with them. If you want to please them (and that's an interesting question in itself!!!) you please them by being interested, talking and spending time with them. Eating is just for you, neither good nor bad, just neutral, and you can choose whether to do it or not.

If it were me, I'd buy lots of glossy magazines (better still, send somebody to the shop with a list!), have a big hot bath with lots of smelly stuff in the water, waft about a bit moaning slightly, then take to my bed with a large bottle of water. I would just not be well enough,"very, very sorry!" to take part in any social events this week.

I keep meaning to keep a scrapbook with photos of clothes I'd like to wear when I get to goal, looks that might suit me etc. It might be motivational for you - anything to reinforce that slim Claire is not just a possibility; it is real, and it WILL happen if you stick to LL! As you loll on your bed, picture your slim self. See your clothes, see the new activities you are now able to tackle, feel your new confidence and assertiveness. Plan your new life. Anything to make your brain realise that you have decided to change and <Dalek voice> IT MUST OBEY!

You look a likely lass from your photo. I think some acting is called for! Come on Claire. You really can do this!

ps (hope my family never reads this!)
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"Next time you are tempted, just ask yourself what will feel/taste better.....the naughty food.....or slim success."

This thought has been key for me - it would be so easy to eat all I love, and I can eat BUT I am choosing not to because I want to be slim.

Claire - who are you with when this food is about? Are you preparing it yourself or is someone sabotaging you?

I think you need to decide what you want - really want. Is it to indulge or to be slim?

Hugs to you because I know it's hard but - you deserve to be thin and shop in Top Shop - don' let anyone spoil that for you.

Hi again :)

I don't know if this would be helpful or not - but I came across a few posts of yours on another thread, pre-christmas. You were very enthused, and determined to stay on course through the hols...maybe that might fire you up again if you were to go back reread them, maybe you could re-capture some of the resolve you had then? I know sometimes that helps me - it reminds me of what I set my mind to at a point where I was feeling positive.

In any event, you need to be tough, and make the choices that YOU want. Like Miss F said, if its others tempting you - stay away from them for a time.

Earlier today I added this line to my signature: NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SLIM FEELS.....

so maybe reminding yourself of that, the tasty (or not so?) treats will not be so appealing?

I feel for you Claire - its tough getting back on, but buckle down, and do it, and you will be so proud of yourself! Go on - we know you can!!! xx
Hey everyone... thanks for all your replies... I agree with every single one of you but am not going to ring my LLC - I wouldn't have a clue what to say "oh... I can't stop eating" sounds ridiculous (although how weird that I can come on here and say it!). However, today is a new day and I am DEFINATELY back on track. I set my alarm this morning JUST to wake up and have a shake so I didn't wake up late, parched and searching for food. The "culprit" (although she is definately not to blame) who I am with when I am eating eats all the foods I like and maybe just a little I am doing it so it seems no different to before I was on the diet (ie, I don't want her to think I am weird for not eating...kinda thing)

I have already had almost 2 litres of water (which, I know in the big picture isn't alot, but for me... even before when I was doing good...is an achievement)

I've made a conscious decision to stay in tonight, because if I go out I know I will end up drinking/eating with the rest of them. It's one year out of many more I have got coming so it shouldn't affect me too much. I best get the TV Guide out because I have a date with my sofa and the TV!!

Luckily,one of the easiest things is doing it when I'm alone... and my mum (who I live with) is going on holiday tomorrow morning for a week so it should help me jump back on the bandwagon.

I am definately here to stay...I just need to get my head around the first 4 days... I have booked the end of the week off work so that I don't have any "post-xmas food distractions" around the office before I've reached ketosis.

I know I can do it :)

Many thanks again xxx

Deb G

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Well done - this is why I abstained over Xmas - I would be so worried I couldn't stop afterwards!

Get back on track, and keep strong - you know its worth it!
Well done - this is why I abstained over Xmas - I would be so worried I couldn't stop afterwards!

Get back on track, and keep strong - you know its worth it!
Well done on ur abstinence over xmas!!! I wish I had done...

I'm back on track... had heaps of water and am making the pre-ketosis trips to the loo every 20 minutes!!

Happy new year to all of you...!:)

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