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I've gone more lumpy than normal

I have been on Dukan now for 10 days and have not weighed myself for a few days now so no idea about any further weight loss, but I have now gone really lumpy.

Lets face it I never had smooth skin anyway, especially not on my thighs, but now they look more lumpy, bumpy and have more cellulite than before. Is this just down to losing water do you think?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Bev :)
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Gone a bit quiet
Mine got smoother after a while, I made sure I drink lots of water (not just tea or pop but real H2O). I also started swimming a lot more, which has a gentle massaging effect. But every one is different!


Goat herder(ess)
This can happen when the fat disappears from underneath and the skin becomes looser. Hopefully, it should start to tighten but you might be able to help it by following Topaz's good advice of using massaging strokes and moisturising body cream or lotion. Dry body brushing is also supposed to be good for this.

Not sure how old you are, Hamish's Mum - I think you're probably younger than me? Sadly, for over 40's like myself, the skin tends never to go back quite to what it was because of the loss of elasticity - although it has still tightened up quite a lot since my initial loss. If you're younger, then your skin stands a better chance of recovering fully.

One of the advantages of the fat was that it smoothed over the lumps and bumps and filled them out for me! ;-)
I am 42.

I will try the massage and see if that helps.

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