Lovin it !!! :)
Hey everyone
IVE GOT A HEADACHE !!!! I have had it for 2 days now and it won't go away, there is cr*p rugby on TV and I have been sent to my room so they can watch it !!!!:sigh:
Thought I would just fill you all in there - lmao
Well anyway - they have 20 minutes than I am claiming the TV back as Primeval is on ha ha
Hope you all having a good day:)
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Wiccan Witch

Full Member
Hi Fitz,
Have you done anything to strain your back? Reason I ask is because like you I had a severe headache for two days, thought it had gone on the third day, only for it to come back later that day... And last most of the week. Discovered I've got some bad strain on my back which had caused pressure headaches.
Hope the headache eases soon, if it hasn't already. :)