I've got to leave you all


Because i'm PREGNANT :)
I did a test last night and sure enough im pg, so did another one just to check....i don't think you can get two false positives.:)
I hopped on the scales this morning and i've lost 5lb since monday so was doing pretty well.
I'm so happy to be pregnant again....the timing isn't ideal as i wanted to lose my weight first but when is the time ever right to have a baby??!! We were never trying nor preventing it though so i was playing devils advocate.
Looks like i'll be having baby number 2 in october.
I really want to look after myself much better this time round...does anyone know if i can follow Slimming World or WW?
Ahhhh Congratulations!

I am doing this diet to hopefully have baby number 2 soon so I am so jealous!

I know with WW you can not do it when you are pregnant officially at classes but I am 99% sure you can slimming world and that they have a specific programme designed for pregnant ladies.

Once again congratulations and hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!:)
Oh Pickle!! Wonderful news!! congrats to you!

and like lisaloo I'm losing weight to have baby number 2 so I'm totally jealous as well!! lol

That's fantastic news - I hope you find the right slimming program for the new pregnant you and that you have a wonderfully happy and healthy 9 months!!

Love Lizzie xx
Yes you can do Slimming World, I was in a class with a pregnant lady, she stayed the same weight all the way through the diet, so when junior was born, she lost over 2 stone! Congratulations! I am chuffed to bits for you!
congratulations! I want another one (number 4) but I have to lose this weight first :-(

wishing you all the best!!!
Congratulations! Thats great new! I think eatting healthy food should maintain the weight loss. Maybe just eat the foos you have in week 5 (white meat, veg, salad)
Thank you everyone for your lovely replies...i'm so excited to be having this baby. I'll check in every now and then to see how you are all doing. Good luck everyone!

By the way if anyone is in need of any ketosix, i've virtually got a whole pot which i only bought last week. Let me know and i'll post them on.

HUGE Congratulations Pickle and snap from me 2 years ago! I did 9 weeks of LL, lost 3st 9lb and found out I'd been pregnant for 8 of those weeks!!!

good luck with the healthy eating and healthy baby.

Pele. :cool:
well done!

i did slimming world from 3 - 9 months pg and beyond. even managed to lose 4 stones! by the time i was full term, i was 3 stones lighter than when i joined but obviously had a full grown baby on board. by the time i had my little one, i was another stone down.

hope this helps and congrats on ur wonderful news.
Congratulations Pickle. Not sure whether the other companies let you follow their diet plans when you are pregnant but I'm sure you could get some advice from your midwife as to a healthy diet to follow. Good luck.