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I've had my locks lopped off!


Guess who's back...?
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Lovely lopped locks.
Looks great Anna.
With the imporoved confidence there's no need to hide behind the hair.
Seems to be the season for it on here xxx
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Looks great!!

You remind me of someone with a haircut like that... Maybe Halle Berry?? Hmm.
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your hair looks great, very chic!
daisy x


nearly there!! :)
looks fab hunni xxx
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Simply gorgeous


Surgically happy.
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/asks Anna to break up with her OH and run away with me.

Wow, you look stunning! I normally prefer longer hair but oh my, does that cut suit you! And look at your figure too!
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Your hair looks great. Just had a look at your wightloss so far on youtube. wow u r gorgeous!!! u have done so well
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Your hair looks lovely, Anna!

Funny how so many of us ladies hide behind big hair, isn't it?


I'm going to be slim
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Its a lovely cut Anna It really suits you


Silver Member
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Hey that really suits you and goes with your face cut and figure.

*is envious as he had a zero all over*
G: 10st7lb
I love it Anna!! Like SerenityValley, I normally prefer long hair but your new cut looks sooooo good on you!! and look how tiny your waist is..... you look so frickin hot girl!!! I hope you regularly remind your OH what a lucky man he is lol :D x x x

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