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ive had such a sad week


needs motivating
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my nan was taken into hospital on thursday night, and i kept a bedside vigil untill she passed away on saturday:cry:ive managed to stick with my diet throughout all the upset and trauma, the only thing that may of changed anything is the white coffee i was having throughout the nights at the hospital, i hate black coffee and i so needed coffee to keep me awake, so i could be there for my nan, and also with being up the hospital i had to eat 3 bars a day instead of my usual 1 bar and 2 porridge, i had no way of doing any different.

im not sure how this will affect my diet but under the circumstances i am not going to beat myself up over it.

i might not be around the site for a while, but i am continuing with my diet because my nan was so proud of the weight id lost so far i promised her on her death bed that i would take this all the way and that is what i will do.

thanks for reading and see u all again soon x x :wave_cry:
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Big hugs to you sweetie, I am so so sorry to hear the passing of your Nan, you have done so well, and do what you have to do to get you through this difficult time.. Hang in there sweetie my love & thoughts are with you and your family xx


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sorry to hear about your nan hun! HUGE Hugs and hope you get to come back on here soon


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Hi Lisa,

I'm so sorry to hear of your sad loss, I imagine it is a very upsetting time for everyone right now. We're all thinking of you, and looking forward to seeing you back here when you are feeling up to it hunnie.

Big Hugs x x x

Serena A

Can't think of a title
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Very sorry to hear of your loss, I am sure your nan will be looking down and feeling so proud of you xx

Sunshine Singer

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Hi hun, sorry about your Nan. You were lucky to have the chance to be with her at the end. You'll cherrish that forever. (only just been through the same 4 months ago).

Thinkng of you and sending a giant hug xxx


Stubborn tortoise
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Big hugs honey. Such a hard time for you but you have coped BRILLIANTLY, your nan would be proud.

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Really sorry to hear about the loss of your nan, you've done amazing under the stressful circumstances.


Loves life......
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Soz to hear about your sad loss but well done for being so strong and sticking to the diet..............your Nan will be looking down proudly from now on.

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Big cuddle for you Lisa. So sorry to hear about your Nan passing away. You will look back and be so glad that you helped her across. She will be so proud of you. Take care xx


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I am so sorry to hear about your nan. Sending hugs xxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry for your loss, you must be devastated. She would be so proud to know you are going to take CD all the way to future happiness. When you get to goal you can look back and say a silent thank you to your Nan, and it will ALWAYS have an extra special significance. ((hugs))


Silver Member
Sorry to hear your sad news x


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sending you love - so sorry for your loss thinking of you and your family
much love x


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Sorry for your loss, do your nan proud hun. :'(

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