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I've just eaten :(


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I'm having the weekend at mu mmums and just succumbed to sunday lunch. Although it tasted nice when it was going down I now feel like I've undone all the hard work of the last week.

This sounds terrible and I cant believe I'l wriritng it but I'm so tempted to go and bring it all up. I had a couple of tablespoons of rice n peas and some curried lamb. Will this be a mega bad thing to this week's loss.

I'm thinking that if I do lost of exercise later and then dont have anything else except water all day I may be ok?

I feel like banging my haed against a wall! Why did I have to do it!!!
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I agree with Spooky .. put it behind you, you did it .. it's done .. move on .. drink lots and lots of water and be 100% good this week .. if you get "caught out" at the scales, you'll know why ...

But you can do this .. you MUST have your packs for the day (as if you hadn't eaten the dinner) as they have all the vits & minerals you need ...

Get out for a walk and clear your head ... you are only human .. the best thing you can do for yourself is get straight back on track!!

Good Luck
Hey hun, be super good the rest of this week and I'm sure it will be very little damage done. But sticking your fingers down your throat is NEVER a good idea ... just a one way ticket to trouble. I know you feel rotten for eating - but learn from it by not doing again.

You can do this chick - just stay away from food. Chin up, it's not the end of the world xx


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Cheers! This website is incredible and everyone on here os sooo amazing! Massize thanks for your support and avice.

I'm just going stop worrying about the food. I cant turn the clocks back but I am determined to learn from my mistake.

Hope everyone is gaving a fab sunday!


Hi its me again
agree with dee, draw a big line under it, drink loads of water, go for a long walk to clear your head and move on. things like this happen. chat to ya later if you need support Chika

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