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I've just made crisps

They are really quite good! Wasnt looking forward to my wine and nibble free Saturday night but i have just made for the crisps for the first time. I've used spicy tomato soup with some black pepper and worcester sauce.
So, I'm now going to have a bowl of crisps with a diet coke (I know its not really allowed but its not wine!) and my Saturday doesnt seem so bad anymore.
Hope you are all doing ok.
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Now i've eaten them, they were tasty enough but i feel as though i have cheated. We just cant win can we!

:gimi:Anyway, if you fancy trying them. tip a savoury pack into a bowl, mix into a thick paste using tap water (little by little), use a teaspoon to put small amounts onto parchment paper and flatten out.
Microwave on full power (based on 900W) for 90 seconds, allow to cool then peel from paper.
Some of mine were a bit burnt in middle and i think it was because i didn't flatten them out enough.


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"Crisps" are always a saver for me too and a nice change. I love the taste of the Chicken & mushroom ones too.....:D:D

Serena A

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I think chicken and mushroom is nice as crisps.

Rather than flattening out each teaspoon of mix (took me ages) try speading it into just one big square, zap it until half set then score into little squares with a knife. Finish cooking then you can break it into lots of little square crisps.
I have 2 huge cans of soups that I bought - CD only seems to come in cans in the US - and I can't stand them. Am gonna dig out the parchment paper tomorrow and have a go.....


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Not sure about the oven, but in theory it should work! Let us know how it goes cat-bee.

I have chic and mush soup crisps a lot, I make it into big 'poppadoms' and when it's cooked break it up or just eat it like a poppadom... They are my life saver... Don't feel guilty mollydog :)
I love the Chilli crisps - like Sarah I cook them into big poppadom and then break them up. After my second week I'll have them with a can of coke zero - feels like a real treat without having cheated so no need to feel guilty yay xxx
Thanks ladies. I'm away to email my CDC for next weeks order so i will try some new flavours. Going to my mum and dad for tea tonight so i think i'll take a soup with me and make a mousse when i arrive for pudding. Parents very supportive but they dont know anything about diet so if i do two packs in 'one meal' they will think i eat more than we do. My mum is a bit of a worrier.

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