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I've messed up big time.

Hi all

Sorry i havent posted for a while - at a new job and cant get away with much.

I'm falling apart. I have do so so amazingly well so far, and am really proud of myself. Then over this last week I have fallen off the wagon, and I cant seem to get back on.

I had a chicken salad last tuesday and it has gone downhill from there. Yesterday I binge ate until I felt ill, and then made myself sick. I've binged again this morning, and dont know what to do with myself.

I know the reasons behind why I am doing LL - I want to be slim and healthy for my wedding, and to not be fat this summer. I am about halfway to my goal - so why am i messing things up?

I lost 5lbs last week which was amazing, but had a pop in with my leader last night and had gained a pound - which i truly deserve. I thought that would make me snap out of it but I cant. I couldnt even tell my leader how bad ive been (although she does come on here - so Linda, if you are reading this im really really sorry)

Ive been secretly eating and it is killing me - and what makes it worse is that everyone is saying how well i am doing etc - which makes me feel terrible inside as i know i am lying.

Why can i not get back on to this. I have done it so successfully so far - and am on holiday in 3 weeks so i need to get this sorted now, or i am going to go totally off the rails.

I think i am going to buy myself some trainers at lunch - need the motivation to excercise.

If i go back on the program here and now, how quick can i be back in ketosis? If i do excercise will i work the glycogen off quicker?

Please help me. I feel so out of control.

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oh honey big hugs to you... please try to calm down a little bit..

you have done so well so far and sometimes when you feel so good and people are noticing how much weight you have lost you can kind of get complacent and feel ah sure one meal won't hurt and then the whole control thing is out the window for a lot of people...

if you feel you can't continue on your programme for the moment maybe have two packs and a meal of some description just to keep some control??

It is very hard hun but try not to beat urself up over it... try to remember how well you have done so far!


Gen xxx


Busy busy busy!!
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Hiya Slimbride - you can do this, you've shown you can. You are doing well - and this is a blip that is getting out of control. You have been good up til this week .... is there something that has happened this week to stress you out???

Can you go back and talk to your counsellor?? Maybe if you can ring her. email her or go and see her it would help??? The fact you have posted on here - shows you know it is a problem, and that's the first step .... admitting the problem. You want to do it - now you have to find a way forward. If you can't do it on your own then you need to contact your counsellor - that is what they are there for.

Good luck - and keep coming on here - don't stop posting please.
Big Hugs to you,don't feel to bad everyone does this dont they?and still go on to loose weight.You will get back to it,honsetly,you want it enough thats clear from what you've said.So dont panic,you are in more control than you might think!!Get out the pack and drink it instead of thinking about it, and there just by doing that your back on the wagon and the problems solved.YOU CAN DO IT!!About them trainers, I'd buy them,you'll feel good and it will keep you busy at lunch.Have a good afternoon!!


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hiya. i dunno how LL works but I am on CD. i fell off the wagon last week and my CDC suggested i do add a meal this week to ease me back into SSing and ketosis while being able to have a nibble on real food.

could u do omething like that? today is my first day back on track and i feel much better knowing i can have a bit of chicken tonight.



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Hi. I don't know anything about the LL programme so can't advise on that but just wanted to give you some moral support. Looking at your weight loss already, you have obviously been doing something right. Like Gen said, try not to beat yourself up over it. We are all in the same boat, i've had a bad week this week, couldn't even tell my other half that I'd put 0.5lb on because I felt such a failure, how bad is that ? I'm going to try and get back on track this week, hope you can too. Good luck.

Much love and hugs

Awh, babe. This kind of thing happens to us all, and sometimes we just can't find the weapons to fight off those evil voices.

What's been said is right. Even if you have been cheating a bit, you have the power to take charge right now and change that. You're in control of you, not the food, and we all know that you totally can do this.

I have a suggestion for you. Find somewhere quiet, with your water bottle, in the sunshine, and take a notepad. Write down the times that you have eaten or binged. How did you feel before those times? Was there something which made you feel that way - a conversation, an action? Have you had a typical time when you've felt the urge to eat most strongly?

The more you can identify times and situations that can drive you to food, the better armed you can be to shoot them down before they get you to the fridge. I'm finding that if I am quiet at work (like this week), then the push to eat is much much stronger. But you and I are stronger than the push and we will get through it.

Today - even this lunchtime - is a fresh start. Throw all those negative feelings out of the window, make yourself up a pack and start again. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Thank you all so much for your support. It really does mean a lot. I do love my fiance but he has a mans attitude to dieting - 'Just Do It' and doesnt seem to understand the emotional side.

I will take your suggestion Vorlina, and go and really have a think about feelings etc. It is lovely outside so that will be nice.

I'm currently re-reading 'Confessions of a Reformed Dieter' which is very inspiring - I would recommend it to anyone. I will read some of that too, then get my trainers.

I will try to post later when I'm feeling weak.



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Although I don't have any advice to give, I can completely sympathise with you.

I've picked at food (not quite binged) nearly every week I've been on LL and its showing in my weightloss. Its been down to 2lbs per week the last two weeks and its so disappointing I've even considered giving up and quitting as its costing a lot of money per week and m so greedy I still pick!

I've not posted on here for a while as Im so ashamed and embarrassed that I've no positive comments to make. :(

I hope you get to the bottom of this soon, and well done with your current weight loss its fab! :)
Best of luck getting back on track, I know how difficult it is when you feel so out of control with food, I am exactly the same!

Maybe you could try having your food packs plus some extra protein for the first week, to make getting back into ketosis a bit easier. Getting into ketosis via the back door my LL leader calls it...

Remember each time you resist bingeing it gives you a little more confidence for the next temptation, because you realise the bingeing feeling does pass even if it feels overwhelming at the time... :)
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Hey there

I can only echo all the good advice that has already been said. The binge cycle is awful - I know I have been there - but you must get back on the wagon and tell yourself that you are in control & not the food. You can beat this.

I have been there & so I understand it not that easy when applying this advice to yourself, we are all here for you and will support you through this.

Please please don't beat yourself up over this as that will only lead to you feeling worse about yourself. Try and put it behind you as something that has happened - you can't change it and stressing over it won't help you at all however you can change your future, you've done it before and you can do it again. It only takes around 4 days to get into ketosis so if you start with what's left of today you'll be there by the weekend. Please look forward with a smile on your face - you're getting married in a few months and you're more than halfway there with your weight loss --- they really are reasons to smile.

Love & hugs


I SOOOOOOOO know where you're coming from.. i am just where you are.. have just come on here to write a new post while my kids are having their tea (my worst time)

Read my post and let me knnow if its any good to you..
Moving On.

Thank you all for your posts yesterday.

I feel I have come through the darkness today - I went for a run last night, and it has made me feel 100% better (i cant really run, it was more of a slow jog!)

I'm still feeling the after effects of yesterdays binge/laxatives, but today is a new day and there is no point in my exercising if I am not going to stick to the program.

Am going to take it one meal at a time, and see where I get to. I have also started a personal LL diary which I am going to carry with me all the time, so I can write when I want to eat!

Thank you for all your support.



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a diary is a good idea, as is a bit of exercise to get everything pumping and make u feel good :D

glad u r feeling better today. take it one day at a time and u'll be amazed by how many days have passed before too long.

Hi, you have passed your half way marker for your intended weight loss.....WELL DONE! That is a great achievement! You have also allowed yourself enough time to get to goal (and not tried to lose the weight in the month leading up to your wedding). You can do it! You know it and I know it.....Stay Strong it will all be worth it in the end. Hugs, Angela x

Hi Slimbride, I have just posted on Skinnyjan's thread and the post really applies to yours as well hun.....

Massive hugs and support from me whenever you need it xxxx


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Well done you ! You sound really positive. I'm so pleased you feel better today. Good luck.:)

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