I've put on 2lb, How??


Hi Guys,

can i ask for some advice. I've put on 2lb this week and I don't know how?? My CDC just said water retention..... How can that be when I lost 5lb last week?

I've cheated once last wednesday with a small bowl of stir fry, and 2x Jaffa cake bars. since then i've managed. Apart from 3 midget gems and three square crisps..
Ketosis is still here 'cos I can taste it!
I'm very constipated :eek:despite taking senna and Pysillium husk. Is that really gonna make up 4lb??:eek:

i'm not giving up but i feel defeated..:confused:

Oh poor squidgy you must feel terrible. I can vouch for the constipation keeping weight on you... Take the senna and you will loose that 2 pounds. If you are due a period then the weight will hold too. I lost 3 lbs after I finally went to the loo so please don't give up it will be ok on the scales next week after a long trip to the bathroom:)
Jaffa cakes ! Make them CD friendly!

(((hugs))) Squidgy:)

I think you should trust your CDC on this one, historically my weight can fluctuate by as much as 7lbs when I am due on or it's the TOTM.

Also, definitely constipation will make a difference!!

and umm... dare I say it:eek: ... those cheats might've made a difference too... sorry.. but I think they might:confused: Get a "p stick" and check you're in ketosis.

My money's on the damn jaffa cakes messing things up a tad (carbs). Think I'll start a campaign to make Jaffa Cakes carb free, fat free, ummm. what else... oh just everything free but a part of the CD! (I reckon 1 tube of 12 = 1 CD Bar ;) - well, it would take as long to eat!!)

It doesn't really matter now though hun, you are back on track :D and I'll bet you a CD bar (not the jaffas) that you lose the 2 and loads more this week if you stick to it 100%

Keep on keeping on Squidgy! :D