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I've put on and i have stuck to it and i cant stop crying


Slimming for my children
I have just had a massive go at my boyfriend for no reason.
I feel so low.
I am home alone and i just want to eat.
I dont know why i have put on.
Its not to do with periods cos i am not due on for anohter 3 weeks. I have juist come off.
I want to give up at the momnet but i;'ve bloody paid 66 for the next weeks food packs!
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Oh boy. It's normal - you're feeling a bit deprived and down and snappy. We've all been there, but that's little help.

If you can go for a walk and walk off the annoyance try that. Keep your mobile with you in case you get dizzy though, because it's a risky time for low sugar episodes.
Otherwise, try a pamper session - a bath, moisturising session or similar. If you're feeling guilty about the boyfriend and the snarling, write him a voucher and go to bed and sleep rather than stay up and guilt yourself into a fret. It gets better, promise.
How much have you put on? To be honest if you've put on and you've stuck to it then I wouldn't worry about it, my weight often fluctuates between days and times of day and times of the month - and as long as I know that I've not cheated then I also know that it's not real 'weight'. Honestly I weigh myself every day and I do just ignore the 'ups' - please don't let this get you down and don't don't don't let it push you towards quitting the diet, you'll feel a hell of a lot worse if you do that.

Stay strong, don't eat and send your boyfriend a text with a goodnight kiss, he'll soon get over it :)
i have just come back from my week 3 WI and a lady in my group drank all her water stuck to all her packs doubled her activity and stayed the same.

The programme is weight loss of 3 stone in three months it does not say that you will lose exactly 3lb a week you may have a put some weight on this week but i'm sure that it will equal out over time.

chin up and DO NOT GIVE IN, dont let one set back ruin what you want sooooo badly - to be thin.

Hi, don't panic! Over the last fortnight I lost and put on the same 1.5 lbs several times. I lost only 0.5 lbs at my fortnightly weigh in and was gutted. However, have now dropped almost half a stone overnight. These diets work in mysterious ways and everyone's body is different. I'm learning just to accept that I am losing weight even if the scales are against me at times. If you are sticking to it, this is just a temp blip...don't let it undermine you...you are doing so well.
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I echo Freiija... a girl in our group was devestated at putting on a pound... inconsolable... she stuck to it the following week lost 8lbsss..

Stick in there ... dont despair... do a 'drop in' mid week if your so upset... but dont give up!!!

nas x


Slimming for my children
I went to bed soon after that and this morning had a quick cuddle with my boyf and said sorry. He said it was ok but to try and stop being so negative on myself as hes worried about me. He said there has to be a reason, he said he felt devestated aswell when i said i had put on 1.9lbs!!!!! and couldnt understand why.

I am going to the mid week weigh in on sat so please god please let me have lost!

Thanks for all your advice tho i feel a bit better now.


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Hey chick,

Do not panic or worry or give or any of the above ok? I did the same when I was on LL last year, I gained a pound for no reason one week. I was the same completly devesatetd and angry and upset spec seeing as my councillor wasnt too supportive she just assume dI had cheated and made me feel really bad by saying thigs like "Well I don't know anyone that it is happened to before that hasn't cheated" and things like that. I went home fuming and upset I couldn't work it out what so ever.

I stuck at it though as I wasnt going to let it get to me and the next week I lost 5 lbs - which isn't a massive amount but still it was more than usual and I felt so much better knowing I didn't crack!

Chin up girly it will be fine :) I promise!

Nat xxx
Had you drank a lot of water before the weigh in or wear bulky clothes? I normally stop drinking my water about 2 hours before weigh in. As someone who is scale hopping mad! (Naughty habit!) your weight can vary by up to 1/2 stone depending on the time of day and how much you've eaten or drank. I weighed 2 pounds heavier one week from wearing jeans and a clunky belt! The weight will be coming off, stick to the plan and I'm sure you'll see the difference on Saturday's weigh in. Take Care x
Don't worry too much about it. It is scientifically impossible to be on a diet of just 500 calories a day & not lose weight - maybe you lost inches instead?! Over the next couple of weeks, you might have fairly big losses. In fact we discussed the possibilty of weight gain in our class night - we were doing thought records (week 8) & we used that as an example. Don't know if you've got that far, but it might be worth having a look at it & having a go. Might make you feel better! Keep going! You know it's worth it & you know it works.


Slimming for my children
i am only on week 3 so not as far as week 8 but i may have a look in my book for that.
I had drunk all my 4 litres but hadnt drunk a thing 1hr leading up to the weigh in and wore same sort of clothes.
So i am stumped!

I want to eat but i wont i hope!


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Stick to it, see what happens next week. At least then you might have some idea as to why you gained. Please do not give in, it makes it so much harder when you go thru it again, I have been there and done that so many times. If I had just stuck to it the first time I would have probably been maintaining and enjoying a slimmer body for the past 6 months.
Chin up , but hug and go treat yourself to something (other than food!) to cheer yourself up. If you can stick this week you will do so so well on the diet. Its times like this that really test our strength and willpower. Don't let the food fairy win!


Slimming for my children
i will i'll stick with it but i dunno what i am gonna do if by sat i havent lost as i am really struggling at the moment. as in badly!!!!! i havent lapsed yet and am on day 21. So 79 more days to go!


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Hello there FNM. It's really important to be realistic about your Weigh ins - you haven't put on weight unless it's a rise of more than 3lbs - I was so paranoid about weight rises that I would wear only flimsy summer dresses even when it was blowing a gale and freezing I would also make sure I didn't drink any more than a pint of water before weigh in at 5pm on Sunday. If on the weeks where I stayed the same or only last a lb if I had had all of my water or worn jeans I would have put on weight - so please don't let a gain get you down especially if you've stuck to it. You will be fine - I promise. I did LL for 30 weeks and lost 8 stone. You can't not lose weight!
Dear FNM - please please don't worry about it. Your body does so many mysterious and wonderful things with water, and really, do not get hung up about your weekly weigh-in.

It is completely possible to stick to the programme completely and put on a couple of pounds one week - BUT YOU WILL HAVE LOST 3 LBS OF FAT and what the scales say WILL ONLY BE WATER RETENTION!

The only statistic that means anything is your average weight loss per week over the last month.

So relax, keep doing 4 packs and 4 litres, love yourself, and know that it will show up on the scales in the next week or two. A mid-week popin can be a really good idea- it has often shifted by then.

Good luck and well done!

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