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I've shrunk!

I went to get my medical form completed today. I asked for my height to be measured, as one of my colleagues had said he was 5ft 5 and he is taller than me. I always thought I was 5ft 5. Well, I'm not. I'm 5ft 3 and a half :cry:I have definately shrunk. When did that happen? I'm only flipping 42.

On the bright side, not only is my blood pressure normal, it is IDEAL! How good is that ;)
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So I need to loose another 17lbs to have a BMI around 25 :(
Hi Deb,
You know I was thinking I should check my height also. I'm 50 now and I have probably shrunk. Well done on the healthy blood pressure, great isn't it? I walked yesterday and today after not even trying for the last 3 months and the breathlessness and leg cramps have gone. Yippee. And even walking up 3 or 4 steps I can feel less pressure on my knees and I can run up them instead of pulling myself up them.
Amazing what a difference after 3 months.
I'm just waiting to hear about last week's blood tests, was probably just a blip caused by the antiviral medication. I'll find out in a couple of days. Anyway doctor still wants me to do Lite next week, then we'll talk about going back to Total.
I know Deb, its such a good feeling to be 'ideal' blood pressure wise :D

I was at my gym class this morning and was looking at my stomach, remembering how huge it looked 3 months ago. Its an incredible difference. I'm also managing to do the classes with more energy & do more, rather than stumble through lol. Thats so good that you feel a difference in your knees...you'll be running in no time at all :D

Are you still in pain? It must be frustrating for you. However, fingers crossed that you can get back onto Total sooner rather than later.
Well I wasn't far off, I'm 1/2 inch shorter than 5'5". So when I round that up I'm keeping the same goal weight.
Since my car is in for repair, I have been walking. Walked 1.2 miles every day since sunday and today I had to walk into town so additional 2.5 mile round trip today. Wonder how the WI will go tomorrow...has to be good for weightloss but exercised muscles can hold onto water. We'll see soon.
lol, well thats good news...you havent really shrunk!

Did you get your blood test results yet?
I'm seeing my GP tomorrow so I'll find out then about the blood test, if I can go back to total after this coming week, and about getting back to work.

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