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I've started running!


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I'm basically a complete couch potato but since the Easter holidays have been riding my bike with my son (and my 2 stone toddler on the back in her seat:eek:) and decided I could do way more. I've always been jealous of people that enjoy running but I never thought I could!

Anyway I've been following this and really pleased with myself
Get-Started Schedules - Beginners - Runner's World
If I can do it anyone can!

Unfortunately I finished week 2 last week and have done something to the ligaments in my knee so haven't run this week and have been given anti inflamatories so might have to give myself another (sp?) week and get back to it, might have to repeat week two though!

I'm gutted I can't run and really looking forward to getting back into it which suprised me, in the past I would have been glad of the excuse!

Has anyone else just started running? Or anyone have any advice?

Have been using the runkeeper app on my phone which I LOVE and I'm getting some proper running shoes for my birthday :D
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I have just completed the nhs couch to 5 k. It's a series of podcasts and I loved it. Could be the trainers giving you a problem. Make sure you get fitted properly and get a gait analysis. Let me know how you get on


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Ooh that sounds good! Where did you download that? I'm thinking of going for 5k as my next goal :) How are you finding it? Where you doing much exercise before?

Yes my Mum suggested it may me overpronation or something and we talked about running shoes. I didn't want to invest just yet as I'm not running for very long but may have to!
It's on the nhs site and its called couch 2 5k and using it I have had no injury and I havent struggled. It has been challenging but I have had faith in it and it works. quite a few of us on here have or are competing it. It is very motivational and builds up strength and stamina.
Before I started I could not run at all but I did walk most days.

I bought trainers around week 5 of the 9 week programme. They have made a difference and by week 5 I had gotten the running bug.


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That's great! Just downloading it now via itunes and found a few different podcasts and apps about fitness now lol

I've definately been bitten by the running bug, even after a few weeks. Normally I'd be glad of the excuse not to run but I'm sulking a bit and looking forward to getting back to it, hopefully by the end of the week. The anti-inflamatories seem to be doing their job as the pain is easing off. Planning on doing some things like squats to strengthen my knees too :)

It's great to hear of other people just starting out running!
I hope your knees feel better soon and you can get back out. Some days I love it more than others. I run before work so sometimes it's hard to drag myself out of bed. I think I need the motivation of another training schedule.
Definitely get your running shoes checked out if you're having problems. When I first started running I thought I was ok wearing old shoes and ended up really hurting my back! My hubby's lucky as it doesn't seem to matter what running shoes he wears or what state they're in, but as soon as mine start to wear down I pick up injuries!


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Make sure you really stretch and warm up before you start running. I suffer with my knees too. I bought a knee support from Sports World, not very expensive and it really helps.

good luck. i have just done my first 30 minute jog this morning.
Can I recommend a book called Running Made Easy - written in a really friendly, easy to read way. Can take you to 5k, but then also has programmes above that. There is diet advice, health, success stories. I keep reading .......lol


Loves Norman Reedus
Can I recommend a book called Running Made Easy - written in a really friendly, easy to read way. Can take you to 5k, but then also has programmes above that. There is diet advice, health, success stories. I keep reading .......lol
Lilacwine whereabouts do you live. My mum lives in St Helier.x
Really Tara....I live about 10 mins outside of St Helier. I live between Five Oaks and Maufant. Do you visit? Did you ever live here or did your mum move here? Probably easier to PM me. Lilac


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Tara how well done on the 30m run, how did it feel?

Lilac I'll check that book out too. Thanks.

I'm feeling a lot better now so hoping to run tomorrow depending on how early hubby gets in from work. I had a little bike ride the other day and felt ok so will just start slowly.

I thought the advice was to just stretch after and not before when your muscles are cold? I haven't been.

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