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ive taken the plunge !!

hi all,
im hoping to start cambridge diet next week, subject to gp's approval.
ive been noseying around here all day , and am so inspired by all of your posts and in paticular the before and after pics, if i look as good as you girls in a few months i will be one very happy bunny.
a bit about me :
im 26 , married and live in leeds. I have 3 boys ages 10,5 and 3. My eldest son is autistic, but my youngest two have no excuses they are naturally naughty !
i have pcos, and have been overweight since hitting my teens. i reached my heaviest of 17st last year (am approx 5'7'') so went to my gp for help. I have been taking orlistat for the last four months and have lost a whole 4lbs. The tablets make me feel lousy, so cannot wait to get rid of them and hopefully the fat too.
im hoping that by posting on here and chatting to others who will understand what im talking about, i will stay motivated and FINALLY suceed in losing weight.
take care
dani x
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Hi & welcome to minimins Dani.

Fingers crossed for yr GP's approval. Let us know how you get on.

Until GP gives go ahead I'd try reducing my carbs & increasing my water intake in preparation for CD as the first few days on SS are not great. :(
Once you are in ketosis things get better around day 3/4. Its all worth it tho' once you see the losses. :D xx
Hello and welcome, loads of advice and support here, not to mention the Arcade to while away the hours! Good luck with GP approval and getting started on CD - do let us know how you are getting on!

Hello, welcome and good luck! Can sympathise with Orlistat - took them for 2 months and gained 3lb!
Hi I hope you get your gp's approval and can get going soon. I am on day 5 and so far so good. Keep us posted on how you get on


has started again!!
Welcome!! You have hit the jackpot finding Minis, so many fantastic, supportive people in one place!!

Good luck with the GP and welcome to the world of soups n' shakes!!
thanks guys,
i already love this site, should hopefully help to keep me on the straight and narrow !
gp approved , no question. He was a little cynical in a kind of "whatever you want dear" way.
cdc is coming this am, so will be starting today.
have really cut down on carbs and upped water
so here goes !

dear santa , if you are reading this, size 12 for christmas please !!!!!


is going to loose!
Hi Dani, I started today! I'm also 5ft7 and hoping to get to 65 kilos (145lbs) if my math is right????

Good luck and stay in touch.
Good Luck!


is going to loose!
Thanks, a really really parched mouth for the past 3 hours or more now and only started about 7 hours ago???

Will it pass. I've drunk about 2.5 ltrs and just about to start another bottle!
Good mornign to both of you and good luck. Im quite new too, this is my sixth day. I always have a parched mouth since starting, but I dont mind it because it reminds me that I am doing myself some good for a change instead of harm and makes me drink more water.
Lynne x
hi bren ,
i think my goal is around 65kilo too, according to gp, cant get my head around that just yet, it seems sooooo slim.
i actually feel less thirsty since i started with water, just goes to show that i wasnt drinking anywhere near enough before, i also seem to have more energy, but we will see what happens to that over the first few days.
im trying to figure out what clothes size i will be at around 65 kilos, i know it also depends on height/build ect but i havnt been below an 18 for over 3 years .

thanks to all for replying, im sure ill be on here a bit more over next few days !
take care
Hiya Dani welcome to minimins! and its not for your gp to say you cant do it - its more to say they know your doing it :D

Dintworry about the diet slowing you down or making you tired, I have a autistic child as well and this was one of my worries, i find becaus im eating and drinking a good balance i actually have more energy! im glad your doing ell though, keep going its well worth doing!
hi saraian,
how old is your child ? mines 10, so we are getting pre teen attitude along with his autistic outbursts at the moment . im hoping that i can stop reaching for the biccie tin as comfort when i get stressed with his behaviour.
i had to get gp's permission so to speak as i take metformin for pcos, but he said as it isnt being used to control blood sugars i sjould be fine.
your babies look very sweet by the way. wish mine were that small again. my youngest is 3 1/2 now . I just have to have extra hugs with babies at work to compensate !
well first cd day almost over ! never before have i looked forward to a bowl of porridge so much in my life ! im gonna save it til about 8 though , cant stand going to bed hungry.
i met cdc for first time this morning and she seems lovely, i also found out that i have lost 3lbs just on prep.:)
so far have had veg soup and choc shake, found them ok.
have felt quite weak and headachey all day but think i may be getting a cold !
so far so good .


Trying to stay healthy!
hey dani, welcome and glad your first day is going well, good luck for your first week!
Tried the porridge this week was a bit of luxury chewing those lumpy bits!! xx

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