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I've thrown out half my clothes


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I did think about putting them on ebay, but frankly life is too short for that palava so I have given them to charity.

All my size 24s are gone. As are the larger 22s.

All I have left is some 22s and one pair of size 20 jeans that I bought to slim into.

When I lose two more stone I am going to be up the creek without a pair of jeans to wear!
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Going for Goal!
I tried doing a clothes exchange thing - but got a telling off for swapping personal info via the site. I guess of you clothes swapped via your own discretion...:)


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ooooh didn't think of the personal info thingy .... guess i'll just cut them up and make them into new things



can see the end in sight!
Sell them! I have so many to put on eBay now.


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I can't be bothered! It's so much hassle and the charity shops can do with them - they never have anything plus sized in them (I suspect the larger ladies that work there nab all the good stuff ;) )


WILL be Slim!
mine go into 2 piles, 1 for charity shops and 1 for ebay so i only put on ebay what i think will actually sell....and i have 2 VERY large piles in our spare room!
I go through my wardrobe on a fortnightly basis at the moment as the bigger sized clothes seem to get even bigger so quickly, wish the same can be said for the clothes that dont fit....but then again, i dont have any of those anymore! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D YIPPEE!


can see the end in sight!
Mine sold well! I only listed the good stuff though, donated all the plainer stuff.
I gave all mine away too. I don't have anything in my wardrobe left other than a few new items that I have had to buy. There is no point in buying lots of new clothes on this diet as you are only in them a couple of week which is great but expensive lol
Us too! Our wardrobe is very bare right now, I've got three T-shirts which 'fit' (barely, the one I have on will be no good next week IMHO) and three pairs of jeans. Plus the two tops I bought a couple of weeks back, and a pair of shorts. I'm in my fat-guy joggy bottoms at the moment for comfort and they're flippin massive lol

So I'm off to TK Max tomorrow to buy a couple of cheapies to tide me over. It's pointless splashing out on anything because I'm still nowhere near where I want to be, but if I get a couple of 2XL T's they'll probably last me until goal.

As far as eBay goes, ok, I sold a pushchair and some golf clubs too, but if you include what has bids on at the moment I've made over £300 in the past few days which is going towards spends for our week away in a couple of weeks. Definately worth it IMHO, but I did end up sitting at the laptop all evening putting stuff on :(
Thanks - will be ebaying tonight now... thought about just charity shopping it, but I am my own charity at the moment what with the cost of this diet, smaller clothes and the fact I am going away as well in a few weeks!!


Winning a losing battle!
What a great feeling though?! I listed loads on e-bay and the plus sizes do go well but I don't have time now so they all go to charity.

I use the supermarkets for interim clothes to save the old bank balance and stops me feeling too guilty when the clothes don't fit 1 month after buying them!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Woohoo - well done guru!! Bet you can't believe the difference ay?! I'm so glad it's going so well for you sweets, you'll be at that bmi of 35 by your next app no probs!!


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Another excellent feeling for you Guru :)! I sold some big clothes on our equivalent to e-bay some time back, and made some money of it. I have a special account for it, and I am planning to use that one for starting a whole new wardrobe once I have lost the weight :D. I can't wait!!!
Get them on Ebay!! Takes 2 minutes. I've made over 150 quid selling my 22's and 20's and treated myself to some new size 18's which I hope it won't be long before I'm selling those too! Usually I'm the sort of person who throws everything out as soon as I don't want it anymore but now I'm a total convert. :)

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