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  1. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Hi everyone.

    I have been on xenical now for 5 weeks and am doing ok. I have lost over half a stone, which is cool.
    But the best thing is that I have managed to get through those 5 weeks without having any of the nastier side effects, and that I am sooooo pleased about.:)

    I know I could have lost more but I had a holiday during this time and I decided that I was not going to try and juggle food as well while I was away, and ended up regaining 4lb while I was off.

    My Dr was really pleased at my check up with how I had done.

    I have my next check up in 4 weeks so am hoping to have lost another half stone by the time I go back.

    my current weight is 14st 9lb

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  3. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    Hello and welcome hun!!

    well done on your weight loss so far! how tall are you? Im 5 7 and 14st 10 so same weight almost! I want to get down to 12 stone at the min cos thats the lowest i have ever been in my adult life!

    hope to see you around lots!

    luv katie

    ps. y not add your goal to the micasa sucasa september challange hun?
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  4. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Hi Jacqui and welcome to Minis and to the Xenical forum :D Well done on your weight loss so far xx
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  5. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    wow I found this again, so rather than start a new one I am bringing this back.

    It has been a difficult 6 months for me where weight loss got put totally on the back burner, I have had to change jobs, cope with alot of emotional things and generally had a pretty rotten time.
    However although my weight did go back up a little I have lost the majority of that and am now back to a point where I can give this the attention it needs.
    So I restarted the tablets and as of the begining of the month I was 14st 8lb. I have a check up with my GP in 2 weeks so I hope that he is going to be happy to keep prescribing them as I really do think they help me.

    Will try and post regularly
  6. squircle

    squircle Member

    Hello and welcome back - Hope the next 6 months are better for you and you lose the weight you want
  7. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Welcome back and good luck on your journey, we are about the same weight now so I'll watch you progress with interest (and probably jealousy :jelous:)
  8. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Hi Kitty

    I doubt you will get jealous !!! will look out for how you are doing though as I have always done better when I have had someone similar to relate to
  9. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    A good food day for me today with no side effects so happy about that.
    Breakfast - Museli
    Lunch - brown bread with salad and a little grated cheese
    Dinner - Spagetti bolognaise
    Snack - go ahead yoghurt biscuits
  10. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Another good day for me. I was at work on a late duty with a sleep in, I work in a service where we have to eat with the people we care for so this can sometimes present problems making sure that there are things on the menu that I can either eat or adapt so that it doesn't leave me with problems.

    I have got a friend coming round for the evening tonight and have planned a very healthy nutritious menu for us which you would never expect to be able to eat on a low fat diet, so I hope she likes it. (she is a size 8 and has no weight concerns)
  11. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Have a great evening, sounds like it's all going according to plan.

    KB x
  12. squircle

    squircle Member

    I'm sure she loved it - I need recipe ideas, so what did you cook?
  13. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    The evening went brilliantly dead relaxed.
    we had chicken breast filled with elf garlic cheese wrapped in turkey ham with new potatoes and veggies roasted with frylight.

    Things are still going well. I normally weigh in on a monday but was on a sleep in at work last night so didn't have a pair of scales to get on, so am deferring till tomorrow Fingers crossed there will be a loss there
  14. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOps BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am waiting for the side effects because I have not been good at all and I know that I have not kept to the guidelines.

    I have been trying to work out exactly what happened and I think that it was emotionally based as I had a difficult day with the client that I work with (they have challenging behaviour issues) and rather than thinking I went in to the historical coping ways that I have used in the past - namely crisps and chocolate, and it was only when I had finished them that my brain kicked in and I thought oh pooooooooooo.

    Well I suppose that this will be one way for me to be put off eating my emotions away.
  15. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    We all have bad days, it's how you deal with it that matters. Do you go on bingeing for a week and tell yourself you'll start again next week? Or do you draw a line under it and get on with your healthy diet? I know what the old me would have done but the new me is managing to keep going and it's amazing what it does for your motivation. Good luck getting back on the wagon today and you WILL. I hope the punishment isn't too severe...
  16. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Back on track.............. thank goodness

    Have had some punishment today but it is my own fault and totally deserved.

    Food has been much better today.

    Kitty you are so right about it is what you do after the blip that counts. I know that in the past I would have just used it as an excuse to keep going, but this time I haven't and I have accepted that it is a blip. I know that in the long term I need to find a better way to deal with things but at least there is an improvement from normal
  17. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Not too bad today, thankfully the side effects didn't last long which is great. I am a bit gutted as because of my blip I have managed to have a sts for this week which I am disappointed in myself for because I know if I hadn't of done that I would have had a loss, but it was not great.
    So my next mission is to make up for it this week and do my best, bit worried about tomorrow as hubby and dd want to take me to an all you can eat place as an early mothers day treat as I am working on sunday, but as long as i choose wisely it should be ok.
  18. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Well off to work in a bit, am on a long day sleep in shift so that should be interesting with the diet as I have 3 meals that I have to eat with the clients (have the same etc)
    I am very impressed at the moment though as I went out for curry last night and have not had any side effects as yet (I normally have them within a couple of hours) so my choice of tikka chicken with just a tiny spoonful of the sauce and boiled rice was obviously a good one.

    And even better I am a proud mummy today as my dd passed her taekwondo grading yesterday so is now the belt before BLACK how cool is that.
  19. jacquirsw

    jacquirsw Full Member

    Well I have my check up at the Drs tomorrow morning so I am hoping that I have lost enough for him to feel happy re prescribing for me.
  20. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Well done so far and good luck at the doctors!

    KB x
  21. Alex_1978

    Alex_1978 Gold Member

    Good luck :) It must be really hard to stay on track when you have to eat with your clients. I'd really struggle if so many food choices were taken out of my hands, so I think you're doing really well :)

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