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Puddings Jaffa Cakes


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It was probably a mistake to make these because I can't stop eating them. ;) Jaffa cakes aren't too bad calorie-wise but these work out as fewer syns than real jaffa cakes and I actually think they're nicer.

Unfortunately I was making this up as I went along, so I'm not EXACTLY sure of how I made the filling. But this recipe should work.

I used Dutch 'eierkoeken' for the base. But ASDA's individual mini flan bases are about the same calories and will work just as well. Better probably.

You need:

100 g dark chocolate - get the lowest calorie one you can find.
2 sachets sugar free orange jelly powder
3 tablespoons sweetner
3 sheets of gelatine
2 tablespoons lemon juice
And I used about 180 ish grams worth of cake.

Making them is super easy.

1. Put the jelly powder and gelatine in a jug. Make up to 400 ml with boiling water and the lemon juice. Make sure everything is completely dissolved - a spell in the microwave will help.

2. Put the jelly in the fridge to set for about 45 - 90 minutes. You want it to be thick, gloopy and wobbly but still pourable. If you leave it too long, just put it in the microwave for a very short time.

3. Put your cakes on greaseproof paper on a plate or tray. Divide the jelly over your cakes. Put them in the fridge to set. (I actually put each cake in the microwave for a few seconds first so that the jelly melted a bit and soaked into the cake.)

4. Melt the chocolate. Divide over the cakes and spread out evenly. It should be a very thin layer. Put them back into the fridge to set.

5. Cut them into portions if you like. You'll need to work out your own syn values, but it's a straight 20 cals per syn conversion I think.
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