James Bond / Kebab then Bed !!


Well its just coming up to 1.15am and we have just got back in from seeing the new bond movie (which was very good by the way). I've got back on track and day two was just about over when this happened

About 20 mins ago my eldest son walked in the door after a night out with his girlf. I heard them talking in the kitchen only to hear them say the orders wrong they've put an extra kebab in ........OMG :eek: So what did I do ? I asked if they were going to eat it also .......the reply was no, I asked my wife if she was going to eat it ..........the reply was no. I asked them all if they would eat it cold the next day (which is later today now by the way) .........the reply was no. So I picked up this beautiful mound of kebab and salad on the biggest nan bread you have ever seen (the smell was incredible) and threw it in the bin :( :confused: :mad: :) :p :D

I then ran up the stairs to bed with a 2 lit bottle of water ...
my will power will not weaken ............I'm now going to cry myself to sleep LOL


I have also told my son that if he brings takeaway food home again I will rip of his arm and beat him to death with the soggy end

Get that kebab out of the bin and post it to me in Essex.

I can't remember the last time I got within a 100 miles of one of those things :D :D :D

Good on you buddy. I think I would have tears rolling down my cheeks if I had of binned it as well :D :D
Well done you for chucking that Kebab away - think I could smell it from here lol...

tis better of in the bin, rather than in your belly!

'good job' :D
Kebab update ..... My wife’s not too happy this morning? Yes I threw the Kebab in the bin (how good am I:) ) but I should have really put it in the bin outside. The smell in the kitchen is not great this morning BUT what is good is the fact that when I went to take the bin out the Kebab was still on top looking slightly different to when I threw it this morning. It was just FULL of solidified fat / grease ..... Just think that thing could have been in side me this morning :eek:

Anyway just got back from a nice 5 mile walk so its time for a slap up soup ..... yummmeeeeee ! Now lets see, quite nippy out so I'll have a Chilli Soup with a splash of Tabasco
dont feel sorry for the kebab in the bin being lonely , it may well have liked to join the other fat residing in your body but that really isn't where you want it is it? come the next morning you saw it in it's true colours ! lol

I have also told my son that if he brings takeaway food home again I will rip of his arm and beat him to death with the soggy end


I read this hoping you stayed strong - was cheering by the end, then LMFAO when I read your PS. Well done dude! :cool:
How good are you!!!!

I am so impressed with this post, that really took some doing mate.

Glad you had a look this morning, hopefully will put you off for life!