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James ..............well ?

You mean you're NOT an angel? :eek:

You know what you said about Monday being the perfect day to start a diet? Turns out Tuesday is better! I promise you i'll restart tomorrow...back to work tomorrow so it will be easier. Might be getting fired on Thursday (we can only hope) so i'll have more time to exercise! :)
have you work problems ? ( don't need to answer that ) if so i don 't know how you have kept it together ............. tuesdays are also a good day to start !! being at work is so much easier ............ xx
have you work problems ? ( don't need to answer that ) if so i don 't know how you have kept it together ............. tuesdays are also a good day to start !! being at work is so much easier ............ xx
I have! They've basically just moved the goal posts to the extent that i'm not sure what they want anymore. On a 3 month trial. Was told I start at 9, have an hour for lunch and leave at 5.30, so for 6 weeks I do that and then I get called into the office and told I shouldn't be leaving off if I have work that needs finishing. I said of course not, and name me a specific example of me doing this because I wouldn't leave if I had stuff that needed doing (they couldn't name one). They said I needed to ask if there was anything that needs finishing before I left so I started doing that.

A month later i'm called into the office again and they have another go about nothing. A week after that i'm told via a family member who works there they have a list of complaints against me including but not limited to:

> leaving the office during my lunch hour
> sitting in my car during my lunch hour (I like to read and they have the radio on)
> getting to work early and not going in immediately. Apparently i'm not allowed to sit in my car and send a text before going in. I should park up and go in immediately.
> i'm starting at 9...I should be starting early.
> I should be working through my lunch hour
> I should be staying late
> I should drink tea! (yes really...i'm not on the tea list because of the carbs in the milk and they are offended by this)

Many more complaints that I can't be bothered to list. Honestly don't care if they fire me, i've saved my money wisely and will live off that until I find something else.

I shall start Atkins tomorrow I promise! I'll think of you if i'm about to mess up again ;) Thanks for the support!
wow............. sure its work and not a prisoner of war camp..............some of those reasons are so petty ........... jump ship .............. if you stick to atkins even 40-50g then you are doing well ........... i have a busy day tomorrow so off to make my salad ! but i will be sitting on your right shoulder ( so you 'll have a limp ) so behave ............ cyber hugs xxxxxx


This is for life
Gosh James that doesn't sound like an ideal work environment! Anyway - here's a hand back up on the wagon - I know you are good at it so go for it! :)


Rebel without a calorie
If that's how they treat their employees you're better off out of it! I once worked for someone who made me question and triple check everything I did. I thought it was good training at the time because my work was always 100%, I worked extra time to ensure it. I later realised it was his way of controlling people and as I progressed into a more senior position he asked me to do something unethical which would have had serious consequences on another's business. Needless to say I would not do it and as soon as the opportunity arose I was pushed out. Best thing that ever happened to me but it's sad to see that he still has the same hold over other employees. He must be scared of something though as his current employees were 'encouraged' not to attend a recent get together. I used to respect him but now see him for the tw4t he is.
Ah yes, I've worked places like that James, it's only bearable if the money is good. I had an MD once who firmly believed that you belonged to the company from 9 on Monday to 5 on Friday, she had a camp bed in her office, believe me it's true
how s today gone ? ............ xx
Very well thank you!


B: Crispy bacon
L: 2x Atkins shake (won't be repeating this - will take some solid food tomorrow and maybe even a couple of babybel snacks)
D: Bacon (was going to be Quorn sausages but I thought they probably have as much salt as the bacon so what the hell)

E: None yet...30 mins of something I hope
W: 2L+

Only minor slip up has been having skimmed milk in my tea (forgetting I have watered down cream) but that isn't an issue because i've had virtually no carbs all day!)

Thanks for the support all! I won't let you down. In fact I shall do that 30 mins right now!

How have all your days been? Been good I hope? *feels a bit hypocritical after last week and a bit* lol
fantastic ............ glad you are in control of your life ........... we are all soooooooooooooooo proud of you and we are all there for you ............ i did say " come on James " today whilst at work .............. when no one was around ........... keep positive xx
10 am it is then ................ shout loud ( cos i'm a few counties away ) x


This is for life
Ok 10am! :D
i was a little over as well but i did it ! xx

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