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Jan 2nd resolution - I must not be a plonker!

I apologise now because it's silly o'clock and I can feel a dodgy ramble coming on...

I'm having a mini meltdown here - can't sleep because I'm sooooo annoyed with myself and also really scared that if
I wait until tomorrow to write this, I'm going to wake up having put all my weight back on! (completely rational of course...!).

So first I'd like to be honest about this Christmas / New Year - I first decided in November that I would allow myself to eat on Christmas day and boxing day and then get back onto the packs... By the middle of December this changed to allowing myself to chill out a bit, enjoy some social events over the few days around Christmas and then get back onto it the day after boxing day... this didn't quite work out as planned...

Since boxing day (when I decided that I'd eaten enough junk for all my friends and family) I have been half-heartedly trying to get back on the wagon and today, well yesterday now actually, was the 1st day of the new year, so no excuses left.... and I still couldn't do it! I lasted until this evening when I suddenly just caved in and wolved down whatever I could get my hands on! :mad:

I feel like I'm failing and out of control and I don't know how to stop it!! I was so close to my goal just a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like I'll never get there :cry:

I'm thinking of asking my LLC to lock me in her office for the next week so that I can't eat anything, except she'd probably come in to find all her stock gone! :eek:

I know that only I can do this, but if anyone has any ideas on how I can get back into abstinence, please let me know!

Thanks, Monkey x
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Oh bless Monkey - you are so close to goal that I bet a wee taste (or more!) of normal food will really torment you now on these last few weeks of your diet.

I am only staring next week, so my advice is minimal. But with anything, the real answer lies with you I think. And I think it is just a matter of YOU being stronger then the FOOD. You are in control of food, not the other way around.

Just recall those good feelings you must have had each week as the weight fell off. As evidenced by your ticker, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Just erase the xmas lapse from your mind. Chalk it up to experience, and reach deep down inside and grab that will power with both hands and go for it. You are so close. And also, maybe ask yourself why you feel out of control all of a sudden....what's caused the lapse? Is it bordeom? Monotony? Holiday stress? See if you can figure out whats making you feel out of control, and then address that?

You are not alone, so don't beat yourself up. Just really make a CONSCIOUS decision to go back to abstinance, and tell yourself it will not be much longer, and after all, that is a very small sacrficie to make to be thin. You will get to eat again....this is not forever. Just keep your eye on the prize and go for it!!

Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Remember - you are not alone - we have all been through or felt like that at some poiint, and we are all here, hoping you succeed.



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Monkey at only 8lbs to go, I dont see why you are not starting management, you still lose on management, your body feels at a bmi for you now at 23.8 that it is at 'healthy range'.

I myself started management with a few pounds still to go and I got to my target, I was ready to start eating again at that time.

Speak to your LLC.

Good Luck
Thank you very much both of you.

I've woken up this morning with a big headache and still can't decide how to handle this - part of me, as you suggest Sun, would like to start the RtM part of the programme, but another part of me is very worried that I'm not in the right mind set to follow it properly at the moment.

Sun, did you follow RtM strictly to keep losing some pounds?

I've decided that one positive thing I can do today is go for my 'run' - I'm trying to build up to running, but this will only be my 2nd go, so what I'll actually be doing is lumping it around the block and walking most of the way! :) However, at least I'll have done one good thing to make up for the horrendous weigh in that I'll be having tonight!!

Blonde Logic, I really appreciate your support and it sounds like you have a great attitude for starting your LL plan - hope it goes really well for you.

Monkey x


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S: 13st3.0lb C: 11st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st8lb(11.89%)

Yes I did food wise, but I did have the odd glass of wine from week 1 (Should be week 5 lol!), I've now finished management and have been eating normally for about a month and I am still within my target weight. I have allowed my weight to fluctuate up to 5lbs as everbodys weight fluctuates.

I think you are ready to start personally xx
Thanks Sun

It's encouraging to know that RtM is do-able! Sounds like you are doing really well.

I'm feeling a bit more positive after my 10 min 'run' :D and looking forward to seeing my group tonight. If I start RtM then I'd be the 1st person to do so in our group and I don't think that helps, but will def talk to my LLC and see what she thinks too.
Hello Monkey! Don't feel so bad - it's a really difficult time to be abstinent, especially with so little still to lose. Maybe RtM would be a good thing to do, since it would feel like moving forward and getting more control, which is what you seem to be needing.

I just spent most of a day reading AJ's management thread in the stickies, and very interesting it was (Really helpful, AJ if you read this. You are such a star, and a very good writer, too.) If you haven't done so, I would suggest you read it...

But if you do start RtM, I think you need to commit to doing it 'by the book'. IMHO, it's key to the whole process. The abstinence is the easy bit, but RtM is where we learn to live as slim people, which is what I'm sure you want. This is easy for me to say, though , not having done it!

Well done on your loss - just put the past behind you and move on!


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S: 13st3.0lb C: 11st9.0lb G: 10st7.0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st8lb(11.89%)
Hi Monkey,

I was the 1st into management, I had the bare minimum of 3st to lose and I lost 2 1/2 in 7 weeks, I lost the last half stone doing RtM!.

Losing the weight is the easy bit, managing it is the hardest.

Good Luck tonight
Thanks Zombie - I've just finished reading AJ's Management Thread and am feeling inspired again! My eyes are hurting now though! :)
I hope that when I do it I am able to use some of her meal ideas because they sound amazing!

And Sun, wow, you lost your weight really fast! It's great to hear that you are managing it so well now. I lost around 3.5 stone in the 14 week foundation and although I lost another stone since then, I have kind of struggled throughout development. However, I'm really want to learn how to stay the same weight for more than 5 minutes - something I've not managed since I was about 13!

I will let you know how I get on tonight...
Monkey x
Well the weigh in wasn't quite as bad as it could / should have been - I put on 5 lbs. If I'm lucky I may be able to lose a lot of that by next week and I'll then decide whether to lose a bit more or start RtM.

I'm going to dig out the green book and do some 'homework', which might help focus my mind!

Thanks again for your support and hope everyone has a good week! :)

M x

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