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Jan starters

hey you lot. i am new here and judging by the other post loads have joined up since xmas.

so why don't we use this post to get to know one and other and support each other.

i shall start, I'm Sam 21, weight a lot to much over 100kg last time i checked at the gym b4 i left (opppsies) put on a hell of a lot of weight after being sexually abused as a teenager. i turned to comfort eating

so now i have my mental issues sorted time to start on the physical ones.

lets hear all about you then?!!!
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Sam, so brave of you to open up.xxxxxx I'm sharon, 20 stone 5lbs (or was when I started on Monday, lol) no idea about kgs.
I had terrible first marriage where I gained 7+ stone & I use food/booze as a 'medication' too. No more booze, not so much food either, lol! 2nd marriage is ok, have two disabled sons though which is very stressful when they're not at school. Good luck!xxxxx
my mum has MS Sharon so i know where you are coming from, make snacking and chocolate so much easier doesn't it.

i also do home help, so yet again have seen young children with disabilities, and i tell you nothing can make me smile like those kids, some of the things they do melt your heart
Hi Sam, thanks for posting.

I'm Edel and I've yo yoed between 15 and 17 stone for the past 10 years. I'd really like to lose at least 5 stone but would really need to lose 7 I suppose. My reasons for being this size? Bordedom and emotional eating. I've had quite a few difficult times in the past 10 years which contributed to my weight gain, but the most difficult has been the past 18 months since my marriage ended. My divorce should be final this month and I have no more excuses left to stay this size so I'm hoping that this time will be the last time I ever weigh this much.

Its great that we have this forum to support one another. Good Luck. x
Derry. Up in the NW of N. I.
stroke city, my granda is from there. I'm Larne born and bred. living in engladn just over 2 yrs and miss home. just started to make my own soda bread and thats the one thing i will miss on this diet
oh you're definitely better off without soda bread lol. but it is delicious.
lol i can have a little bit once i weeek i have decided. seems to be the only thing curbs my homesickness. lovely when made at home and so easy to do
Absolutely - the fastest way to fail is to deny yourself a little bit of something you fancy. I've found it's the quickest way to a massive blow out so some soda bread once a week won't harm you too much in the long run.


You know you can freeze it? I used to make my own, I'm not Irish but LOVE the bread and those farls mmmm & potato bread mmmm NO!!!!! But to help it might be good to make a batch up & freeze it as soon as you can to stop temptation taking over, if like me warm bread & butter are addictive & you can't stop at one slice, lol!
I had beef soup yesterday it was really nice, been having the chocolate hot with coffee in it for 'breakfast' I'm not a real fan of the choc at all, which is a shame as I loved the Cambridge choc ones. I ordered the 'new' flavours pack with snack bars, soups & shakes in it, I'll report back what they're like. It is a shame we can't but all the soups, shake, bars & snack bars individually so we can try them first, or at least exchange them at the chemists.
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my names theresa all ways on a diet i have pcos and find it hard to lose weight . I am on the end of second week . got 3 children and 3 grandchildren by 2 of them :D


I had a sneaky peek on scales today after having breakfast out (sos, bacon, mushrooms & tomato, all grilled!+ fried egg) down 5lbs since Monday! Not counting it as official though, 'proper' weigh-in is Monday in joggers & t-shirt as I did before. I'm so happy though! Coz of being good & not having any booze I bought a pair of joggers & some earrings from Peacocks in the sale £9 for both! Lasts longer than vodka too!! lol
I feel great, I was actually able to walk 'normally', long strides & fast instead of hobbling slowly & gasping in pain, it was FAB. In future I will bend properly and lift stuff the right way, I don't want to be like that ever again & I'm sure losing a few stones/pounds will help too.
i know what you mean about losing weight helping your back, my knee's are very sore past few days and thats what made me think about going on a diet... i'm on day to and i do not have scales in the house
Hi guys.

I've had a bad couple of days yesterday and today. I gave in to the temptation of chocolate last night and a banana sandwich today. I've only got one shake left but I do have my soups and a bar and I'm still waiting for my online order to be delivered. I did get an e-mail saying it had been dispatched on Tuesday but there's still no sign of it.

Ah well, I can always start again with my dinner tonight and try to stay on the straight and narrow. I'm back at work properly next tuesday so hopefully the routine will help.

Hope you're all doing well. Edel.


Hey it could have been MUCH worse, I wanted oven chips so bad yesterday I went & cleaned my teeth whilst hubby threw some of his away. I know I would have succumbed if I hadn't gone out of the kitchen, I HATE waste & like chips.
Keep thinking of a smaller dress size (or several sizes smaller NO MORE EVANS!!! lol), it will only be a month (or less) if you stick at it.
i went to tesco today, the smell of bread was driving me mad, so i took tunnel vision looking for blue berries!!!! tesco had them on offer. shall have them as my snack. haven't had any mad cravings yet but this is only day 2
club bar

l did have a club bar . after giving me pint of blood . i have to have iron checked twice . but it was fine first time .think it was all veg and protein eaten :D:D


Okay first weigh-in lost...drumroll please!!(lol) NINE pounds!!!! I am jumping around like someone demented. This is better than when I was on Cambridge diet-only lost 7lbs in first week & no food was allowed either.
ps I do need to lose 9+ stone so it will come off faster for a blob like me to someone needing to drop 3 stone or so.

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