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Janet's journey to slim!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by xralphsgirlx, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. xralphsgirlx

    xralphsgirlx Member

    Hi everyone, this is my weightloss diary!!

    I started slimming world again on Monday 6th January and am on day 3 now. Finding it really good so far and have stuck on plan which is good because the first 3 days of losing weight is always the hardest for me.

    My weight on Monday was 12st 12lbs 2oz, ideally I'd love to be 8st 5lbs, well 8st anything tbh!! I did slimming world last January and stopped in June having gone from 12st 3lbs to 9st 1.5lbs. I was so close to my goal (which at the time was 8st 7lbs) so I feel quite disappointed that not only did I not get to goal but I ended up heavier than I ever was before. But onwards and upwards and I won't let it get me down!

    I am going to restart running soon (I used to do it) but I need to find the motivation which at the moment I don't have but I am just glad to be back on the food wagon so I will probably start running again on Monday while my son is at preschool but I will have to take it slow for a while because I'm not exactly fit anymore!

    I will be adding weekly pics as well to my diary which will be quite embarrassing but I suppose we're all/have been in the same boat so I will brave it and stick them up (they won't be pretty so be warned!) I took some on Monday night so will upload these as soon as my phone is charged.

    - Lose 7lbs -
    - Lose 14lbs -
    - Lose 21lbs -
    - Lose 28lbs -
    - Lose 35lbs -
    - Lose 42lbs -
    - Lose 49lbs -
    - Lose 56lbs -
    - Lose 63lbs -

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