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janey's diary

I thought I'd post a diary as I think it'll help keep me on track, as you can see from my ticker I have a long way too go. At the minute I feel really positive like I can get there, I know it will take a long time but thats OK I'm going to try and enjoy the journey and record it here, good and bad.

Today I have my second weigh in I feel like I have been testing the plan a little this week, I've had all my healthy extra's and alot of my sins and loads and loads of free food. I've eaten like a pig on free food this week, because I suppose I find it hard to believe it really is free!! well we'll see at the weigh in.

Menu Today:

B - Fruit and fibre HEB, Muller light, bannana, tea (HEA I use my allowance of milk through the day too)
L - Home made lentil and tomato soup
D - free chips, eggs and beans
S - banana. apple, oranges, pears, pineapple.

Syns - 2 x 35ml vodka

Any feedback greatly appreciated xx
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yep janey its really free!! i have free chips eggs and beans all the time :D great tea. if you cant be bothered to make chips from scratch mccains rustic chips are only 10 syns for the whole bag. i have about 1/4 of a bag when we have them so its only 2.5 syns and they taste great.
Hi all,

Thanks for the rep ang, won't let me return any yet gotta spread it around a bit.

Well today's going really well so far, having a bit of a stressfull time of it this week as my hubbie lost his job last week, I would normally be eating more and more as I was getting more and more stressed but so far so good, it's actually helping a bit to have the eating to focus on rather than the lack of money. It's almost like because I can't control the job situation I can control my food intake I don't feel so bad. does that make sense??

Any way moving on todays menu, I'll probably stop posting these eventually but it helps me to keep track at the minute.

B - Fruit & fibre HEB milk HEA, banana, muller light
L - Home made 'free' soup, banana, yogurt
D- mushroom risotto 'free', parmesan HEA

s - fruit,

Will probably have some syns tonight in front of the tele, but will stick to five or so. I like to keep some back for the weekend!
Another day on this journey begins, things are starting to get a bit tougher now especially at work, cakes and cookies and chocolates get passed around at least 3 or four times a day at work, it's really hard to say no sometimes, more so when you can smell them their that close! But so far I have resisted, I bet this is boring for anyone reading it but well it helps me..

B - Fruit and fibre HEB milk HEA, banana, muller light, tea
L - Home made veg soup 'free', shape yogurt, banana,
D - Jacket potatoe with creamy garlic mushrooms, made with crem fraisch (sp)

S - Apple, orange, pear (may buy a bag of rivita minis for a HEXB)

Once more into the breach and all that!!
So here we are again, good new's today hubbie got a new job yipeeee! but it does mean he will have to leave for work earlier in the mornings, so he won't be able to drop me to the station for my train to work. It's about a mile and a half and all up hill!! Should help with my losses though doing that walk every morning!. I hate enforced exercise, hey ho I have no choice.

B - Fruit & fibre HEB, milk HEA, banana, shape yogurt, tea
L - Home made veg soup 'free' banana yogurt
T - Curry sauce (5 syns) chicken HEB, rice, 'free' chips

S - apple, oranges x 2, pear

Will have some vodka maybe tonight to celebrate max 12 syns though.


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Hi Janey, how are you? Fabulous news about your husband's new job. Try to think of the walk as a challenge, Time how long it takes you on day one and then try and beat that time everyday. You will amaze yourself when you see how fast you get fitter.
Thanks Chika, good idea about trying to beat my time! I'm really competitive so that should keep me motivated.xx


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S: 26st10lb C: 25st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 1st1lb(4.01%)
Me too, I only really do my best when I have something or someone to beat! Hows it going? x


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hi janey
just wanted to say i am loving your menus! trying creamy garlic mushrooms tomorrow and cant wait! : )
Hi all,

Well it's Monday again don't the weekends go too fast! Haven't popped in over weekend as both my hubbie and my little boy have had a bug nothing major just created plenty of cleaning up (nice!). Food wise I did OK over the weekend, apart from one too many vodkas on Saturday lol. All within my sins this week though, and I still have aroung 40 to take if I want them. I try to use 10 a day but I know I can go up to 15 if I need to. Got my WI tomorrow night not sure if I'll loose though as is my * week and I know that's supposed to make a difference. My first morning walking to the station today it wasn't too bad I suppose it took me just over 20 minutes so we'll see if we can improve that!
Here's todays meal plan.

B fruit and fibre HEB, yogurt, banana,
L low fat roast chicken super noodles, yogurt, banana
D homes made turkey burgers (syns 3?) brown roll HEB wedges and salsa

S - apple, oranges, pears


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S: 11st6lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.13%)
how are you making the turkey burgers?
For the turkey burgers it's the ones out of the slimming world mag, its basically lean turkey mince, with chopped onion, garlic and some herbs, you can also add some chilli or a chopped pepper.
Mush it all together, shape into burgers and grill.

Not really exiting but my kids love em!
Another day of my walk to the station complete! and a few minutes faster yey! I hate having to do the walk in the morning, I mean really hate it.
Can you tell I'm having a bad day, so far I'm on track but have a feeling I won't loose any weight at WI tonight as its totm. I am also very sure if I don't I will find it impossible to stop myself from eating pizza!!

This is soo much harder at this time of the month!

B - fruit and fibre, banana, yogurt
L - home made veg soup with loads of chilli!!, banana, yogurt
D - who knows !!!???

S - Apple, orange, pears.

I'll update tomorrow whith whatever I've gained!! x x


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Hi Janey

I think your diary is great, has given me the extra boost i need to start slimming world. i have just lost 2st 8lbs on cambridge, but am now struggling with lack of food and think is time to change to a healthy eating plan, i did slimming world 10 years ago when i got married and shifted a few stone so here's hoping i can do it again. I need to find a class and will then get started, but am fighting off throat and chest infection at the moment so not eating much anyway!!!

Just to say, keep up the good work and keep posting your menus, gives me ideas!

Thanks Nat, it's great to know my diary helps someone other than me, As soon as your well get yourself off to a class, have a look on the slimming world website it will tell you where your nearest one is! I have found the help and support of going to a class a real boost.

You'll do great, if you have the dicipline to handle cambridge you'll do this a doddle and at least you can have chocolate on slimming world! good luck I'll keep an eye on how you get on. xx
Hurray!!! good news last nights weigh in I amazed myself and lost 2 lbs after being convinced I'd put on!!

SO I was good last night despite threatening to eat pizza! It does worry me though that I feel so weak at even the though of putting on weight or what I see for myself as a failure, sounds a bit extreem though doesn't it. I am aware that the first danger point for me giving the whole thing up is the first week I put on or even stay the same, I need to come up with strategies to keep me going past this point. I am in awe of some people at my class who have stayed the same for weeks at a time yet still stuck with the plan, if anyone is reading this and has any ideas all will be greatly received.

I also have a bit of a dilema, I am going out for my brothers birthday saturday night, the only problem is it's for a meal at an all you can eat chinese buffet!! any ideas what I can have that won't be too bad? I'll save a load of syns but I know most of the food there will be really high in syns.

Todays menu

B - fruit and fibre, banana, muller light
l - home made veggie soup, yogurt, banana
d - mushroom risotto, parmesan

s rivita mini's, apple, orange, pear, grapes, strawberries.

may have a few syns tonight but want to save as many as possible for the weekend.

think slimming thoughts x x x
What a nightmare weekend!! My brothers birthday meal was on Saturday which was fine apart from my brother was over an hour and a half late!! so by the time he arrived I was so wound up I'm surprised I didn't eat everything on the buffett. Instead I was reasonably OK I had sushi (being on a red day), and some garlic prawns, I also had some chicken skewer things, and for desert a bowl of fruit!. So all good there, even so I have allocated 25 syns for the meal which I hope should cover it.

I am starting to find things tough at the minute cause I'm feeling a bit low and that is when I tend to cave in and eat pizza and bread and all the things that make me feel good in the moment. I know that it will only make me feel worse in the long run, but this is so hard.xxx

B- weetabix x2, yogurt, banana
l - mug shot, banana, yogurt
d - meat balls in tomatoe sauce and pasta

s - apple, orange, pears

loads of water!

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