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  1. janice

    janice Member

    hi guys,
    well i am on my second week of this g i diet and at last l think l have found something that is working have just done my weekly weigh on the wii and have lost 3lb this week making a total of 5 in two weeks so l am really chuffed l have swopped toast with tomatoes or beans for porridge in a morning except for this morning when l had a treat of a veggi sausage sandwich for breakfast
    hope this gives some encouragement to the gi newbies out there
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  3. mum_of_one

    mum_of_one Silver Member

    Its so nice to hear othere GIers out there. Keep going. You eat similar things to me!!!

    Well done on your loss. I am not weighing in for a month as I get to obsessed by it.

    Keep posting stuff.

  4. Sherry2k

    Sherry2k Baby got Back!

    Hi there. I'm new to GI and I'm really interested to hear what other people are eating. I have to say I had porridge for breakfast this morning and for me it's definately a learner....was like stodge....I must try 'n get it smooth 'n creamy! Was making me gagg! Haha.

    Anyway, I've just popped in to say hello.

    Bye! :D
  5. mum_of_one

    mum_of_one Silver Member


    I will start posting some menus too and we can give each other some ideas eh?

    I mix my porridge with soy milk. What do you use? Or I made up this special muesli from anthony worrall thompson's gi book here is the recipe - it makes 10 servings and roughly one serving is about 70g. I usually put a little milk in with it and then a good dollop of natural yog or low fat greek yog and then top it off with a few prunes

    Muesli recipe

    250g Porridge Oats
    100g bran flakes
    25g wheatgerm
    25g sunflower seeds
    50g of raisins or sunflowers
    200g apricots (says you can use figs, pears or dried fruits in gen)
    50g of hazelnuts or brazils. I used pecans though which are fine

    Mix up and put in airtight container.

    This lasts me right up to lunch.

  6. Sherry2k

    Sherry2k Baby got Back!

    Sweet potato has a green light as the body digests it differently to normal potato. I had some mashed with a little olive oil and pepper along with my tea last night.

    I've ordered the Antony Worrel Thompson Cookbook, well one of them anyway and can't wait for it to come so I can find some inspiration.

    Just had two slices of Oatmeal toast for breakfast with some extra light Flora. Hopefully and apple or couple of satsumas from my snack.

  7. Sherry2k

    Sherry2k Baby got Back!

    Welcome - I see you're a newbie! Minimins is v.addictive - be careful! Haha.
  8. mum_of_one

    mum_of_one Silver Member

    The worrall book is fantastic. The recipes are gorgeous. The mountain bread is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Its called bread but its crackers. Delicious.


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