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January Challenge

Hi Scotsmist

I would love to join you, the end of my first day today and I think I would like to see 20lb gone too.

Sammylou xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
14 for me please


Silver Member
20lbs for me too please. Can I count tomorrow as my first weigh in though as I started on 27th December as I couldn't wait for 1st of Jan.


Size 14 here i come!
Oh go on then, not sure if i'm brave enough to say 20lbs?? I'll start with 17lb as i don't deal well with failing! lol

put me down for 14lb........... ideally more but my 1st month last year was only (!) 21lb and I was heavier.

Getting annoyed with myself now as no matter how hard Im trying to be good until Monday its not working too well........ OH bought a curry tonight, I was ok, only had dry chicken tikka starter, tablespoon of boiled rice, some spinach and a mini naan (!) but was s'posed to have soup!!! At least with TFR there's no choices.......well soup, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shake or flappys!!

Roll on Monday...
dont worry theresa, i was meant to be good until today when i started but i couldnt resist letting my final meal be a takeaway from the chinese as i had done so well over christmas....and yes at least we only have about 6 choices now!
Hi Scotsmist, Will you put me down for 20 pounds too please! I've lots of unwanted pounds to go so hopefully it'll fall off quickly initially. Fair play to you for setting up challenge, hows it going for you?


Size 14 here i come!
I think it is law to have a takeaway before starting LT? No?:confused:
Just us then bells, lol
I'm positive lots of people do it!! You all know who you are!!:cool:
It's almost a rite of passage to have a 'last supper' girls! :D
Hi bells, fair play to you. I'm not starting till Monday, thats the date I set in my head, but listening to everyone here looking forward to getting going. The first few days are the hardest i'd say. I did lt before and it was grand, but i know its a different story the second time round, so i'm nrevous about that. Also i have since got married, and my husband is one of these people who can eat away and not put on weight and get away with it. The last time i did lt i cleared the house of food, but this time round with hubbie in tow... not sure how i'll manage. What are the challenges for you?
SAMMY LOUSLIM..i bet you it was totally worth it as you know it will be dissapearing in no time at all.

CLEVERCLOGS..i think if anything this is the best time of my life to do this as im living on my own so its so much easier..theres only two major challenges i have to deal with and thats being in college, as i tend to make rash quick decisions and order something silly during lunch break.. and also the nights out, as being a student i go out at least once a week, ive decided im not going to go out out for the first month or so and then il give it a go once im more comfortable that i wont give in.... i just know ill be tempted by the girls telling me to have just one drink, but ive read the lipotrim ketosis mixed with alcohol sticky and it does not look good.
roll on monday i say..im so happy ive finally started. as i wanted to start before christmas but didnt have enough time to do tfr and reffed before christmas!!....
best of luck on monday and you will know what to expect!! lets hope we get into ketosis quickly and can start burning this faat!!!
btw how much water are people drinking?

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