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JaxD's Diary- Damned drink and Kentucky woes!


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Hooray!! After 8 weeks:eek: I got my first Silver 7!!!! It was like winning the lottery:D (well, not really but almost!!) Am just calculating that if i continue on the way i'm going i'll be at goal before my summer hols in July;). Not the quickest way of doing it but i've not deprived myself at all and have really enjoyed all the new healthy food i've been cooking.

In order to celebrate I thought i might start my own diary to spur me along on the countdown;). I have been on and off the pages posting frequently but never got round to starting my own spot!! I love reading everyone's diaries which have always kept me on track!

Sorry to probably bore you all to death:D but Minimins has been such a massive help to me for the past year on whatever diet i've been on:happy096:

So in order to start off let me introduce myself properly (clears throat:p)

I'm Jackie, 40years, married with 2 children and one cat. Have spent the last 15 years struggling with my weight but after doing Cambridge for 10 weeks last year I lost over 3 stone and kept it off bar some Christmas weight (almost gone!:)) I came off CD when i went on hols last year and couldn't get back on again so have now turned back to Ol' faithful WW which is working a treat.

Am never gonna go back to where I was and know that i will ALWAYS have to watch what i eat:sigh:. But hey I like being slim and if that's what it takes then that's what it takes - I still have my bad days (as some of you know:eek:)but as long as it's not every day then it'll be ok.

Phew! That's that - must go and find my liquorice fruities, Starlight has just put me in the mood for them:drool:
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Hi Jaxie!
I will be visiting often:) Not long to go before the summer and your goal. I think we both going to hit the goal at the similar time so it will be nice to have a maintenance buddy:)
Have a good week:)xx


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Thanks Nuneckza!! You're doing just great (wee blips are allowed now and then - just like me!!:eek:) Slow and steady wins the race and all that!!:D


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Hi Jax

Congrats on the silver 7 .... I know what you mean about the lottery - I want to frame mine when I get them (she says as if she has lots ... I have 1 lol)

Good luck for the next silver 7 :)



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Yay, silver seven. Congratulations you deserve it, you've really stuck with it so well done. I'd also love to be at goal for summer so good luck.
Enjoy your day xx
congrats on your first silver 7 - thats fantastic :) with so little left to lose it will come off slow, but good for you for sticking with it - your determination will definitely see you at goal this summer :) you look fantastic enough already so cant wait to see how you look at goal!

well done again :) x
Wondered why I couldnt find your diary when I looked for it the other day after you posted in mine! Hope your running is going well and your thigh pain easing! Well done on your silver 7 - you're so close now!

Take care x


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thanks all!:p

Just home from work and was STARVING! Have just attacked a chicken in the fridge (one I prepared earlier!;), scoffed a pink and White and a packet of snackajack popcorn! Not the most sensible thing to do but will go for a run tomorrow to make up for it! Must get to bed b4 I eat something else!

Catch up later!


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Good afternoon everyone!!:D Such a lovely day over here. I am off work on Rest days until Saturday and I am not long back from a wee jog:p. After my thigh pain i didn't think that i would be able to jog anymore but don't ya know it was actually my trainers that were causing the problems!! :eek:. Went to shoe shop and explained my problem to one of the staff who explained that my trainers were past their best and that i needed new ones so bought some and the difference is amazing:). Unfortunately they don't make me run any faster:sigh: but at least there is no more pain!

I can't believe that a pair of trainers can make such a difference but then not being an experienced athlete i didn't really appreciate their importance but I do now!:D

Food wise today not so bad although have to try and be a bit more disciplined as i have felt myself slipping over the past few days!:mad:

Hope everyone is having a lovely day whatever you're all doing.:D

Catch up later;)

Yeyh! You finally got round to starting a diary!! Well done on your silver seven, thats excellent. It really has been a gorgeous day today hasn't it! Really makes you want to go out and catch a bit of exercise. Enjoy your next few rest days x


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I really don't know what's up with me this last few days:mad:. For some reason i am really hungry (all in my head i know). I've not been managing my points to their best value and have run over by a couple the last few days:cry:

I hope to make up for it by exercising plenty before next WI. All i can think of is FOOD!!!!:eek: (Thank goodness for BNS and pepper soup!! Is all i can say!!)
I'm back to work tomorrow for the next 4 days so that usually takes my mind off things but even with work the weekends are always my danger period.:mad:

I am gonna have a nice paella for tea and a WW black forest bar later and hopefully that'll be it.

Apart from that the kids are now off school for 2 weeks and that makes me really HAPPY:D (no more homeworks, uniforms or lunches to prepare for 2 whole weeks - HURRAH!!)

Hope the day is going well for y'awl!!
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Just a word of warning to any of you Facebook users (i'm an addict)! My friend was sent an e-mail from supposedly another friend containing a link. However when she opened it a whole stream of viruses entered her computer and sent other e-mails onwards to all the rest of her friends including me:eek:. I've just deleted the e-mail containing the link - it was like diffusing a bomb i was so scared in case i accidently opened it.

Just a word of warning:p
Just a word of warning to any of you Facebook users (i'm an addict)! My friend was sent an e-mail from supposedly another friend containing a link. However when she opened it a whole stream of viruses entered her computer and sent other e-mails onwards to all the rest of her friends including me:eek:. I've just deleted the e-mail containing the link - it was like diffusing a bomb i was so scared in case i accidently opened it.

Just a word of warning:p

Its the koobface virus - been about a while now. I would just delete any email with an unknown link in it, no matter how enticing the title is!

Bit of info here Koobface virus hits Facebook | Security - CNET News


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Thanks Spooky!;)
As always you are the font of all knowledge:D

Have just deleted said e-mail (don't know alot about these virus thingymabobbies! Just know they is baaaaaad!)
Hi Jaxie. Glad to see you have finally got yourself a diary.

Well done on all the weight you have lost and managing to keep it off.

It was really interesting that you had the running shoes experience. I went to get myself some new ones last week - and the shop had a treadmill connected up to a camera so that they could slow down the action to see exactly how you run, where your foot strikes the floor, how tilted your foot is, how long its off the ground etc etc - so that they can find the right shoe for you!!! It was all very high tech.

They then did this amazing thing when they split the screen to show 2 different shoes and the effect they had on how my foot hit the treadmill. The difference in the stride was incredible.

The best bit was that the trainers they sold me - the ones that were best for me - were way cheaper than the others I tried on so its not a scam to get you to part with loads of cash. The shop is called "up and running" but dont know if you have them in Northern Ireland.

Well done on your first silver 7.
Rosie xx


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Thanks LRO!!:D

I'm not sure if we have that shop over here but i do know that our main shoe shop in the town had people from Brooks in some time ago with some sort of technologie similiar to that for a couple of days and apparently it was pretty impressive. I always go with Brooks as they are guaranteed to fit me perfectly (other brands seem to constrict my feet for some reason and are painful):confused:. I have no bother with my new ones - don't think i will ever say that i enjoy jogging but it has got easier and it does make me feel good after i've done it. I need to run about 6 time b4 my next WI as i've been a bit lax this week.

Back to work in the morning nice and early :cry: for a 10 hours shift (I hate working weekends) so that'll keep my mind off food during the day.

Shall catch up tomorrow evening:)


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:(On way home from work about an hour ago all saint-like as I'd only had 8 points so far, only to recieve text from OH asking me to call in at chippy and get cheese burger and chips and 2 fish and chips:eek:. Well the least said about it all the better - needless to say i was like a vulture around my kids plates waiting until they'd had their fill and pouncing on the remains:mad: And THEN i had my tea!!!!!! What's that all about then - why do weekends dissolve my will power?

And i didn't get chance to exercise either and now i can't be a**sed:sign0007:

Hope tomorrow is better
Mine are Brooks - and they are a perfect fit - and you're right, they do make a huge difference.

Oooops on the chippy front....they always smell far better than they taste I think.

Tomorrow is another day...xxx

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