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Jealous..or glad?

I have been doing SW for 12 weeks and I have lost a stone and a half. I am pleased that I have lost that amount in the time but part of me wants it to be more than that!...

Food replacement diets seem to have the participants losing a stone in a week! it's mental I know and I presume it is less likely for you to be to maintain the weightloss after your are 'refed'

The more I think about it the more I can't decide if I am jealous that they are losing over a stone a month... or whether I am happier that I am able to eat what I want when I want and know that it isn't going to have to change when I finally get to my target weight..

Anyone else think about this?? x x
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I wouldnt be jealous, their losing their weight in the most unheathiest way. I dont know anybody who has done this kind of diet and maintained it. A freind of mine lost 5 stone on lighterlife then gained 6 stone. Another freind lost 3 , gained 4 and my OH did the cambridge diet, lost 4 gained 5! See the theme?

The only way you are ever going to lose weight and keep it off is to learn to eat properley which you are not going to do by drinking shakes or having sachets. You need to learn how to handle food, and you wont do that if you dont eat food!
I think I look at it beyond the actual loss. In the big sceme of things the loss isn't the important thing- it's keeping it off.

Although not impossible, it is MUCH more unlikely that someone will maintain their weight loss if done through food replacements, as opposed to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise

I would LOVE to press a button and be thin, but realistically know that it isn't getting thin that is the issue- it is maintaining a healthy diet for the rest of my life that is the battle.

And that's why I choose SW!


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I'm glad that I'm losing weight eating real food!!

These days we're so used to instant gratification (we can have everything we want NOW) that it's hard to take when your losses are slow (or slower than other people's). But the weight didn't go on instantly, it's not going to come off instantly!!
Yeah I am more about the whole idea of being able to maintain at the end because there is no point becoming thin and being happy to then see yourself put it all back on.. I can't imagine how aweful that would actually be!

I think SW actually gives you the tools and knowledge to be able to control your weight and you lifestyle. The way in which you control food is what matters and like you have said, having shakes and food replacementis not controlling the food, the food is controlling you and that is what gets us into the situation we are already in.
Look at it this way - they may be losing weight quickly, but you are learning how to deal with food. This is a lesson which you can use for the rest of your life.

Dieting by not eating is not teaching them anything about food.

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures. It is fun, sociable, and an important part of the culture from which you come. We like food!!


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I did the cambridge diet for 3 months and lost 3 stone, i loved the big loses, but i put it back on after i came off the diet, it use to cost me £45.00 a week for the shakes and I have problems with my stomach and digestion system.

I much prefer SW, I can eat what I like and I am enjoying the diet, but it is still hard to not want to lose a stone in a week, but I am trying to take it 1lb by 1lb, week by week


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you know what i always think about when i think of meal replacement plans? i think of saggy skin!! because i think if you lose that much weight that quickly your skin can't help but become saggy. i would rather take 5 times as long to lose the weight but have a body i would be happy with, than lose it quick and still want to hide my body away! you know?!

healthy eating and exercise is the only way i could ever achieve that!
I did the cambridge diet for 3 months and lost 3 stone, i loved the big loses, but i put it back on after i came off the diet, it use to cost me £45.00 a week for the shakes and I have problems with my stomach and digestion system.

I much prefer SW, I can eat what I like and I am enjoying the diet, but it is still hard to not want to lose a stone in a week, but I am trying to take it 1lb by 1lb, week by week
It is really good that you are able to accept that your loses are going to be as much as the CD. I think being able to eat what you want to when you want is important, then you can have a positive relationship with food.

I think another negative aspect of the food replacement diets is the impacts that it has on your body, people talking about tingling in their faces, bad toilet experiences, hair loss and other digestive problems!...it sounds really aweful! :jelous:


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Stacie, that was the worst diet I have ever done. During a regular check up with the nurse, she gave me a hugh tell off for doing CD and told me to stop straight away, which i did, that was 3 years ago and my stomach is still not right.
vlcd have their place i think. to make you feel a bit better though last time i did sw it took me 9 months to loose 1 stone 6!!! its not a competition this is about YOU so enjoy all the freedoms of sw your doing great
The best way to lose weight is through HEALTHY eating and exercise, which diets like SW promote.

I'm near to target now, and with SW you don't 'come off' the diet to maintain it as the plan has taught you healthy habits for life. If I had been doing something like Cambridge (I doubt I could have lasted 5 mins on it!) I know for sure I'd just go back to my old eating habits and all the weight would go back on because it hasn't changed how I ate. SW however has totally changed my lifestyle and it's something I can stick to and maintain.

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I have done all the shake diets and can say that they really didnt agree with me. I was constipated (sorry tmi), loosing my hair and generally grouchy all the time.
I love the fact that I can adapt my favourite foods to SW friendly and still loose weight. Yes, there are times when I want all the weight to have gone, but in actual fact Im enjoying the changes that are happening to me both mentally and physically.



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My sister lost 5 or 6 stone in about 4 months doing Lighter life at £66 per week. She has gained 2 st since January when she came off it. I have been tempted so many times to do a vlcd when I've seen such a dramatic loss but I just know I could not stick to it........no glass of wine for a start......and I want to retrain my eating habits too.


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Im a bit of both, i am a tiny bit envious of people that are losing more than me but at the same time i dont dwell on it, i would never do any diet other than SW for all the reasons above!

I do still look at some people who have lost 1 stone in 2 weeks and think you bugg*r lol xx


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haha! yeah that's human! we'd all love that!


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the only thing i get jealous about is when I am at group and someone has lost 3 or 4lbs then goes on to say they dont know how because they had a party/ ate pizza/ chocolate/alcohol ect ...me I've only got to sniff something off plan and I gain :(

when I think back to the diets I have tried they were all so much more restrictive than I do now so not jealous of them one bit they can have their huge losses I WANT FOOD!! :)
I did Atkins diet for 1 week and i lost 11lb. It felt great for the first 2 days, eating like a pig and weight just dropping, but by the end of the week, i felt ill, had no energy, my skin was really greasy and i was covered in spots. I craved veg and fruit! It was expensive and ridiculously limited, you cannot go to anykind of cafe or restuarant and order a meal for the atkins diet, its awful. It took me about 3 weeks to put it all back on again too. I also know someone who has just lost 11 stone in 7 months on the ligter life diet, she has done very well and has maintained it, however she said it was very strict and she has just spent 5,000 on having her bingo wings removed because of the excess skin it left her with, she now has 2 massive zig zag scars down the inside of her arms. She says her boobs are the same and need surgery but she cannot afford anymore, so it does'nt always pay to rush these things. I am happy eating choc and drinking wine on SW and still losing weight thanks.


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REALITY check here . . I lost one and half stone not in 12 weeks but in 10 months, and you think yours is slow !!!!! Everyone is so different. Relish your losses not the amount left xx

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