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Jedi Mind Tricks

Mind Tricks

This little Jedi mind trick is kinda freaky, till you think about it a little while. Then it's even more weird. Just follow the instructions below:
DON'T scroll down too fast, do it slowly and follow the instructions below exactly, do the math in your head as fast as you can. It may help to say the answers aloud quietly.
FOLLOW these instructions one at a time and as QUICKLY as you can!
What is:

  • [*]2+2?



Quick! Pick a number between 12 and 5.
Got it?

The number you picked was 7.
Ready for another?
Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time and as quickly as you can! Don't advance until you've done each of them. Now, ARROW down, but not too fast, you might miss something.........

What is:

  • [*]1+5




Now repeat saying the number 6 to yourself as fast as you can for 10 seconds. Then scroll down.

QUICK!!! THINK OF A VEGETABLE! Then arrow down.

You're thinking of a carrot.

If not....
you're among the 2% of the population whose minds are warped enough to think of something else. 98% of people will answer 'carrot' when given this exercise.

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Silver Member
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im warpped lol but then i hate carrots so it was cauli for me but worked on everyone else xx


2nd Time Lucky!
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Im warped too! lol I thought of cucumber.
The number 7 was right tho! :eek: :p
i must be very predictable, i got 7 and carrot! that is weird and freaky:eek:


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
im predictable though before i scrolled down i did say banana before realising it wasnt a vegetable, lol


Gone fishing
Oh dear. My brain is warped:eek:

1. Thought of 3.14159265 (Pi is my friend :clap:)

2. Celeraic

Whoops. Do I have to resit the test:cry:
im predictable though before i scrolled down i did say banana before realising it wasnt a vegetable, lol
omg i did exactly the same thing how bizarre!!!!!!


Gone fishing
I got another one :)

Think of a number
Multiply it by nine
Add the digits of your answer together
Subtract five
If A=1, B=2, C=3 etc what letter is represented by the number you are thinking of now?
Think of a country beginning with that letter
Think of an animal beginning with the second letter of that country
What is the colour of that animal?

Scroll down for the answer


(I know how this one works :D)
ooo i like that one KD so how does it work is it because most answers lead to 2nd letter beginning with E and hen u think of elephant? My mum thought of eagle the trange person lol

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