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    I often crave something sweet ( i love jelly babies, jelly beans and other jelly sweets ) i saw this on another site and thought just the thing, i have been making them several times a week so if i have a sweet tooth snack attack i won't harm my diet,

    I make it in a silicone 8x8 square pan so it will come out easier, but if you use metal, glass or china just give a light spritz with cooking spray. or they could be poured into icecube trays so they will be already cubed.

    2 sachet plain gelatin dissolved in 1/3 cup cold water
    1 packet any flavor sugar free jelly crystals dissolved in 1 cup boiling water
    the original recipe used 1 and 1 of the sachets, i added 1more plain gelatin sachet and increased the water slightly as it made more and was much firmer set, and more like jelly sweets.
    Stir the two together add more coldwater to get it to 1 pint and pour into pan put in refrigerator to set - about 2 hours. Cut into cubes or strips and enjoy!
    these are made from 2 of the SF jellos a friend sent me from the states, thy are cherry and peach, i made them in ice cube trays

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    trying this
  4. Mummybunks

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    I tried this today and was very dissapointed... it's just a thicker set eating a block of original jelly before being made up.

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