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Jellybabies DIARY...after LL...on to my new lifestyle change!


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:)Hi all.
My name is Diane and im returning to LIGHTERLIFE this Friday. I joined LL last September and lost 3 stone up to xmas.............and never went back, so u have probably guessed it, ive gained weight:cry:
I wasnt at goal still had 2 stone to lose but decided i could do it "my way":rolleyes:!
After failed attempts at WW and SW i have realised that i am an all or nothing girl! I cant trust myself to have a little bit of anything! Therefor i am going back to abstinence till i reach my goal! I will need to do maintenence too so i learn to have a normal relationship with food!
I hope i can meet friends on here to help me through this journey and hopefully i can do the same for you! This journey will be a rollercoaster but i must hang on tight.............the end results will be worth it!!!! I have NEVER been of normal weight, always at least one or 2 stones above it, i am 28 now and really want to feel sexy and attractive!!! I want to wear whatever i want rather than whatever will fit! I want to feel good, look great and be the girl that nature intended! Im not meant to be an unhappy blubber whale. And the best thing of all....................i have the POWER to change it! Its within my control..........so please help me along my way and i will do the same for you. I really need your support! Im sure a motivating chat with you guys will keep me from the temptations of that evil fridge:p lol

Diane xx
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Hi Linzi
I have been told that 2nd time round i have hardly any chance of success, and that was from my LL councillor!! Well that will just make me more determined, im not going to be a statistic! I am going to DO THIS!!!
What diet are you going to follow Linzi? I really NEED to do this, if i dont i will dissapear under a blanket of depression, i am 28 and should be enjoying my life. I need to gain control, and with support im sure i can! I will be here for you to and anyone else who needs it!
Good luck LInz, and remember, success is in your hands.

Diane xx


Call me Linzi...
Hi Diane

Thats what I was told by my counsellor too! That no-one ever succeeds if they don't follow it thru the first time!

I'm doing a vlcd Cohens 1st personal diet... devised by a doctor in South Africa its pretty much using your food as a medicine to lose weight.
Have a very restricted list of foods to eat, limited carbs approx 400 cals per day. Have to leave 5 hours between meals & not eat after 9pm. I lost 7 stone in 4 months 2 years ago & since then I've dabbled with trying to get back on it Oh & falling pregnant!
I don't want my daughter to grow up with the same issues with food as me & both of my kids to feel proud of their mum but even with that as a motivator I am finding this incredibly different to stay on track!

Good luck with starting again... I'm here for any moan, support etc that you need sounds like we're both in the same boat!



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Hi Linzi
It really does sound like we are in the same boat! You did AMAZINGLY well in the past and am SURE you can do it again. So do you not feel hungry on your diet then?
Hunger is every dieters worse enemy, and thats why i chose LL for the ketosis element. And knowing i cant possibly be physically hungry makes me address my emotional hungers. Am sure you go into ketosis on your plan too?? I dont think i could trust myself to eat just a little which is why i have to have nothing! Then i cant battle with the voices in my head that tell me "just a little bit extra wont do any harm!" LOL, this way, i am allowed NO conventional food! I need to be totally resticted but wish i did have self control and coukld just cut out eating junk! I really need to understand WHY i overeat in the 1st place so when i do get to goal its not a constant battle to stay there!
Well done for losing that 7stone! You have it in you to do it again! I have faith in you, just have faith in yourself.

Good luck
Hi Diane, I found it (obviously!)

You asked if I had started on LL yet. I have been doing Cambridge and I have decided today to give it another week as money is tight and LL is quite a lot more per week (£19). I had 3 bad days last week and a fairly bad day yesterday but today I am back on track and feel in control.
Regarding 'the 2nd time around'; I think that your counsellor is just being honest rather than negative. It IS very much harder the 2nd time - I should know as I have been struggling for nearly a year to get back on track!! I hate to think how much money I have spent (I did work it out once some time ago and was horrified to find out it came to £2500!!!!!!!!!!!!
However I didn't come on here to be negative. Not everyone finds it difficult the 2nd time around. I read a 2 year old thread on here today which said that 2 kinds of people do VLCDs. Group one treat it as a prison and are miserable throughout the process of losing weight. Group 2 see it as a release and a means to an end and are far more positive. No prizes for guessing which group I belong to! I think the 'prison group' find it VERY VERY hard to do it again as it was such a torture the 1st time. We desperately want it but do not want to 'pay the price' as it were.
Which group do you belong in? If you are group 2 I think it will be ok for you, if group one you may find it very hard. But hey - it is just a theory but boy when I read that thread it made so much sense. Now if only I could get my head in the right place...........
Anyhoo, I'll keep in touch, good luck and speak soon



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Hi Tina, so you found it LOL
Well what group am i in??? I will let you know after Friday! lol, i HOPE im in the 2nd group. I just need to keep a positive frame of mind and realise that a few months of my life is NOTHING really. Especially if i compare that to being miserable for YEARS. Surely a few months of abstinence will certainly be worth the rewards?? I really am going to do it this time! And if i feel failure coming to pay a visit i will ensure my fingers do some dancing on this keyboard 1st so that you guys can KEEP me on track! Thats the rebellious child coming out in me now! I am the only one who can control what goes into my mouth, therefor my dreams and destiny are very possible...............(trying to get rid of that mental block that keeps telling me i CANT DO IT!!!!) its just going to take true determination

Diane xx


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:party0011:hoooooray!!!! I managed to find your diary Jelliebabie!
Sounds like there are a few of us who need to stick together on this second time round thing!!! We can do it girls!
I really have to make this work for me as I'm so fed up that my weight has crept back on, i want to feel good about myself too, wear the clothes i like and feel confident again.
I really struggle at tea time, i'm usually busy throughout the day with my two little kids so never really think about eating food until they've gone to bed and i'm sat in front of corrie with my feet up! Anyone got any tips to help me with that???!
Hope you're all feeling strong and determined to crack this together!
Hello Harri and welcome!!! GLad you found it LOL!
Just noticed your reply to someone elses diary and CONGRATS on taking that 1st step to the new slimmer you! Day one for you, and you will feel alot better for it!
Im picking my packs up tomorrow night so definately starting on Friday...............i really cant wait to start changing my life for the better! Good luck Harri getting through your 1st day, let me know how you get on! Im sure you will do just great!

Diane xx
Oh, and any tips??? Well when you are sitting watching corrie drink as much water as possible! And when u are allowed your bars save it for the tv. I like the vanilla packs made hot (or at least i used to) reminded me of hot rice pudding!!! eek......but where very comforting to me! I also found that when i started thinking about food if i went for a nice smelly bath, pampered myself abit with maybe a face pack or something, shaved my legs, lol, i brought my relationship with my body a little bit closer (does that sound mad??) and when i got out the bath i would be more motivated again! I would brush my teeth also so i felt really fresh and alot less likely to stick crap in my mouth!! Hope any of this helps!

Diane xx
Great advice JB re distraction therapy. I usually eat my bar at the end of the day in front of the telly and see it as atreat - really look forward to it. JB - you absolutely CAN do it - I have had another brill day today (as well as yesterday) and I am CONVINCED that is a mental issue, god that post has worked miracles for me, just not sure how long it will last!
Just grit your teeth JB and get to day 4 when you should be in ketosis and the hunger will go away. I don't find it works for me to see this as 'just for a few months' as it makes me go into 'God this is awful but it's not forever' mode BUT whatever works for any of you - use it and come on here when you are struggling.
Harri - how are you getting on, are you in ketosis and are you abstaining, not sure what stage you are at?

well done Tina, another great day for you, i hope i follow suit, though im sure i will, infact i KNOW i will! We will do this together! Well done tina, am very proud of you! You are giving me inspiration and i cant wait to start on Friday!

Diane xx
morning Tina and Diane!!
Well i nearly wrecked it all this morning! Got up in a horrible mood and thought i'd have some breakfast but by the time the toaster had pinged I'd talked myself out of it and tipped my nice cup of tea (with milk) down the sink... the kids ate the toast!
Why is this soooo hard:confused: I'm constantly in conversation with myself and that is so tiring!
Anyway, day 2 of abstinence has begun and hopefully i'll be feeling the benefits soon! Hope all's going well for you two, stay strong x:D
Hi Harry! WELL DONE!!!! I am so proud of you! Just you keep fighting with that cruel chatterbox of yours and DONT let it sabbotage your success! But HONESTLY very well done for giving up on the tea and toast am sure you feel proud of yourself. You DO have control and you need to remember that! I am picking up my packs tonight and starting day 1 tomorrow. I am scared of the hunger, i really am, but i know once ketosis kicks in i will feel SO much better, those 1st few days will be the worse, i hope i get through them! I want so much to be slim!
Hi Harri and JB, I have been weighed and lost a further 2 pounds which I am pleased with as that was with only 3 good days - think what it could have been if I had abstained for the whole week. I am feeling very positive again today.
Harri - just don't have those conversations with yourself - don't allow them it will drive you mad. I really sympathise as I am prone to this too - I would go round and round in circles with it. I found ditraction to be the best thing - just not allowing myself the time to do this seemed to work. You can do this.
JB - good luck for tomorrow and remember that the hunger thing will only last for a max of 4 days! Let us know how you get on.

Hi Tina
went to my refreshers class tonight and there was a few people in the exact same boat as me, so thats good too.
What i have learned tonight is not to say " i hope i can do this" or "i should be able to do it "
I should say " I CAN do this if i really want to" I will be taking that into my 1`st day 2mro. Will let you all know how i get on! And WELL done on your 2lbs off, you are on the right road, be proud and take each day as it comes
How are u getting on Harri, please come back...........

Diane xx
morning! good luck for today JB!!!:D you'll do great i'm sure....stay strong girls! Well done for losing that extra 2lbs too Tina, bet you're chuffed:D
I have planned to walk the dog at tea times so i'm out of the house at my weakest point in the day so hopefully i'll have less conversations with myself about food today!( I'm getting so bored of talking to myself anyway!!!!) Have a good day!

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