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Jenni aka 2010 bride's wedding countdown!

So, 108 days till the wedding and I embark on the celebrity slim plan today here are my meals:

b - banana shake @7.30
s - houmous and cucumber/pepper/carrot sticks @9.30
s - chicken salad (about 1/2 breast, carrots beetroot, olives) @ 12.00
l - chocolate shake @16.45 (meeting overan)
d - chicken casserole and veg @19.00
s - yogurt and clementine @ 9 ish

I'm worried i'm eating too much after reading sophs diary. Not a great fan of shakes so wasn't looking forward to it much. banana was ok, chocolate was horrid - but thats not a shocker for me as I don't like chocolate flavoured things anyway.

got peckish very early so ate my snack very early - could be cos work wasn't busy at the time.about 11am got the dull headache and it hasn't left since. Have taken some ibuprofen to try and get rid.

For someone whose standard liquid intake is 3 cups of tea and 2 glasses of wine a day the water has been surprisingly easy.
i have a 750 ml bottle of water that I am aiming to get through at least once at work and then get through the rest at home - i've managed about 1.5 l so far not including 2 cups of tea so not bad going at all.

have been reading lots of literature and am going to try and get through the 8 week plan and see how well it goes - I am aiming for 2 stone - wish me luck!
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Hey ur diary looks find to me hun! i'm on my way home from the gym atm. looking 4ward to my cajun chicken and salad. i would normally eat more but that chicken soup woz horrid and made me feel sicky :( keep up the gud work we can do this! x
thanks soph - decided to change my evening snack as didn't fancy sweet stuff - so had a small handful of pistachios, 13g cheese some pickled onions and olives, and am now sipping a g+t but without the g!
Hows your day going? I'm struggling with snack today. Had carrots and hommus. But now fancy something else. Might have some chopped egg and salad xx


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don't worry about the differences in what you eat, some days i can snack and snack ( i just watch that its low in carbs and go form an extra walk with the dog) the weight still comes off

remember, this is a marathon. if you deny yourself, once you hit target you'll just pig out and put it all back on.

we're as if you allow yourself a treat you can stick to the diet more easily
was too busy yesterday to post but it went well:
b - chocolate shake (yuk) - added ice cubes so it tasted a bit better
s - yogurt + satsuma
s - chicken salad
l - strawberry shake - yum
d - trout with roast veg

ate lots for dinner so decided to forgo the evening snack - the day went well as a whole - wasn't v hungry so still not sure if i'm eating too much and although there was a hint of a headache in the morning it didn't develope into anything.

today - woke up feeling lighter - although its a false sign as my trousers are still tight
b - caramel shake - really liked that one
s - cucmber and pepper with sour cream dip
s- egg salad
l - cafe latte shack - hot - never ever again - had 3 mouthfulls and poured the rest away
d - nandos chicken and salad (homemade)- ate 1/2 a chicken - oops - but i was really hungry....
s- cheese, nuts olives,onion (small portion of cheese+nuts)

a day of 2 halves with the shakes, the caramel was so nice I actually really enjoyed it but I can't belive how bad the latte was, really does anyone like it???

so looking forward to the rest of the week - when will the carb cravings hit cos i'm not getting any which is odd as that all i used to eat - in fact someone ate fish and chips from the chippy next to me today and i didn't blink - add to that being offered doughnuts at work, turning them down and not feeling deprived.....wtf is going on?????
Defo bleugh!

And so is the chicken soup -never again!! :(

2010 bride your diary looks well yummy! Fingers crossed for your sat weigh in hunny :)


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i don't mind the soups, bar tomato, never met anyone yet who likes it.

the snack bars can tastes a wee bit like sawdust
well day 4 yesterday also went well

b - strawberry shake
s - tangerine
s - olive salad - left my stirfry chicken at home:cry: so also had a yogurt
l - vanilla milkshake - the best by far - drink in 2 secs cos was hungry
d - chicken wraped in parma ham with lf soft cheese in middle + chessy cauli mash (ok)) asparagus and green beans

no snack as was full enough from dinner - dinner was supposed to be saturdays dinner which is why it was a bit posh!! was very nice - we are off out on say so i am gonna try and convince everyone they want a nandos or a curry.

I could't resist and weighed this morning - just needed to know i was doing something right and have lost 4lb since monday - am v pleased as i dn't feel deived yet and haven't missed carbs at all!!

thanks for the comments on my menus - i am trying to give me and oh a healthly menu so we have the same but he may have potatoes and ill substitute them for more veg - its working well so far!

I'm really hoping saturday won't undo what i've managed this week - i'm off to look up how many calories are in a g+t
I really like your food. I'm putting different suggestions onto shopping lists for the next few weeks. It's hard to be imaginative when I used to eat Pasta with something 3 times a week!!!

You seem to be doing really well :) :)

I didn't like the soups last time I did the diet so I'm not touching them this time.

I actually didn't mind the Cafe Latte flavour shake. So far I like them all apart from the Strawberry.
day 5 and I was really tired today - not sure why so bunked off the gym tonight - just eaten another 1/2 a chicken as today was the first day I was hungry for a big part of the day, possinly due to no snack last night and my wate consumption has dropped to about 1/2 of what it should be.

b - strawberry shake
s- cucumber and pepper with houmous dip
s- chicken salad
l - vanilla shake
d - 1/2 tandoori chicken with raita and massive salad
s - not sure yet - trying not to open the gin!!
well another pound off givin me 5lb in 5 days - i'm on day 6 today and am going to try my best to be as good as i can be.

todays menu:
b - strawberry shake
s - ham, cheese and veg fritata - was well nice even only with 1 egg
l - vanilla shack - gonna hold off as long as i can for this
s/d/s - out drinking from 2.30 will try add stick to mainly g+t as there is technically no carbs in them - i know CS say wine but I can polish an awful lot of that stuff. We are starting in world beers pub so I ill allow myself 1 (or 2 if feeling naughty) belgian fruit beer - i know, the carbs are probably horrendous but at last i can sip it like wine, and i so rarely get to have any...

Dinner is unknown so here are my plans to eat on plan

indian - chicken tikka or shaslick with a side of aloo gobi
nandos - 1/2 chicken with salad
chinese/ thai - chicken or beef stirfry with a non sweet sauce - maybe a side of extra veg or spareribs
italian (will be begging not to go here) steak??? with salad?? but it'l take all my effort not to have pasta

stay tuning to see if i succumb to the temptation of evil dr carb!!
well pretty strong

i succumbed to some alcohol - I ended up with 3 bottles of belgian beer - which isn't bad for an all dayer - then i was starving so had 1/2 bag of nuts from the bar.

For dinner we had curry so I passed on the popadums, had tikka to start with salad, and for main had chicken shaslick with salad and a side of spinach. It was lovely and no carbs!!! so I hope i haven't messed up the diet too much. we had a last drink which was a g+t so not that bad at all/

I actually felt completly in control eating out for the first time ever so a real achievement (had I not been dieting I would have had all that +rice +naan + 1/2 bottle wine)

so back on track today

b - strawberry shake
s - about 3 tablespoons left over curry
l - caramel shake
s - smal carrot + guacamole
d - roast beef gravy and veg
s - bar snacks
1st weigh in -5lb - which is really good - why do we have in our heads that we must loose 7 a week???!! I know its not sensible but part of me wishes it was more off.

any way week 2 commences....
5lbs off thats brilliant! well done:)
A 5lb loss is brilliant. I think you done so well when you went out drinking & for the meal as well. At least I know it is still possible to loose when I fancy a treat!!
yeah - feeling much more positive this evening

b - fruits of forest shake - ok but won't buy it again
s - tangerine and mullerlight yog
s - ham and egg salad
l - vanilla shake
d - 3 sausages with swede/ carrot mash and sprouts

really feeling like i'm getting into the swing of things although food bills are still horrendous - oh is not worried about it so i'm gonna continue, but while i went on this diet thinking it would be at most a 12 week thing i'm actually thinking that I want to stay on this diet even when I get down to a weight i am happy with and for the first time ever I am not overeating, addicted to carbs or out of control with my eating - this feels so different from weight watchers etc when i was always wanting bread/ sweets etc.

So i was talking to oh about trying to stick to plan on honeymoon where possible maybe with 1 day off a week, although i'm not including alcohol in that lol. OH was supportive if i wanna do it, but its early days yet - we'll see how the next 3 months go first
day 9 and still going strong - i have developed a jumo on the scales every morning habit oooops

b - strawb shake
s - sausage cucumber pepers and salsa
s - chicken caeser salad
l - van shake
d - massive chick stir fry
s - haven't decided yet but am thinking about a glass of vino -had cheese today so usual bar snacks are out

still going really well - diet is becoming a habit now - sweetie lady was at work and i didn't go see her even though i'm due on with is when i usually loose it. i was going to leave those no carb sweets till i'm despirate but i think i might order a few bags tonight

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