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Jenny's Calorie Counting Road to Success! 5 lb down :)

Hello :)

I'm Jenny, I live in the North East of Scotland, and I am bordering on 20 stone. Taking things back to basics, I'm starting a calorie counting healthy eating plan tomorrow, that is Saturday the 16th July 2011 and I am going to lose weight.

I weigh in on a Monday morning, myself. And will be weighing in officially at the Doctors once a month. Around the 10th.

Having dithered on other plans for some time, I now feel that my head is in the right place.

TOTALLY ready for this :D
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Hi, welcome and good luck on your weightloss journey. CC is the best way I've found to lose weight. Have you heard of my fitness pal? It's a great website that works out your specific calorie needs and has a huge food database so you can accurately record your daily intake of calories. :)

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Hi Claire, thanks for a warm welcome!

Yep I have MFP!! I've rejigged my stats for a new start, and got it all all downloaded and set up with the app on my phone now too... spent a good couple of hours putting my regular meals in it tonight, ready for Day One! (I'm such a geek :D) No hurdles, no no.

Bring it on!! :)
Haha nothing wrong with geeks!:)
I'm a Scottish lass too, Glasgow.
I'll be reading your diary with interest!
Good luck chick!


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Aww thank you all for such a warm welcome!

Feel pretty happy with the counting, managing ok today! If I can do a TOTM Saturday, I can do anything ;)

MFP suggests I have 1530 per day to lose 2lbs a week.

So! Here's todays scoffs!

Food Dr pitta, 1/2 tin beans, 130g mushrooms
Slice of Toast

LUNCH = 318
Tuna Pizza - Warburtons Square wrap, Morrisons Eat Smart tuna in tomato dressing, 30g low fat cheese

SNACK = 89
Weetabix Toffee Hoops cereal bar (omg delish, yumyum!)

TEA = 239 & rice/bread
Chicken & Chickpea curry
Maybe rice, maybe bread, haven't decided yet.

1081 + rice or bread ... Not too bad!
Thank you for popping by :)

Right today... Day Two...

Breakfast = 475
Bacon Sandwich
Small banana

Lunch = 426
TLC Prawn Mayo Sarnie
Chip Shop Curry crisps

Tea = 468
40g Spaghetti, with chicken bacon pepper & tomato sauce
1 x slice toast

Pudding cos it's Sunday = 172
WW Sticky Toffee Pud

Toffee Hoops cereal bar = 89
3 Nutella Wafers = 96

Total - 1726
Over by 220

Granted, going over on Day Two probably isn't the best idea, but it wasn't a major blow out, given that it is TOTM and I have been in a foul mood all day. Last night I barely slept due to tension between me and the other half, and before, I would have hit the Galaxy pretty tough. I would have easily had at least one of the 100g-ish bars of Galaxy, in minutes, and that would be 680 cals, I have just looked up. And a pizza, which would be about 2000 for the big fat un that I would have previously scoffed.
So, confession time done... Yes. 220 over aint that bad.

Right, off to plan tomorrow's grub!

Hey Jen - welcome to CCing, lovely to have you join the gang!

I think given your weight that probably going over by 220 isn't that big in the whole scheme of things.

Sounds like you are doing everything you can to make the right choices even at those difficult times when we are known to turn to food... today I turned to coffee with a sweetner in it and it really helped me on a craving.

Hope the week goes well for you.
Day Three - Monday. Don't we all love Mondays...

Breakfast = 311
Pitta, Philly with Garlic & herbs, and Mushrooms

Treat Sized Ripple - 90
Ryvita Minis, Worcester Sauce - 102

Lunch = 386
Chicken, Bacon, Tomato & Pepper gunk
Warby Square

Afternoon Tea
Treat Sized Ripple - 90 (see, this could have been 2 full sized bars of chocolotl...)

Tea = 344
Lentil curry, 150g potatoes (chips dontcha know) and 75g of Broccoli. Yes I now weigh my broccoli.

Pudding = 65
Skinny Cow Mini Dipper (omg OMG!!)

Evening Munch = 96
Cuppa tea
3 x Hazlenut Wafer Rolls

Total = 1484
Not too bad :)

Scales this morning show a 5lb loss, which is ace. I feel great to actually see a loss! Last week, Monday to Friday, I had completely off any kind of plan. I didn't go silly, I didn't go crazy, I just needed a break from counting points and stuff, and had what I wanted. Then jumped in with both feet to CC on Saturday.


It's what I needed to motivate me :)

Bring on Day 4!!! :D
Well done! 5lbs is amazing!
Thank you all :D
Loving this plan, yes! I feel loads healthier, mentally, about food already. And those Skinny Dippers are immebse!

Day (what am I, 4?) Four - Tuesday

Food Dr pitta, 1/2 tin beans

LUNCH = 386
Warby Square wrap, chicken, bacon, tomato & peppers

SNACK(s) = 366
Gosh... 2 x treat-sized Ripples, 2 crackerbread with Black Pepper Philly, Worcester Sauce Ryvita Minis.. oink oink..

TEA = 390
Chicken spread with lf Garlic Philly, wrapped in bacon
40g spaghetti
(family wanted chips & tattie salad... resistance, get in!)

Piece of Scan Bran cake ~70cals

1536 ish

Mum's birthday, so we had a bit of cake and a slap up tea. Nae too bad :)
Day Five - Wednesday

Breakfast = 288
2 x Poached eggs
1 x toast & spread

Lunch = 236
1 x Warby Square wrap
6 x cherry toms
1 x Eat Smart tuna in red sauce

Tea = 512
1/2 x Uncle Ben's Mexican Rice
1/2 x Chicken Breast
20g lf Cheese
1 x Warby Square Wrap
Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes & spices

Pudding = 65
1 x Skinny Cow Mini Dipper

Snacks = 470
1 x Worcester Sauce Ryvita Minis
1 x small Banana
1 x NAS Jelly
2 x Treat Sized Ripples
3 x Hazelnut Wafer Rolls

1571 (Too many snacks - Bored at work...)
Day Six - Thursday (Planned)

Breakfast = 275
Omelette - 2 Eggs, 75g Ham, 20g lf Cheese

Lunch = 383
Spicy leftovers - Chicken, rice, peppers & 20g lf cheese

Tea = 259
1 x Quorn Peppered Steak
175g Homemade Chips
75g Broccoli

Snacks = 169
1 x Velvet Crunch - S&V
1 x Toffee Hoop Cereal Bar

Total Planned = 1086 - Bring it on!!!
Day Six - Thursday (ACTUAL)

Breakfast = 275
Omelette - 2 Eggs, 75g Ham, 20g lf Cheese

Lunch = 383
Spicy leftovers - Chicken, rice, peppers & 20g lf cheese

Tea = 259
1 x Quorn Peppered Steak
175g Homemade Chips
75g Broccoli

Snacks = 694
1 x Velvet Crunch - S&V = 80c
1 x Toffee Hoop Cereal Bar = 89c
Tesco Chicken & Chorizo Sandwich (No idea why :() = 365c
5 x Hazelnut Wafers = 160c
Lilt Zer-oh = 20c

Total Eaten = 1626
Total Exercise = 305
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