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Jenny's food diary...to keep me on track!

I've caught up on my first three days, syns aren't written in detail but have gone on things like mayo, dressing, babybel, extra milk, fruit n fibre (where ive had a bit over 28g) Ive syned it. I appreciate any helpful comments so please feel free. :)

Monday Green
Breakfast - 1 x scrambled egg (dash of milk HEXA)
Tin tomatoes
2 slices wholemeal bread (HEXb)
Lunch - Plain salad, grapes, tomatoes,
Muller light yogurt
Dinner - 2 small Jackets
1 tin beans
Snacks - 1 muller light, 2 satsumas
HEXA - 250 ss milk
HEXB - 2 x wholemeal bread slices
SYNS - 4! Must have more

Tuesday Red
Breakfast - 2 x scrambled egg (dash of milk HEXA)
2 x bacon (fat trimmed off)
mushrooms, 2 x quorn sausages
Lunch 1 x wholemeal roll (HEXb)
Ham, 28g cheddar (HEXA)
Dinner SW Cottage pie made with quorn mince and
swede. LOADS of broccoli
Snacks 2 x muller light, satsuma, grapes
HEXA - 250 ss milk, 1 babybel
HEXB -1 x wholemeal roll
SYNS - 10.5

Wednesday Red
Breakfast 2 x quorn sausages, 1 x scrambled egg
Lunch 3 slices ham, salad, wholemeal roll (HEXB),
Dinner - cottage pie (from yesterday), broccoli
Snacks - Fruit n fibre with yogurt
HEXA - 250 milk
HEXB - wholemeal roll, fruit n fibre
SYNS - 11
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Thurdsay green

Breakfast - fruit n fibre 52g (28g HEXB 28g synned), 1 muller
light yogurt (free)
Lunch - Quick curry - chicken 113g (HEXB) curry powder,
fromage frais (free), noodles (free)
Dinner - 2x small potatoes, 28g cheese (HEXA), 28g cheese
(synned), leeks, onions

HEXA - 28g cheese, 250ml ss milk
HEXB - 113g chicken (skinless), 28g fruitnfibre
Snacks - grapes, satsuma, banana
SYNS - fruit n fibre 5, 28g cheddar 6
Total syns 11
Friday Red


2 x Quorn sausages, 1 x scrambled egg, half tin tomatoes, satsuma


3 x krispbakes (HEXB) 3 x light light traingles (HEXA)


Mixed grill all fat removed - steak, 2 quorn sausages, gammon steak, bowl of mixed veggies (loads)

SYNS - bottle of wine 24-30 ish? :eek: not pushed over the syns as I have counted left overs from the week but this WONT be a regular occurance!

Saturday was a write off day, me and the fam all had a 24 hr thing (no not the wine! lol ) so all i could munch on that didn't make my stomach turn was bread (when I could munch on something). Back to normal today though and will update later/tomorrow morning.
Sunday Red

3 krisprolls (HEXB) and 3 light triangles (hEXB)
Muller light

Super Speed soup (my own recipe made with SFFs) only concession was 1 tin beans but it's split between 7 servings of soup so I calculated (2.5 syns)

SW roast - chicken, brocoli, carrots, 1 small yorkshire (1.5), stock (1.5)

Toffee muller with 1 tspn light choices hot choc (1.5)
Total syns - 7
Monday Green

2 x 28g Fruit n fibre (HEXB) and strawberry muller light.

Large bowl of SS soup

lots of sweet potato with rosemary and garlic, 1 tin of baked beans

2 cups of light hot choc with milk (HEXA) 8 syns
Satsuma, grapes
Tuesday Green

Tin tomatoes, 3 quorn sausages, scrambled eggs (dash milk 1.5), 2 slices bread (HEXB + 3 SYNS)

SS soup, grapes

Macaroni cheese pasta n sauce with dash milk (4.5)

muller light, hot choc (2), extra milk(2.5)

(HexA) 250mls milk, used in hot drinks
(HexB) 1 slice wholemeal bread
Syns - 13.5
Wednesday Green

3 quorn sausages, spaghetti hoops, 1 slice wholemeal toast

SS soup

noodles, quorn chicken style pieces, pasta sauce (5 syns)

HEXA 250mls semi skimmed milk
HEXB wholemeal bread
Snacks - Hot choc (3 syns), milk, extra from HEXA (2.5)
Total Syns - 10.5
Thursday Green

2 quorn sausages, beans, 1 slice wholemeal bread (HEXB)

SS soup

Party tea at mums, was restrained but still naughty!

Hexa - 250mls ss milk
Hexb - wholemeal bread
Syns - Quite a few, no count

I think the fact it was only for one meal might mean I might get away with it.....fingers crossed.
Friday green

3 quorn sausages, 2 wholemeal toast (HEXb), beans

SS Soup, satsuma, apple

potatoes, leek, onion n cheese (HEXa) pie.

HEXA - 28g cheese, 250mls milk
HEXB - 2 slices wholemeal bread
Syns - dash of extra milk (1), 4 stubby bottles beer (20)!!
Total Syns - 21
Saturday Green

beans, wholemeal toast

Chicken style quorn pieces, noodles

mushy peas, sweet potatoes

HEXA - 250mls milk
HEXB - wholemeal bread
Syns - hot choc (2), gravy (2.5), milk (1)
Total Syns - 5.5

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